Chiver proposes to girlfriend with a tattoo (8 Photos)

Over the weekend, Chiver Bryan Burles' girlfriend, Monique Deslauriers, thought Bryan was going out to get a tattoo of a wolf's head. When Monique returned from work, Bryan took her to the beach in Vancourver BC to show her his new ink. But instead of the wolf, Monique saw a heart-shaped tattoo reading, 'Monique Will You Marry Me?'

After flipping out with excitement, she said yes. We wish the two Chivers a happy marriage full of adventurous sex and binge Chiving.

  • NicoleBree

    Tattoos are relationship curses.. Ever see someone with one that's still with the other person? Newp.

    • Shane Mackay

      Yep I look at mine and smile everyday.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is screwed if he doesn’t last with this girl

  • Shane Mackay

    Proposing LIKE A BOSS

  • orlylol


  • Young stunna

    This guy is a straight FOOL!!! Only suckas tat theyre girls name.

  • gdm426

    yeah, he won't regret that in 5 years when they're divorced. nope, not at all

  • Cool Matt

    If she said yes after you did something so stupid, then you could have just asked her like a normal person and gotten the same result.

  • Tracy Patrick

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  • cfff

    Give the bloke a break ffs. Does anyone NOT moan on the internet? Jeez.

  • Smuggler

    Nice jorts.

  • Pinter

    She didn't break up when he said he was getting a wolf tattoo. They're obviously made for each other. Still: congrats.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Have'nt yall learned…No chick are dudes names…on your body…in this time and age it will, I repeat Never last….

  • LC

    if my boyfriend did that to me i would smack him upside the head for being such a short-sighted idiot. even though she said yes, now the question is answered and he just has a stupid ugly tattoo on his leg.

  • Chelsea


  • Anonymous

    God that would’ve sucked if that backfired.

  • Bob

    Should have propsed with the tattoo, and then revealed the engagement ring as a nipple piercing.

  • Alf

    Awesome dude congrats…

  • yourmother

    what a douche

  • No name

    Any haters are just jealous. What a romantic proposal. I think it shows how much you love her Bryan and I can’t imagine you doing it anyother way. Monique is the luckiest girl ever. Congrats!

  • Luis Tamariz

    Dumbest thing I've ever seen. Well that's probably not true, but still fucking dumb.

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