Yer doin it right (26 photos)

  • Joseph Stephens

    #4 Challenge accepted!

    • The NON Swede

      Looks like there's a little something hiding in there, not sure I'd want to make it any larger.

  • OGMrWhite


    I'm the Head of the MoFuckin State!"

  • Tijuana


    Top secret !!

    • Jason D Sousley

      That you I was trying to recall what movie that came from…

    • Mick

      classic movie

    • Dr. Sivaredes

      Souveniers…..Novelties…….Party Tricks!

  • Marty

    #10 That's genius. I will borrow that idea for sure!!!

  • Ken

    #24 From "Top Secret" The Skeet Surfing number.

    "If everybody had surfboard….and a 12 guage too…."

  • Sean

    *slow clap for #17 * Good for you, mate. Presuming of course that you're throwing it all out instead of bragging that you bought all three of them.

    • Detoxyn

      Hopefully they went from Level 1-80 before the trash was taken out.

    • Davidm

      ehh…..he'll be back.

    • Derp

      Obviously he takes them out of the bin after the picture because he doesn't want people to think he's so lame.

    • bonezoz

      LOL, the only reason that they're in the bin is because it's become free to play (up to level 20)

    • Austin Pickett

      He just threw the disks away because it is already loaded on his PC

  • acoustrix


  • stopit

    #11 should be in the yer doin it right post.

  • Big McLarge Huge

    #24 from the movie Top Secret. Awesomely funny movie.

  • VampJenn

    love #2. Fight club is one of the best movies in my opinion

  • Dan

    #1 I'm pretty sure she'd be my perfect girlfriend.

  • drewdeze

    #1 #8 #9 are just amazing, but #26 sheeeeit i'd poke holes in the condom and knock her up!

  • SweetDannyJ

    Compensating for lack of something? Solid dickhead

    • Kodos

      and many tasty venison steaks and deer sausage was had..

  • Sylvester_Jr

    #18 Laughed my ass off!

  • Bob

    #10…Brilliant fucking idea.
    #26…It's not healthy how much I love this. Not because she's so hot, but if I were to have sex with her, I would think about the cartoon.

  • Rusty_Dreams

    #4 #9 r very nice, wanna be with those girls in #18

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #17 NNOOOO!!! not in the trash, its still a great game!

    • dcw

      you could have mine, but i (coincidentally) just threw them in the dumpster on thursday

  • mojo2975

    #8 i cant believe shes 57, holy shit where has the time gone.
    #4 LOL, i likey.

  • Robocop

    #23 Damn You Monkey

  • Brian

    Still the uptown girl.

  • zero00430

    That pigeon will be fine, just remeber, DON'T BLINK.

  • Stablu

    Roast beef for sheezy

    • dcw

      off-center and protruding like that – probably. if she had taken the time to center, she could've left us wondering if she was just puffy.

  • Simo

    #17 You have no idea how good it feels to be free. FREEEEE!!!!! . And ofcourse Team Fortress 2 is Free. ……and so we start a new.

  • spydermonkey

    #6 Looks like Will Ferrell and John Malkovich came along for the ride.

    • gromtown

      is that duane the rock johnson?

      • spydermonkey

        Most definitely.

  • metalcool36


    • Metalocalypse

      the elusive G-Milf

      • metalcool36

        Its the rarest of breeds

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