Soooo…. you got wasted (29 Photos)

  • b-ry


    what goes on at the Chive staff meetings(only alot more sucking).

    • Julio

      #17 is an example of the Chive staff's nights out.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #21 is that puke dripping down the steps? i told him he couldnt make it all the way to the top

    • Could it be me?

      Who submitted this? Is that 10 Rantoul St?

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        yup dude, thats totally you! ah ha got you!

  • A dubz

    First time commenting on The Chive

    #24 Wizards Staff FTW

  • Jellis10

    #29 TEAM WORK!

  • steve

    #29 and no strippers in sight…..sad

  • Joe
  • F. Gump

    #29 He just turned 21, really? Looks more like a 14-year-old after his first bottle of Boone's Farm.

  • F. Gump

    #17 Question is, did he put on those jorts before or after he got wasted? Sadly, there is no good answer to that question.

  • Tracker

    Why fake news keep spelling this fuck nuts name wrong is beyound me, mabe they need to go back to school. IT'S OSAMA ASSHOLES!!!!!

    • Grif

      if you look at fbi's most wanted list it's spelled Usama.

      • Tracker

        and if you had learned to spell you'd know it's Osama.

        • Drew Bolden

          wow, track down some common sense and come on back now, ya hear???

    • TitoRigatoni

      You have no room to talk about spelling, Tracker, when you can't seem to spell simple words like "beyond" and "maybe". His name is actually spelled أسامة بن محمد بن عوض بن لادن. There is no universal standard for transliterating Arabic names into English; Osama and Usama are both acceptable.

  • dp

    #10 go figure… wisconsin…

  • TitoRigatoni

    #4 Is that mouthwash she's guzzling??

  • dicgozinia

    #2 is hilarious. I think it might have been on reddit but look up bukkake octopus, that one is even funnier.

  • Rukus

    #15 No …. I'm afraid it can't. Even being eaten alive by wild animals would have more dignity.

  • doublepants

    #12 you're lucky you didn't burn your goddamn house down.. fucking hell dude, be smart

  • 0Bianka0

    #20 looks like a couch to me…

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  • Dlock

    #24 You shall not pass(out)!!!!

  • Dapper_Dave

    #20 Find her?

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  •!/gfeinberg86 GreyGhost9

    #25 Throwback wasted is the best.

    • Markieb

      Is that Jason Segel on the left???????

  • Ron

    #25 wasted on surge

  • bunedoggle

    #24 Epic wizard stick.

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