Bill F@cking Murray has returned!

bill murray Bill F@cking Murray has returned!

It’s been two months since the Chivers destroyed our inventory of Bill Fucking Murray t-shirts. The legend has returned briefly today. The amount of comments you get wearing this shirt is surreal, damn thing will get a nod from a Hell’s Angel. We’ve had some hilarious requests for Bill over the past weeks. While I appreciate the offers for a signed copy of ‘Caddyshack’ in exchange for the shirt and the ransom note from the girl holding our lovechild hostage until she gets Bill, we don’t do preorders and we don’t play favorites.

So Bill Fucking Murray is available right here… briefly. Enjoy and Chive On!

Update: SOLD OUT

  • Paula_

    "So Bill Fucking Murray is available right here… briefl….SOLD OUT"
    Anyway a big THANKS guys! I got the confirmation before I even noticed this post AND the sold out message.

    – the one you love to hate

  • simon

    you gotta love the irony of the fact that the job i do in order to afford such t-shirts, prevents me from being online during the 2 minute window i could buy one.

    Alanis Morissette knows what im talkin' 'bout

  • cbrf4i

    Chive, just a suggestion, but for the the BFM and logo shirts…don't advertise that there are more available, just make them available. Sure it may take 2 days to sell out instead of 2 minutes, but I'm pretty sure they will sell out. This way the people who aren't checking won't be pissed off and the people who happen to check every day (like me just in case you were already doing this) will get their shirts.

    And in the off-chance that they don't sell out in 2 days, then post that they're available and enjoy the pissed off Chivers 10 minutes later.

    • Art

      Excellent idea!

  • bubblerider86

    i hate not having a computer at work….how about an early edition batch for us chivers up before the sun! At least i'd have a shot then dammit…. 😦

  • Tracy Patrick

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  • Mos Eisley

    Can you guys make a shirt of Obama blowing himself while his wife jams a pineapple up his ass? Just sayin.

  • Mos Eisley

    and also can you stop making 3 Bill Fucking Murray shirts? Next time, how about 6? 6 Bill Fucking Murray shirts. That way, my chances of buying one DOUBLE!

  • Sanchez

    Everytime you are sold out of Bill Fucking Murray shirts, God kills a kitten.

    Hope you sleep well tonight.

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