Show of hands –who here would run with the bulls? (34 Photos)

Every year in Pamplona, Spain thousands of thrill seekers crazy people gather to drink and run away from a mob of angry bulls. So I ask you, would you ever consider doing this??

  • @StrongAsMeat

    I would if it didn't involve so much running.

    • Bluto

      Or bulls.

  • Dfresco

    It’s a beautiful old tradition. I definitely will.

  • Charlie Brown

    Spain is retarded!

  • Barthe

    I´m from spain and it´s true, it´s a crazy.
    But may be it´s the biggest 7 party days in Spain.
    Don´t run with the bulls, it´s an advise.
    Only enjoy the party, the people, the food and the wine!!

  • keagan awesome

    did it last year. my buddy found blood on his pants, wasnt his though

  • olay olay olay

    I was here this year – its the most insane party and definitely worth it!

  • cbrooks11

    #28 Beans goes to Spain?

  • Ralph

    HELL YES!!! It is my new goal in life to participate in this wonderful event.

  • corey

    HELL YES! I have family from spain so im deffinetly going

  • Kris

    I'm a pretty good sprinter so I'm tempted, but I'd become the king of Parkour if they got too close.

  • Adam

    slap the bag!!

  • Brian James Beck

    Those bulls arent even bulls. I've lived in bumfuck illinois all my live I get guys like this guy in my yard all the time…

    bigger than a pick up truck.

    • Brian James Beck

      i may or may not be a bit intoxicated. Life*

    • Sergio

      Its and especific race, called Spainsh brave bulls, one of the most powerfull animal of the world. Romans did in ancient times fights of brave bulls againts lions, tiger, elephants…. the fights lasted so little time that people complained about. There isnt more powerfull animal in nature, they can dump a car from a goring. Your pic saw me a cow whit balls,not the direct descendant of the extinct aurochs. What you see are bulls with only 4 years, if you saw the size reaches a stallion of these bulls you would realize.

  • thirstybackpacker

    Done this 3 times. Its a ridiculous adrenalin rush. And the fiesta itself is outrageous. Even if you don't run, the festival atmosphere is amazing.



  • Sergio luna


  • Sergio

    First of all, women are allowed to run but only a little wants to. Second, The "encierro" is at 8 am, the are two kind of people ,dunk ones that are sleeping at that time and the runners. Police take care that anyone drunk get out of the race, the runners take care that u.s drunk people get out of the race because several u.s people died running against the bulls, its not a game. There are some rules, you cant touch the bulls, never taunt them from behind and if you do that stupid things there are some cowboys -or ranchers and dont know how to translate that- , who hit you hard with a long cane if you do something dangerous. That brown bulls are castrated ones that arent so dangerous, that "mansos" runs whit the six bulls and help them to drive quickly to the "plaza". sorry my english, inst my mother language.

  • texmilner

    I am at the san fermin now and ran with the bulls this morning.

  • ven

    definitly if i could afford it!

  • anant makwana

    very nice party in that day , iam noe seeing but that is very enjayable & bulls with risky run

  • Jake Barnes

    Already have. Ten times and counting! My hotel is booked for next July already…

  • keaton

    im 14 fuck it why not run wth the bulls

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