Soooo…. you got wasted (29 Photos)

  • Jesus Enzo

    #23. now thats a real party!

    • Enzo


    • LaLakers2408

      i would hate to go to a party with u……

  • CarTuned

    #29 Is doing it right!

    • Red

      no he's not. he's a jackass who can't handle his liquor.

  • Drew Bolden

    #2. I bet drunk octopus would win 4 out of 5 times

    • Rufio07

      80% of the time every time

    • Allenavw

      60% of the time, he wins everytime.

  • bkfrijoles

    #18 a rapists dream come true

    • chrisdg74

      Is it rape if they can't say no?

    • EricAlex

      Toronto Subway for sure

      • Gutterville

        Looks like london at 3 am on a friday

      • Plunker

        Could be Boston's Red Line.

    • Trent

      Dear Diary, jackpot!

      • Drew Bolden

        giggity giggity goo

    • Pat Overton

      Yeah my dream come true.

    • CHiver

      No need for roofies..!

    • Tim Karre

      What is the reflection? Is that a storm trooper?
      P.S. I saw the girls first.

  • Foreverwaiting

    #24 ROSKILDE!

  • turtlesandbacon

    Nice wizard staff 24. Did that while camping earlier this week. You shall not pass…. out!

  • tanner

    24 is wizard staff ! such a fun game !

  • joe

    #7 It's Farva from, Super Troopers!

  • Benton McGrath

    Chive needs a ladies of US women's soccer gallery after that win! That was incredible

    • Trent

      Woah, woah, woah….woah, woah……..

      There's a women's soccer?

      • I_am_elf

        woah woah woah woah woah… woah

        Lois this is not my batman glass.

    • Pat Overton

      chive needs more sensible people ,right now its full of whores and losers.

      • tralfaz

        Here Here, I agree preferably someone wearing a monical and saying, "Here Here" alot.

  • Craig

    #4 find the blonde on the right?

    • RiverMonster

      I second that.

      • Marieta

        im in this picture and i wanna know who put this up????

  • Armando Navarro

    on my 21st, I got drunk in under an hour. Could not remember the whole night but just pictures of me making out with girls and passed out outside the whole night!

    • Muffin

      Cool story bro.

    • b-ry

      i wish i could grow up to be as cool as you.

    • tralfaz

      Those 2 girls with the Adam's apples.

  • Sumer Gill


    • llano2

      That is what he is officially called. Especially internationally.

    • myragehush

      Only American news stations call him Osama. The rest of the world calls him Usama.

      • Man McThe

        It's Osama in the UK too. Although I think we just got that from you… Both of our news media gets a lot of its info from the same sources. Although we haven't come round to your way of pronouncing Iraq and Iran. WTH is an Eye Rack!?

        • myragehush

          I'm not American.

  • Caleb Daniel Jaqua

    Am I the only one to notice they misspelled Osama?

    • it Didnt Say Obama

      Its actually a variation of how to spell his name.

      What I want to know is, what size is that TV?!

      • Drew Bolden


    • sam

      depends on what part of the world you're from it can be spelled with an O or a U. this was fox news, i was watching the same channell

      • panama99

        Well……here in America I thought we spelled it with an "O" but with some of our News organizations I'm never really sure where the fuck they are from or who they are cheering for!!!

        BWTF…..I could be wrong.

  • daroofa

    I feel sorry for the working stiff that has to clean up after idiots like this.

  • JpW

    yes… yes i did… and now i'm chiving to cure this awful hangover.

    • Anne Shebib

      my soul is hungover today

    • random-random

      as did I, no other drunk chivettes?

  • Z_b

    #2 lmfao

  • Cocrates

    I feel like #28 describes the scene of every American college student that night. I sure as hell was doing the same thing, finals be damned

  • archaefieldschool

    This morning i woke up on a pool raft in a church with the blazing saddles dvd menu on a projector screen… wish i had a picture.

    • mitter78

      that almost sounds believable.

  • JBNZ

    #12 and that is why you don't drink and fry

    • b.o.l

      moron, it's not frying, it's baking

    • Bodhi

      Dont drink and fry becuaseyou might die! … … … in a big fire!

  • TomLimit

    Middlesbrough England

  • TomLimit

    #28 did anyone notice tha ‘usama bin laden’ is dead

    • chiver

      yeah ur mom.

      • TomLimit

        Best comeback I’ve heard all year nob jockey

    • CHiver

      Captain Obvious

  • tsk

    #29 I love being dutch, I'm 16 and I can buy beer legally

    • mitter78

      I love being American because … 'Merica.

    • crowebar360

      I love your paint, Dutch Boy.

      • VanIsleChiver

        I like Diedre Holland

  • Brian King

    #4 Where is PedoBear when you need him?!

  • fil

    #4 find second from the right

  • Chachacha

    #8 Keith Stone!! So Smooth

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