Chiver proposes to girlfriend with a tattoo (8 Photos)

Over the weekend, Chiver Bryan Burles' girlfriend, Monique Deslauriers, thought Bryan was going out to get a tattoo of a wolf's head. When Monique returned from work, Bryan took her to the beach in Vancourver BC to show her his new ink. But instead of the wolf, Monique saw a heart-shaped tattoo reading, 'Monique Will You Marry Me?'

After flipping out with excitement, she said yes. We wish the two Chivers a happy marriage full of adventurous sex and binge Chiving.

  • Irishstephen

    AHHH!! Congrats you crazy kids!! So….. what's *she* gonna get??

  • BigHank

    way to risky a lot can happen in a lifetime

  • Jpnes

    Lmao!! Are you serious??? I mean it’s very romantic but so stupid to tat it in your body a permanent mark, that’s what hena ink is for! Lol in 30 years that tat is going to look like a heart shape raisen lol good thing we got lasers to burn the shit out of his skin later in life.

  • Phlerm

    #7 that's one of the ugliest tatoos I've ever seen.

  • Sweet Brian

    I did that except mine just says in small text "will you marry me?" real easy to cover up

    • Pepe Silvia

      Also easy to re-use. Very pragmatic.

  • Brendan

    I hope they go back to the a tattoo place and put a "YES" in her handwriting underneath. That would be cool.

  • Edward

    This post would be 10 times better if she said no…..

  • Shamusaurus

    Hey, he can deal with having the tattoo forever on his own. In my opinion, it think it's great. Ballsy move, man…congratulations!

  • Meh....


  • That Guy

    #8 looks as if she said no.

  • Well isnt that nice

    In my job I see alot of tattoos with peoples names on them, I always ask the person about them and id say 90 percent of the time, they arent together anymore. No joke. Soooooo Good Luck and I hope you two beat the odds

  • rogerf350

    what a fucking tool

  • dfgdfs


  • Miguel Dominguez

    awww, just brilliant!! :3

  • American Idiot

    what a fucking Moron…. Only in America….

    • Who's the idiot now?

      Vancouver BC is in CANADA not America…

  • Jeffrey Scott

    I kinda hope she said no.

  • C-spot

    Why would you want to marry a woman that would be impressed with this? Best wishes on a tacky life together.

  • TheBigKahuna

    Congratulations to Bryan and Monique!

  • Teeph

    S-C-R-E-W the haters saying this is stupid. OF COURSE it’s stupid! It’s also reckless and heedless of the possible negative consequences. This is LOVE we’re talking about, you jaded, cynical pieces of shit. God, I feel bad for your collective woefully unsatisfied significant others of dubious existence.

  • Rememo

    +10 for uniqueness. -20 for lack of forethought.

  • cbrooks11

    Pretty dumb thing to do. Better hope it lasts.

  • keith

    what an idiot

  • trev

    #8 Awesome for you two! Hope you have a great journey through life, together!

  • Jeffrey Scott

    He should have it all as a tattoo except for the girls name. He could write that in with a Sharpie, so when this marriage fails, he can write in the name of the next girl.

  • disguy

    I will quote Fred Sanford: "Dummy"

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