Pink cars: it’s a trick, get an axe (34 Photos)

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  • @3lementalmagick

    #12 & #14 – – The only ones that look somewhat decent!

    • Rick

      I was on the fence with those ones, I kinda get it but still just go white and red, in my opinion

    • Luisa

      This fabulous car would look a lot better without that skank on it!!!!

  • TitoRigatoni

    Some of these aren't exactly pink, but they're all pretty gross. Except those noted – pink is a perfectly acceptable color for a '59 Cadillac 🙂

  • tom

    #5 Sexy!

  • CarTuned

    #19 is a factory color

  • lemurfart

    panther pink 70's challenger is the only way to go

  • William Teach

    #25 and #31 : someone needs to be beaten with cluebat for doing that to those cars.

    •!/gfeinberg86 GreyGhost9

      #25 no way the flamingo pink or Furious Fuchsia are hot, that car with a matte black hot it was touch as hell. #31 i dont care.

  • guest

    #25 is completely stock (Furious Fuscia) disturbing when you see it on the street. I only wish I had a picture of the matching HOT PINK H2 & H3 Hummers owned by someone who lives around me. Seriously, why you want to paint everything (even the plastic) pink with matching pink 22's?

    •!/gfeinberg86 GreyGhost9

      there is a girl that lives near me that has a hot pink hummer to and she needs to die, it is ugly as shit.

  • spliggs

    #23: I'm guessing the "Pussy" refers to who's driving it, not what it attracts…

  •!/gfeinberg86 GreyGhost9

    #12 and #25 only cars that can rock the Pink

  • private number plate

    Whilst it's not my thing, I think the whole pink thing is great – and is really taking off. There's even an annual pink car rally !

  • Pictures of pink cars

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