Kate Upton continues to use Twitter correctly (22 Photos)

  • chris

    oh yes she suuuuure does. HOT HOT HOT!

  • C loc

    I'd drink her bath water shes so hot!

    • Average

      Really? She looks pretty average to me.

      • RamRod

        Really? You seem pretty stupid to me.

        • Average

          Yeah, I'm stupid because I think someone is average looking, you got me. Dumbass.

          • Monk

            where the fuck do you live? I need to move there if this is average.

        • Darth Neegro

          shut the fuck up. asshole.

      • b-ry


    • Monk

      I would slap my grandmother across the face if she even hinted at it. I dunno why she would, it seems really random and kinda mean, but I swear I would. She can have both my kidneys.

  • http://twitter.com/soy_LG @soy_LG

    #20…Look a little bit further south my friend and I'm sure you won't be making that face! Lucky bast***!

    • Anjin-San

      Pardon me, my sweet lady,
      but the general trend of your comments makes me sometimes daydream
      about your sexual orientation…

      • http://twitter.com/soy_LG @soy_LG

        I wonder sometimes myself as well… 😉
        But a fine piece of a** is a fine piece of a**, regardless of gender!

        • Dudes Not Cool

          One of those things which only women can say.

        • snoobs89

          *jaw slams down on desk*


        • http://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves

          You also have a nice piece of a**

          • ROK247

            luis is known far and wide for his subtlety

            • http://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves

              Please, Captain subtlety


        • Alec

          LG + Kate Upton = dying happy

          • ilovethechive

            I believe the internet may explode!

        • Big Ol Dick

          I am thumbing all your asses down for being douche bag, ass smooching bitches every time LG posts something.

          Give it a fucking rest already.

          L – nothing against you personally, just the tools looking for internet attention from a girl they will never meet

          • Darth Neegro

            THIS!!! THIS!!! THIS!!!

      • idunno

        that would be because she eats soy. and uses LG computer.
        Don't tell me no one said it before.

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Me so happy… <3LG

        – the one you love to hate

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        "pardon me my sweet lady"? just….get the fuck out. now. and leave your manhood at the front-desk.

  • Anjin-San


    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • LuvH8fulChix

      Reminds me of :19

    • http://twitter.com/#!/gfeinberg86 GreyGhost9

      What th…..my pants suddenly became shorter, Kate Upton Strikes Again!!!!!

    • KyleRetrato

      Needs more ! ! !

    • iloveQuatchi

      I want it in here…

  • renlok

    #9 so, so hot

    • ROK247

      i refuse to believe that she is human. possibly a super-hot mutant genetic offshoot of homo sapiens. GODDAMN.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.prack Jonathan Prack

    Wow she is!

  • Major Rocker

    She makes me want to start drinking Sobe.

    • james

      sobe is yum so is she =D

  • Brian


    I mean, she is for sure the hottest chick I would (dream I could possibly ever) have, but she's not as hot as her hype. She's not international sex symbol hot.

    • Urban

      Gonna have to agree with Brian. I'm not sure how she got started because I don't follow this shlt, but she is not smokin' hot. Cute definitely.

      • ROK247

        i think you two are set of matching tools.

        • Urban

          Fuck you. I'm sick of this bullshit where every chick who doesn't look like a circus-freak isn't allowed to not be considered TEH HAWTEST CHICK EVAR!!! by a you socially inept assholes. So you think she's gorgeous. I don't. People have differing opinions. Deal with it. Ass.

          • ROK247

            i think your mom is gorgeous too, man no one is denying that! but not all women can aspire to such heights. while it is true that very few can compare, i still try to find the beauty in everything. some retch at the twisted, grotesque form of a near-naked kate upton, but i only see the glorious miracle of life.

            • Urban

              "your mom"? Really? Come on man, grow up. All that was said was she does it for some, and doesn't for others. Opinions differ. I really don't get why you're such a dick about it.

              • ROK247

                you are right, i'm way out of line here. if you can honestly look at kate upton and say "meh", you are obviously doing very well for yourself and don't need anyone to tell you what to think. sorry i blew up, won't happen again 'til next time.

                • Urban

                  Whether I'm doing well or not doesn't matter. Either I'm not, and I'm a hypocrite. Or I am, and trying to rub in in everyone's face. Or I'm not nuts about blondes. You're really making this more complicated than it is. Anyway, have a good day.

                  • ORGH

                    how does this get thumbed down? the chivers are a bunch of tools.

        • Red

          wow. way to be a douche.

          • Shank

            He doesn't need Kate Upton. Red is a man who knows how to get things.

      • Jason

        Now what do you think of her?

        • Lost in Translation


        • Urban

          Nice boobs for sure, I'll give her that, but the face is less desirable.

          • Darth Neegro

            i agree.

          • WillyP

            I agree. She looks like every other big boobed, tanned, four pounds of make-up blond. She's like the first girl to suck dick in middle school.

          • phideauxe

            haha you're so gay

      • jack

        i'm with you two

        • OHHIR


          • dub

            agree. chicks' seriously overrated. blonde with large tits. gee, that's unusual.

            • Foosbah


    • snoobs89

      I see your argument & i took it onboard but then i scrolled back up and saw #4 and i realised you may need to see an optician in the very near future.

      • Flicka

        Oh she's delicious, for sure, I just prefer the brunette, Monica Bellucci-type. Different strokes. Diversity n shit.

    • LeonardoB

      Hello, good evening and welcome to Brian Talks Bolix.

    • MD Rathna Deshabandu

      beauty full

    • Sport

      Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    • nicky

      if you dont think shes hot u should find the nearest bridge and jump off you clown

  • yo yo ma

    I'm not saying she's perfect but I hear she poops a mythical thread that elves use to make garments for their queen.

    • Simon

      Legola's bow is made out of her hair.

      • Simon

        …pubic hair, that is

    • huhhh

      haha funny joke. however, i'm sorry that it's common knowledge that girls don't poop.

    • phideauxe

      haha – very nice yo

  • SWG Fan

    #5 Stunning

    • Average

      Are you serious? This… is stunning? I see girls like this at the pool in my apartment complex every day. She's attractive but "stunning" is certainly not a word which comes to mind. I guess you can never fail if you set your bar and your expectations low.

      • SeaBassEX

        Agreed. This is pretty standard in SoCal

  • Bless1

    #21- yup, she's doing it right.

  • http://yourmom.com APPLE

    she has epic knockers

  • newscot

    No hover hand in #8. I'm a little impressed.

    • hMMMM

      I'm going to beg to differ. Willing to bet that his left arm is just dangling straight down.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves

        dangling her ass

    • ROK247

      epic kate upton small-of-the-back hand

    • Johnny Two Toes

      haha "little impressed" I see what you did there.

    • F. Gump

      This is the closest that this guy is EVER going to get to a specimen such as that….so if his hand doesn't hover somewhere he has squandered an opportunity and probably needs to turn in his man card.

  • splooge

    lol #8 short d-bag is short

    • JOhhny 5

      how tall is this bitch? I'm sure she got heels on but fuck that guy looks like a little kid, which funny cuz she still is a teen

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000212541689 Matt Nowak

    #21 Ohhh the photoshop possibilities!!!!

    • Dewd

      finally someone says it, what took you so long!?

      • Everyone else

        sorry, we were busy actually having lives and girlfriends.

  • Tiago

    Awesome chesticles!

  • KCJake

    #13 is the only reason I was able to make it to the fifth inning of that awfully boring game.

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      Yeah, her and the other 3 with her.

      • JPV

        WOW, I tuned out in 3rd.
        I was asking my bud who the hell is watching this shit, like I understand the people in the stands cuz they probably paid an arm and leg to get the seats for the nite, but why are people watching on t.v. ?
        (Erin andrews commentary was beyond annoying to me)

        • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

          The only reason it was on is because I was tending bar and people were watching the Home Run Derby. Speaking of annoying, Chris Berman's '…back, back, back, back, back, back…" left annoying in the dust years ago.

  • Adam

    Good old Ricky Henderson has the right idea #14

    Flipping channels last night it was sad not to see Erin Andrews get out there and play in the allstar legends and celebrity softball game. Kate played 2nd base for the American league team and did hit the ball alright. #15

    • Trent

      It would have been nice to see Erin run around the bases but Kate and Jennie looked good running around.

      • Brad

        They sure did so did Jordan Sparks. #13

  • Bubba

    #17 Yer doin' it right!

  • Matt J.

    Did anyone happen to see that commercial on direct tv where if you turn to channel 112 you could challenge Kate to a stairing contest to win SOBE BS? #1 #3 #4


    • Kevin

      Yeah I checked out channel 112 who wouldn't blink having a staring contest with kate upton.

      • Pudster

        It would be impossible to keep eye contact with kate she has the most miraculous set of breasts for just a 19 year old. #5

  • DementedGeek

    #20 – Pull off that shoe and lick her toes you douche!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      Do it for your nation,
      Do it for your self

    • equalizermax

      I know you're gay when….

      • Darth Neegro

        you think his dick tastes like another man's ass?

  • Nolo

    Hard to believe she was born in 1992

  • IJL

    uh the intro on her website is absolutely amazing! http://www.kateupton.com/

  • Mito

    #20 – "You're not blowing"

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=776740181 Michel Payette

    #4 I think Kate's one of the sexiest women alive.

    • JPV

      agreed, but I think she is burning her fame to quickly. She just became famous for SI like 4 months ago.

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