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Everything on the internet is true (27 photos)

  • Smitty

    …and you have now lost The Game.

  • Anonymous

    #26 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Awesome!!!

  • Trent

    #25 "Relationship" should be "Sex".

  • Belaruss

    Dear Chive,

    Thank you for making my day by featuring #24. That is priceless.

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  • Anonymous

    #21 fuck you im going upstairs RIGHT NOW to exercise on the tredmill …im just thirsty is all…so after i drink something i’ll go …i wouldnt want to get uh ..dehydrated …im alittle hungry to so know …ILL GO!

  • Jpnes

    Luv this whole thread made my day!!!!

  • jbpop

    #2 I'm using google chrome from now on.

  • Hich


    Clay Aiken says "O RLY?"

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  • cubanitagirl

    #21 is me right this moment haha.

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