Dirty Afternoon Randomness in high-res (31 HQ Photos)

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  • Mike

    Sir, I had him in my sights. He saw me move in for the kill. He proceeded below the hard-deck. We were below for just a few seconds. I had the shot. There was no danger, so I took it.

    • Rick

      thank you Mike, I knew I was off but it had to be said for #27

      • Grant

        The best picture coupled with the best movie quote… Bravo sir! Just made my day!

  • Rossco

    You took it, and broke a major rule of engagement! Then you broke another one with that circus stunt fly-by. Top Gun rules of engagement exist for your safety and for that of your team. They're not flexible, nor am I. Obey them or you're history. Is that clear?

  • doublemeat

    #12 #31
    cutoffs do it for me every time.

  • MikeL71

    Great post Throttle! #13 is absolutely retarded. Holy moly #12 is hot. And #31 was hard to stop staring at. Who is it? If unknown, then you should undoubtedly send her to the Chive to find out.

    • Splittin Hairs

      Hillary Fisher. Definately worth a google, just probably not at work.

      • MikeL71


  • Nei

    Love the 911's .. nice pic choice

  • Masschine

    #7 – Now there's something you don't see every day.
    #29 – Something I wish I saw every day
    #12 – One high octane glute shot.

  • regfit@hotmail.com


    I wasn’t below the hard deck for more than a few seconds. I had Commander Heatherly in my sights. I saw the shot, I took it.

  • Robert

    The quote from number 27 is from top gun. "i was not below the hard deck for more then a few seconds."

    i would say your welcome but that pic was more then enough.

  • sheoncebelieved

    #12 I want to bury my face in that
    #13 absolutely nothing you can do to make a scooter cool….eva

  • remix_

    #11 bet the civic won lol

  • born2chive

    want to be bad with #9 and #12

  • dred

    #9 Yuck.

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