There’s something about subtle gifs (10 gifs)

  • mexicant1

    dont you ever get sick of bewbs gifs? i thought this post was lovely.

  • Ezee

    Having one these in a picture post is fine. A whole series? Boring.

  • theeemightybuck

    fail post

  • DuWey

    #3 needs smell o vision.

  • BentWrenches

    #3 makes me want some street dogs,I can almost smell them….

  • JacksonMcNasty

    #3 If a hot dog cart queefs in the wind, and nobody is there to smell it, did it really happen?

  • JacksonMcNasty

    #8 if it weren't for the "Do not lean on door" sign, you'd have no reason to think this was an american train

    • OwnerOfYou

      Aahh… the NYC subway system… this guy is riding the R to Chinatown.

      • JacksonMcNasty

        I'm actually on Canal St. now, i see this guy and all his people every day on the Q

  • Coldzilla

    #4 = Awesome!

  • Wikked D

    Yeah, they're usually creepy.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #2 Rocks…

  • Katelyn Manchak

    The something about them is called creepy.
    Nuff said.

  • John

    #4 very NYC centric post. Thanks from the Big Apple – the city that dreams of blowing itself.

  • AnthonySyl

    i liked the post. it's a bit different, but that is good

  • Jason Reyes

    very cool. different type of post, but anything different from my workday + awesome. much appreciated

  • Graham

    I swear #9 is a pilates or yoga instructor at my gym. Hell maybe its not her but the resemblance is unreal. Her name is Mandi

  • OwnerOfYou

    Good job being shallow pricks, guys… if you can't appreciate the occasional finer piece of internet art (aside from Chivettes), you're on the wrong site.

  • tiredofchivereposts

    Cinemagraphs. Google them. These are mostly Kevin Burg. Google him.

  • lfsg

    I actually like these. How do you do it?

  • Eastwood

    I appreciate it…and I think it's cool because, yes, I like seeing Chivettes AND everything else theChive posts. The only complaint I have is come up with something new. A lot of these have been posted before.

  • Bob

    subtle gifs are boring as shit, but I get hypnotized by #7 everytime I see it.

  • RunDummyRun

    Subtle gifs with girls and their eyes are never boring.I'm talkin bout you #7

  • Kidding Folks

    #7 is checking me out, I think I have a chance!!

  • Da Sandman

    fail post

  • videoMonkey

    One, seriously, boobs are not the only thing in life and two, why is there never any credit for the original artist on this site? I've been enjoying her work for a long time.

  • KyleGamgee

    The best place for a subtle gif is amongst standard photos.

    • Trollicide.

      Good job. You are granted the only non asshole or douchebag in the comments today.

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