Bill F@cking Murray has returned!

bill murray Bill F@cking Murray has returned!

It’s been two months since the Chivers destroyed our inventory of Bill Fucking Murray t-shirts. The legend has returned briefly today. The amount of comments you get wearing this shirt is surreal, damn thing will get a nod from a Hell’s Angel. We’ve had some hilarious requests for Bill over the past weeks. While I appreciate the offers for a signed copy of ‘Caddyshack’ in exchange for the shirt and the ransom note from the girl holding our lovechild hostage until she gets Bill, we don’t do preorders and we don’t play favorites.

So Bill Fucking Murray is available right here… briefly. Enjoy and Chive On!

Update: SOLD OUT

  • place

    got one the first time around. I kinda got addicted to wearing it b/c of how people respond to it. you can't have an argument with somebody wearing the shirt if that makes sense.

  • mark gotsit

    ordered 5, don't care.

  • splooge

    YES! bought 250 of them, on ebay for 5 bucks extra…sold out suckas!

  • lars

    love this shirt. easily my all-time favorite thing. Had to get another b/c I'm fucking worried the chive won't get more – they never have enough

  • Ryan Maurer

    Done and done, thanks!

  • Nebo

    Got me one! I'm so happy!

  • bkfrijoles


  • kyle

    i've been trying since they came on and it says the men's large is out of stock

    • simon

      so lose some weight…

  • RGH

    Actually made it to the second page of the checkout process before it got sold out. Almost had it this time! I will get you Bill Murray (shakes fist at clouds)!

  • fuzz

    Got it. Booyah!

  • Sold OUT

    Sold out……

  • Doug

    Got one, FUCK YEA!

  • Fisheyes

    Chive could put a picture of a pile of dogshit on a shit and people would buy it.

    • Seldi84

      If it had the Chive logo on it, and a clever slogan. You're damn right loyal chivers would.

      • Guest

        This is the saddest thing iv ever heard. You are really need to get a life.

  • ARS

    Bullshit, i get to page 2 of checkout then it says its sold out. How about ordering double or triple the amount of shirts next time

    • splooge

      you must be new here

      • ARS

        no, just new to trying to buy a shirt from them. Same shit last time as well.

  • Major Rocker


  • Kevin

    Finally got one! Now I wait for the Chive logo to return….

  • Michael R. Marley

    Check the Chive before lunch nothing new posted. Come back into office and see that the shirts are in! Go to checkout… Sold out.

    Moral of the story, if you want a chive shirt, don't eat.

    • Michael R. Marley

      Also, a little favor I ask of the staff- Would it be possible to post available shirts on Wednesday And the second they run out, you can post hump day picks? That way no one will be upset.

      Here is the scenario:
      Guy sits at desk, Guy opens chive, Guy gets excited by the possibility of adding awesome to his wardrobe, Guy then becomes disappointed that his size (L) is no longer in stock after 10 minutes of being available, Guy about to get fired for swearing out loud (yet again). But before he can let his anger take control of him pictures of beautiful tush's appear, Guy is now relaxed and can enjoy the rest of his day. NO ONE GOT HURT.

  • dude

    fucking sold out already!
    chive sometimes your a pain in the ass!

    • SHAuna

      buy an XXL

      • dude

        sold out too …..

  • theeemightybuck

    bullshit…. get a real quantity. 100 of each size will not cut it, got it?

  • JPV

    get on that, murray is the shit, but i'll hold out for the logo tee

    • lise

      Pffft! I'm still waiting for mine to come in the mail. Been a month now.

  • Coldzilla

    Crap……… :$

  • ARS

    what adult male fits in a small anyway, order a real quantity like 500-1000 large

  • Art

    Huh. Looks like once again those of us with jobs where we can’t be on the computer all day are screwed and everything is sold out by my coffee break. Another win, Chive Staffers!!

  • Andrew

    you sell out so fast..need moar

  • Josh

    Seriously??? I can't believe that with the demand for this t-shirt (and others) that you don't have a t-shirt printer chugging these things out as quick as they can. Most of us with jobs can't make a 9 am mad rush for a t-shirt thats going to sell out in 5 mins. So actually carrying some stock would be great for us loyal chivers that can't sit at a computer all day waiting to press a button.

    • that guy

      Relax ,its just a friggin tshirt ,there are much more imp things in life for fucks sake.

      • Art

        Josh, they get their money either way, so efficiently selling these shirts in a professional manner isn't important to them. Whether they order a proper amount and sell out or a few and let people buy a lot and put them on eBay, its all the same to them. Sorry bro. The post said they don't "take advance orders or play favorites" but they don't play fair either. I'm in the same boat as u, man. I check every morning on my breaks and still get nothing.

        • Josh

          Thanks for the support Art. I appreciate the comment.

      • Josh

        Thanks for the comment, but if anybody needs to relax its you. As you have read, I made a very valid point and did so without having to use an F-bomb to do it. Who said we can't voice our opinions about a system that is obviously flawed? We (the people who visit the chive) are the ones who put this website on the map by choosing to come here. If it weren't for all of us, then this website wouldn't sell any advertising or t-shirts to anyone. I don't think that its too much to ask to be able to get something that we're excited about?

        • Art

          I agree, man. It takes a special kind of inbreeding to go on a site and flame someone else's comment just because u don't like it. In his defense tho, he probably isn't firing on all cylinders if this is how he gets his kicks and uses that kind of language.

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