Never take your freedom for granted: Sudanese Independence (27 Photos)

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  • rob

    if the world could just stop;look at itself-maybe parts of it would wake up and see how hard the 'other' parts that no one generally thinks about and just how good they have it.

    In ways I would say I envy these people-may their peace and freedom last for I fear Americans wouldnt even know ours is lost unless it was 'tweeted' to them.

    The Sudanese have a nation to build, I pray that its allowed to go onward~

  • Phred

    I give them six months before they're in a civil war or against Sudan proper.

    • MickOwen

      Fucked up thing about your comment is that most peop,e would rather see places like Sudan fail than see it flourish. Especially those people born with a silver spoon up their arse.

  • JustPlainJason

    I hope they have a long peaceful future ahead of them. I have known some really good people from there who fought for too long for a chance at peace. Most people remember Manute Bol as the goofy looking tall skinny basketball player, but he also loved his people quite a bit. It is too bad he didn't live to see this day.

  • pastormikeyeates

    Map is wrong. It is much bigger. The great part about their independence is that they have been systematically persecuted by the Muslim north (they are mostly Christian, and some tribal beliefs). This is a tremendous victory for the people of South Sudan. Africa, and the world as a whole.

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