Proud to be a ‘Merican (26 photos)

  • jen

    mericans suck! and first! B)

    • Jack

      FU! C U N Toledo!

    • HuskerDu

      Quiet while men are talking.

    • Rich

      Then get off my American website you idiot. Hell, get off my American invented internet.

      • Kife

        Actually Tim Berners-Lee is from England and created the internet that we know while he was at CERN in Geneva Switzerland.

        • Rich

          Actually, ARPA (What is now DARPA) invented the internet back in the 1950's as a way of connecting the nation's radar systems. But whatever.

        • Eddie

          Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1990, the Internet has been around since the 50's.

          • SkyVader

            Al Gore invented the internet. Just ask him.

            • Paco

              Al Gore never actually claimed to. Cut the jowly Carbon Hater some slack.

        • lalala

          lol i love watch stupid american get own

          • Robert Plant

            agreed. bunch of faggots.

            • Limey fuck

              again, you're on a site owned by americans.

              • EdCrane

                Still doesn't make you suck any less

              • Robert Plant

                yep. i'm on their site bashing them. what they gonna do about it? faggots.

                • Quicktim

                  We'll let you think we give a shit about what you have to say

            • stinky pinkey

              wow robert plant is a chiver?

            • Merica rules

              Fuck off,you know we saved your country's ass at some point!! You fuckshit!

              • Stevo

                Most Ignorent Comment Ever

                • Billybob

                  If your from a country we didn't save then you were probably destroyed by us at one point, and if that is the case then GO FUCK YOUR SELF you deserved it!!!

                  • Alexandru

                    Saved? You mean robbed? Why don't you save a country from Africa? Why there's always a country with oil, gold etc?

          • :)

            Lol I love watching a stupid American get owned* If you're going to talk to us, talk right.

      • ion

        Shut up!

    • Anjin-San

      this comments fight was actually very hilarious

      (and the guy in #22 is epic)

  • Dingo8MyBaby

    #3 Deal of the century. Unless you're a cantaloupe person.

    • 6655321

      Naw, honeydew. Now that's the money melon.

  • Joe

    Ass in front syndrome..


    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan


    • Phlerm

      Front butt

    • Jak

      .and tits on back. she is back-asswards

      • Joe

        Haha, epic new word, back-asswards! nice..

        • The_Dood

          You've never heard bass-ackwards?! If you wanna buy a new house I have a few rocks I could sell you…

          • Joe

            nope, im from Norway. I'm not privy to your awesome lingo..

    • tralfaz

      No MOAR

    • SlimtwigMJ

      "I'd like a diet coke"

    • red

      I believe the correct term is "buttgut" boys, or as in college we referred to those as a "dead baby gut".

    • jaydub

      actually the correct term is "boobiedo"…as in her stomach sticks out further than her boobies do

  • t money

    Excellent post.


    Could you imagine what it'd be like if the South would have ACTUALLY won?!

    • Pwithc

      We'd probably be dressing like homos, believe it or not. I went to Clemson University, and all the dudes dressed like idiots. Short shorts and croakies and tucked in collared shirts all the time. Fuckin weird.

    • tralfaz

      Southerners are still bitter about that shit 150 years later. Fuck'n scary.

      • Gen. N. B. Forrest

        Yes…we are…and we're stockpiling…

    • 123

      Stupidity isn't isolated to the southern United States, just FYI. That shit is widely available on an international level.

    • That Guy

      we would be the American form of Russians.

    • Chim richels

      I'm from Chicago so really don't give a tit about the North/South thing, but let's be honest – go 10 miles inland from the Pacific and anyone of these fucktards could be in California too.

      Tards are tards.

      Have you ever seen the ugly vile cretins at WTO or war protests in places like Seattle or Portland? Certainly a not like the 'Merican trash, but ugly hideous trash none the less.

  • athos

    #15 …Thats not 'Merican…. Thats Russian…

    • equalizermax

      You shouldn't said that, they might delete your comment…

    • wetodid

      i was going to say same thing…but dont we own russia?

    • Ripley

      Yea That is definitely Russian. And we don't own Russia. Vladimir Putin is doing everything possible with a chess master's finesse to elevate his country to the level of power it held in the 50's

    • Mitch Harrison

      Mil Mi-24 aka Hind

      … But still cool looking.

      • Jessica Condrey

        Yep, thats a Hind baby ๐Ÿ˜‰ gosh…haven't you people played Metal Gear Solid?? haha

        • Nickincollege

          …….I love you… lol. Just got done playing MGS4… again.

        • @aaarve

          Marry me?

    • POlak
    • Doc

      Well, it's Soviet made, but who knows what country this is in. Those things have been sold all over the world. But still, definitely not used in the American military. Although plenty of Soviet equipment was sold by us.

      • qwertz

        It's Czech Mi-24V from 21st Tactical Air Force Base Zvolenská-ฤŒáslav.
        Photo from 2004 when Czech Air Force introduced JAS-39 Gripen.

    • kmandew

      That is a Rooski chopper for sure.

  • Joe

    They see me rollin, they hatin….


    • JAFitC

      Am I the only one who noticed the girl being towed flipping the bird at the end?

      • Mr. Bates

        The full video shows them passing in front of the truck and her clearly giving the finger. HILARIOUS!

        • mark

          Do you happen to have the link, mate?

    • Gutterville

      I highly doubt anyone is hatin on those two, kindof feel sorry for them

      • ssstoopid

        I hate them.

    • kmandew

      Those ladies are Canadian.

  • Analrapist

    These posts only make me love being Canadian even more.

    • yepp

      shut up and go drink some real beer…dammit never mind you win this time Canadian

    • Fasteddy14

      Of course you believe America is represented by a few funny pictures… There are 310+ ,million people in this country. You have around 35 million… My generalizations about Canada are statistically more likely to be accurate.

      • Analrapist

        and far less embarrassing.

        • Javier


        • iWould

          only if you're a Vancouver Canucks fan.

    • ssstoopid

      Ah yes… "the loft above a great party…" -Robin Williams

    • creatorofbs

      i would have to agree. being Canadian is the way to go

      • That Guy

        Canada is America's biggest military weakness. could be conquered in a week and then our enemies would be on our border. only Canadians would boast free health care while paying 50% in taxes. you don't have free health care, tourists have free health care.

        • naluukti

          Funny, the last guy who thought Canada could be conquered in a week got his house burned down…what was his name again…James Madison?

          • Cavall

            They forget. But we don't mind reminding them.

          • That Guy

            ya i'm sure anyone would have a problem conquering you these days.
            your history lesson will commence now. the british resisted Madison's war invasion effort. they are the ones that burned down the White house… but go ahead and take credit for another countries victories seeing how you have none of your own as your own country. that's like the US gloating about how we took it the french in the french and indian war. pathetic.

            • fuck you faggot

              Say we are your biggest military weakness is the most absurd comment I have ever heard. 157 Canadian troops have died fighting in your war for oil. The US would never win in a war because A) it would never happen, B) every other country on the planet would step in and kick your ass with us – because nobody but Americans like America and C) Canadian military training is superior to the US, but the US has a bigger military, which wouldn't be too hard to handle with every other country on our side.

              • naluukti

                I don't think it's worth arguing with him. He's never heard of Ortona, or Vimy, or the etymology of the word stormtrooper, or who was the third country to launch a satellite into orbit (and therefore theoretically be able to launch a weapon wherever it felt), or where all the fancy hardware on his military boats comes from, or who can track one of his "silent" nuclear submarines for 14 hours and only stops because the plane was low on fuel when his own people can't even find it, or who got to slog their way through the reinforced concrete bunkers all the way along the coast and through the marsh while his grandparents took a drive through the countryside, or…so many other things.
                Things like those French-Canadian militia who stopped an American army marching up to Montreal. You know – when the Colonel rode up and demanded surrender and the answer he got was a bullet in the face? Or how about Joseph Brant…nope, he couldn't be Canadian! Neither was Brock, or Fitzgibbon, or any of those Redcoats who were born, lived, worked, and died in Upper and Lower Canada. I mean, just because they lived there and grew up there and were born there and died there does not make them from there at all. What crazy logic!

                le sigh. I should have known better than to debate on the internet.

      • Bree1912

        I love being Canadian! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pwithc

    #25 At what point do you go "I should probably lose some weight."

    • Major Rocker

      Apparently not yet.

    • damnforeigner

      "Nevah! We don' lissen to no damn <insert pejorative>. We is a lil' chubby 'coz da fed takes all our money an' can't afford healthy food like them damn <repeat insert pejorative>."
      I could continue with more first hand recorded non-sense but "y'all" should get it …
      I strongly believe that is caused by something in the water (the brain damage, that is…).

    • bunedoggle

      Never in 'Merica man. Never. In Merica we think "Someone else should loose some weight to make more room for me!"

    • Greg

      With a McDonald's around every corner? Fat chance! (And fat ass!)

      • Joe

        You can't use McDonalds as an excuse for being fat in the same way you can't weigh 400lbs and blame mousse because of how delicious it is.

        You're fat because you eat like a pig, McDonalds may be the medium you use to attain that state but it is in no means the reason.

        I'm a busy University student, I enjoy McDonald burgers every now and then, yet I'm slim and fit because I watch my calorie intake while managing my time to allow workout sessions.

        Eat less = lose weight

    • Cavall

      Cant lose too much weight, you might tip over and flip the thing. Its a game of balace at this point.


    #9 is afraid of running away and wont catch it.

    • equalizermax

      You will be my lunch today…

  • Loccus

    Disturbing on multiple levels

  • Sean

    Hey Jen how many people are jumping your boarders to get in? just saying there's no place I would rather live than right here in AMERICA. Home of the FREE and land of the BRAVE.

    • dub

      You're kind of a fool.

      But proud. I like that.

    • oX_Animal_Xo

      Um…It's Land of the free, and home of the brave. Are you sure you're from here?

      • The_Dood

        Land of the Free, BECAUSE of the Brave.

        • ssstoopid

          mega thumbs up for that one!

          • bigdeal


    • Coldzilla

      "Home of the FREE and land of the BRAVE"

      Ok WHEN did they change that?

      Did I miss a meeting? ๐Ÿ˜ก

    • JacksonMcNasty

      People are jumping our boarders? I don't board, but I know a few boarders and i think its fcked up that they keep getting jumped!

    • Ben

      hey Sean, that would be "borders" . I take it you are not the english graduate from HeeHaw college.

    • tscott4581

      home of the oppressed and land of the pussies is more like it, got a spearchucker in the whitehouse simply because if the whites didn't vote for him they was racist, and politicians robbing the nation blind every minute of each day, yea great place we live in…

  • BackpacksgotJets

    #18 Snooki?

    • BackpacksgotJets

      Snooki's desperation portayed even further outward. What is actually happening. LOL

    • tralfaz

      I got myself a man!

    • sean

      Snooki Want SMUSH!

    • HUH?

      did "redneck hunting season" start already? wonder if she is gonna mount that one……

  • Brad

    #5 is from a US Soccer game…

    • simon

      the perfect image of an american

  • Uncle Sam

    Not all of these are 'Merica. #21 and #18 we can not be held responsible for.
    Thanks and good night.

    • LaLakers2408

      damn beaners…..merica!

    • jacenonfire

      #21 is Australia. It was on the news awhile back

  • huhhh

    He's so patriotic yet drives a Toyota…

    • Randy Marsh

      They are assembled in the States, just like Honda

      • senor?

        how would a geologist living in south park, CO know this?

    • Steamboat Willie

      If it makes you feel better it was probably assembled in San Antonio, TX

      • huhhh

        touche sir. however, i wouldn't expect someone who proclaims their ignorance such as he does to know where it was assembled

        • shaka

          proclaims ignorance? the only ones who proclaim ignorance are the mindless idiots who still support Obummer.

          • C-spot

            Eat a bag of dicks shaka, way to use other peoples ignorant crap. I'd raise taxes on your ass if you actually paid any, now go back to WalMart and shop for your weeks groceries in the candy aisle.

          • huhhh

            the ignorance i'm talking about are the multiple racist bumper stickers that he feels everyone should see. you might also notice the got a birth certificate one…oops

            • bigdeal

              how is it racist? wtf? unless im missing something in the pic but, the bumper stickers are about the current us president and the fact that he sucks.. i dont see shit about them thats racist.. maybe your the racist ??? who else is bringing attention to the fact that hes black? and of course, because hes black noones allowed to criticize the absolute shit job hes doing? please stay home next time.

              • huhhh

                the one where it says he should go back to africa and the kenyan village missing an idiot. it isn't racist to criticize his policies which he does in some of his stickers but it's pretty racist to hate on his race

                • Uhhhh

                  Is he not part Kenyan?

                  What do you find so offensive about being Kenyan? Are you a bigot or something?

    • Dan

      Toyotas are made in the USA. Unlike GM and Ford.

      • ZombieBootParty

        Not made, assembled.

        • jimmy

          The parts are made here too. They are engineered elsewhere maybe. Toyota and Honda have the most "American Cars" year after year as rated by a study done every year.

          • M. Dumas

            Most studies done year after year are done every year…matter of fact, all of them are.

            • jimmy

              But Toyota and Honda don't necessarily have to be rated tops year after year. The sentence is saying two separate things. 1)The study is done year after year. 2) Toyota and Honda are the most American cars year after year.

              Smartass fail

      • Frank

        But the money goes back to Japan. Unlike GM and Ford.

        • Anon

          But they still employ more Americans in Merica than Ford and GM, putting food on their plates and a roof over their head.

    • ZombieBootParty

      Although assembled in the U.S.A. it is STILL a Japanese company. Your arguement is invalid.

      • The_Dood

        The assembly JOBS are in the states… That's more than we can say for the domestic companies. I have never owned anything with an engine that wasn't a Honda. I live in Ohio, where we have at least 4 Honda facilities. And I know we were talking about Toyota, but the division called Honda of America is named that for a reason.

      • Joe

        Ooooohhh, It's a Japanese Company.

        That explains why it didn't cost taxpayers billions and billions of dollars to keep from going out of business.

    • Joe


      Tries to sound educated, but can only manage ignorant/uninformed comments.

    • sheoncebelieved

      Most important is the "Village Idiot" that's missing in Kenya….perfect. Except he's not missing, he's in the White House.

      • Ryan

        The point is that most conservative rednecks don't know this and would normaly drive a Ford, GM, or Dodge.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        …Why is your banner green?

    • That Guy

      i think that semper fi/ Marines sticker proves he has the right to drive what ever the fuck he wants. unless he didn't serve..

      • C-spot

        Then by your logic if he's all "Semper Fi" as you claim and his stickers all of his truck claim, then why does he have other stickers slamming the Commander in Chief all over his truck. Marines follow orders, period, especially from the Commander. This guy is a redneck and a complete moron.

        • Shawn Bell

          You're an idiot. Marines "Follow all orders" to an extent. If it's morally unjust, than no we won't follow them. And if I wasn't still in and plan on re-enlisting, I would speak my mind on our "chain of command" if you want to call it that.

          • matt

            I wonder what your superior officer would say about your reluctance to follow orders.

            • That Guy

              you have not served so you have no right to question his resolve.

            • Doug

              Members of the armed forces take an oath to, among other things, "defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic" I chose not to re-enlist because, being the "conservative redneck" that I am, as someone stated, believe that this Commander in Chief is stomping on the Constitution every day and mentions the Armed Forces only for political points. In my opinion, he falls under the "domestic enemy" category.

              • bigdeal

                yes fucking sir!

        • That Guy

          by my logic i'm not assuming he is still active military. you keep your mouth shut when you serve and can and have damn well reserved the right to voice your opinion after you are out.
          by your logic a marine forfeits his right to free speech for the rest of his life and has to give up his vote. that's an F for a big ass Fail at your attempt at rhetoric.

    • Furdurp

      HAHA nice call on that one!!!!!

  • Pat Overton

    #20 – Haters gonna hate! I bet he owns #4 too.

    • Joe

      I hope you like your new gun laws, cause it sounds like you have no choice in the matter.

    • Pete

      Oh NOES!!!! It's so Un-American to be an outspoken critic of your government!

      • jimmy

        That's not being an outspoken critic, that's being a hateful redneck. Nothing respectful about it. If he loved his country, he would respect the office, end of story. The thing about this guy is that he probably doesn't hate Obama because he has been a disaster in the White House, he hates him because he's black. Embarrassment to this country. This is the type of military man who is not in the military for his country, he's in it because he kinda wants to kill some people. Not too many of them in the military, but there are some like that.

        • Joe

          "hateful, racist, redneck" – Cute, you got all that from some bumper stickers? Isn't that kind of like judging someone by their skin color?

          • jimmy

            "…and the camel he rode in on"……You're right, this guy probably is not racist at all.

            • Randy Marsh

              Lot's of people ride camels… Bugs Bunny for instance.

          • jimmy

            Your analogy would work if I was judging based on the color of his truck. I'm judging based on statements that he has plastered on his truck. That's like judging someone for the way they act and the things they say.

            • Joe

              You got all this:

              ". If he loved his country, he would respect the office, end of story. The thing about this guy is that he probably doesn't hate Obama because he has been a disaster in the White House, he hates him because he's black. Embarrassment to this country. This is the type of military man who is not in the military for his country, he's in it because he kinda wants to kill some people. Not too many of them in the military, but there are some like that."

              From the fact he has anti Obama. bumper stickers.

              Yeah, way to hear the guy out, and remain impartial. Keep soapboxing though, it's fun to watch.

              • jimmy

                Not anti-Obama stickers, racist, anti-Obama stickers.

                • Joe

                  Says obviously prejudiced you.

        • Joe

          And everyone hated Bush cause he was white.

          • Joe

            Right? Otherwise they would have respected the office.

            What a joke. Do you even think?

          • jimmy

            If you are so consumed with someone that you hate them, that's your problem and you need to evaluate your life. So much hatred is what makes this world an awful place. Whoever "hated" bush, has some personal issues they need to deal with. How can you hate someone you don't even know.

            • Joe

              So why the hate filled, childish name calling post above?

              "Pot Meet Kettle"

              You must personally know the guy I assume, otherwise that's a very hypocritical thing to say.

              • jimmy

                "Hateful" and "racist" is not childish name calling. It's pretty easy to draw these conclusions from his bumper stickers. "Redneck" was a little overboard though.

                How can you look at those stickers and say he is neither hateful or a redneck? Why does he have to mention Kenya or a camel? Because he is racist. Those have nothing to do with anything. You don't have to know someone to tell whether or not they possess a certain trait. If someone is driving down the road with an I love Jesus bumper sticker, I assume they have faith and I would most likely be right. Maybe I'm totally off base. Maybe someone put those on his car as a prank because he hates racism and loves Obama…..Could be.

                • Joe

                  Obama is part Kenyan.

                  Kenyan is not a race, and as far as I know, neither is Camel riding.

                  You play fast and loose with your definition of Racist.

                • Joe

                  "If someone is driving down the road with an I love Jesus bumper sticker, I assume they have faith"

                  This is called, "Judging a book by it's cover" and is usually synonymous with Prejudice.

                  You know what Prejudice is? I'll give you a hint. It's the same thing you are getting your panties in a twist about above.

            • Joe

              Also, I cant help but notice:

              Bush hate = personal issues.

              Obama hate = Racist, redneck, cold blooded murderer.

              Awesome. LOL. GO preach YOUR hate elsewhere.

              • jimmy

                You have troubles reading, no? I said "if you hate Bush, you have some personal issues". You shouldn't hate anyone. If you hate anyone, you have some personal issues. If you hate Al Sharpton or the lady from the Westboro Baptist church, you have some issues as well.

                And grown men, I'm assuming here, should never use the acronym LOL. It's very unflattering.

                • Joe

                  LOL. I've never been one for flattery.

                  What I want to know, Is why is it OK for YOU to spew a hate filled tirade, about a guy that's "obviously a red neck racist that joined to arm to murder" from reading an anti Obama bumper sticker, then get all preachy about hating ANYONE?

                  That is called HYPOCRISY, and make you a HYPOCRITE.

        • Guest Commenter

          Jimmy, Joe, you two want to get a room or something?

          • Joe

            Maybe…. all this tension….. I think I felt it move.

        • The Truth

          * obama's half-black*

      • Nick Nintendo

        You fellas gotta relax. Don't you see that by arguing like this the ridiculously preachy bumper sticker crowd win? How can we let that happen?

    • joe

      dudes driving a toyota. fucking hypocrite.

      • joemama

        Which are made in America

      • Joe

        It's really not hard to see why most of the world thinks America is full of ignorant people.

        Comments like yours prove them right everyday.

        • Patches

          It's funny how all the people who thought it was cool to compare Bush to Hitler, thought it was cool to throw shoes at Bush's head, enjoyed Michael's Moore's "documentaries", etc, are the people who are now saying that everyone should "Respect the Office" whether you agree with the President or not.

          What's good for the goose is good for the gander! Unless the left can dish it out but not take it?

        • Bass

          After reading all of your comments Joe i'm pretty sure you are the type of person which makes people think America is full of ignorant people.
          You missed the point Jimmy was trying to make and running your mouth off makes you sound stupid!

    • Pat Overton

      So, have I missed anything since I commented on these pics this morning?;)
      Seriously, I respect this dude's right to plaster his truck with whatever message he wants, but anyone who thinks that our government's problems begin and end with the office of the president is pretty damn shortsighted. I think we should blame either "big oil" or "PETA". Of course that's just a thought for this particular moment in time. B)

    • Rick

      I would like to point out one of my personal pet peeves to most of the commenter's above me. Whether you like them or not they have earned the title President. it should always be President Obama, President Bush, President Clinton, President Regan. Never simply mister or no title at all. I find this lack of respect for the Office as disturbing as allowing the flag to touch the ground. We are not children we can discuss things in an adult fashion which would include using proper names and titles.

      • Jimmy Page

        HA! treating something with respect and dignity? you must be new to this site.

  • dOOb

    Too bad the first thing that comes to mind when you see a fat, lazy pile of shit… you think " 'Merica… fuck yeah".

    Think about it… when you think Sweden, you think hot blonde bitches… Canada = Awesome weed and beer and Crown Royal… Russia = Mail order brides…

    I love you America, too bad the stereotype is so negative… and so… well… accurate…

    • combat_carl

      We may be fat and lazy but thats because the rest of the world is our bitch

      • The Truth

        tell that to china.

      • bigdeal

        rofl meerricaa….

    • ZombieBootParty

      America,s weed blows away Canada's hands down. Especially if you live in a state with medical Marajuana laws.

      • Joe

        U.S weed is second rate, at best.

        • Red

          i'm a proud american, but this is true.

    • tralfaz

      Wrong, Sweden – pedophiles, Canada – Hockey, Russia – Lines for toilet paper.

    • The_Dood

      You forgot about the gun toting bible thumpers…

    • jason_in_pc

      first thing i think of is my freedom, then i remember how long we have fought to defend our freedom.
      like the freedom to speak freely without the risk of persicution.
      so i can tell all of the cheese eating surrender monkeys bashing the USA in the comments to suck it.
      and voila! no government agents gonna come down on me for it.

      • Tanin

        Hahaha. Enjoy your new "executive Order" gun laws. They sound like they were put into place very democratically.

      • dub

        soap-boxing about freedom from persecution, and not spelling it right. way to uphold the stereotype.

    • HUH?

      as soon as i find a way to get outta this here chair im gonna kick your azz!!

      • dOOb

        aaaaah… I'm not gunna rip on Americans, cause I love the country and the people… but I will say this…

        carpet bombing the middle east does not constitute "defending freedom"… that's called "oil mongering". You can't shit in another countries back yard for decades and not expect some form of retaliation… stop policing the world and you won't have planes flying into buildings.

        But in all seriousness… freedom fighting aside…. let's all be real and agree that Weed in Canada is awesome (BC bud anyone). 80% of American weed is shit from Mexico, and we know nothing good came outta Mexico… except Taco Bell.

        • j22

          You don't know how many people agree with you on the mid east. It's my friends and family dyin over there too. We elected a liar who said he would get us out of the wars and instead started another. About the oil: Where the F is it? I'm all for us getting free oil. We've already paid a heavy price in blood and money.

          The weed…. some of the best weed on earth is grown in California. Besides, the best bud can be grown anywhere on earth with current tech.

        • Dan

          Luckily for us, France and Britain have jumped on the oil bandwagon and dragged us into Libya. I really wish we were out of the Middle East completely.

          • AnyoneForCoffee


            You don't think kicking Gaddafi out of power is a just war?

            • Quicktim

              No, we don't. Just another fucking ploy to keep us wallowing in conflict.

            • JDub

              Seriously?! I fought in the infantry in Iraq in 2003 and thought it was a "just" war. I believed that once we caught Saddam the war would be over and we could help the country rebuild and would have given them something that resembled freedom and help stabilize the region. Look at how stable it is now… worse than it was and we ARE STILL THERE!!! There is no fucking reason whatsoever to mess with another godamn country's government. If the people are revolting then let them revolt. If the current "dictator" gets kicked out the place will only get more violent as the rebel groups then begin fighting eachother for power. There will never be peace in the middle east, they have been killing eachother since the beginning of time and nothing will ever get them to live together. War will never solve issues with a culture that has no respect for human life. We've been at war for almost TEN years and have accomplished nothing but tripling our countrys debt and killings some of the best men and women our country has to offer. When does it stop?

              • JDub

                I'm not saying America is perfect by ANY means! Just watching/reading the news and seeing some of the dispicable acts conducted by the miserable wastes of oxygen here is enough to make me sick. :(:(

        • bigdeal

          "and we know nothing good came outta Mexico" fucking hypocritical cocksuckers on here i swear.

    • bigmikeskinsfan

      when I think of canada i think of alanis morrisette, justin beiber and crybabies that try to compare themselves with their big brother neighbor but never quite live up. awesome weed? you're an idiot for even thinking you can hang with California chronic. but then again, youre a canadian and probably dont know any better.

      • dOOb

        guessing you've never been outside the good ol U.S of A… That's cool… not your fault they don't teach WORLD History or WORLD Geography in your schools.

        Know what 1812 was all about? didn't think so…
        Vimy Ridge in WW2 ring a bell? didn't think so either…

        All good… still love you guys!

        • bigmikeskinsfan

          right, ive only served my country and been halfway around the world and back several times. talk about ignorance..way to look like an ass with no idea about what hes talking about.—

        • Dan

          American schools don't even teach American history, other than glossing over the highlights.

          And regarding the War of 1812, why would anyone go to war of Quebec?

      • Joe

        California weed is imported from B.C, so I bet it's great!

        • Guest

          No it's not.

          • Joe

            Tell that to your government. They say different.

        • bigmikeskinsfan

          bwaaaaaaahahahaah..imported from Canada? thats the dumbest shit ive EVER heard. look up “emerald triangle” —

          • Joe

            The dumbest shit you ever heard is strait from your governments mouth.

            I guess America has the Dumbest leadership you have ever heard of, which honestly, is the dumbest leadership there is….

            • bigmikeskinsfan

              as you spell it strait. way to ruin ANY credibility you have with that goof up. When was the last time your Gov did ANYTHING worthy of anyone caring?—

              • Joe

                Oh sorry, thought you might have had something to say to, you know, prove me wrong.

                Guess not.

                • Joe

                  "way to ruin ANY credibility you have with that goof up."

                  Ahahahahahahaha.!!! Oh No! My anonymous Innernet cred is at stake!!!

                • bigmikeskinsfan

                  your apology wasnt necessary but you should learn to spell and use proper grammar if you are going to get in to a pissing contest about superiority. Hell, I thought you meant George Strait.—

                  • Joe

                    Cool, I'll try to remember that when arguing with a child, grammar is important, as they are easily confused.

                    A tip for you:
                    When arguing; Try to have some facts. They are often more damning than grammar.

                    • bigmikeskinsfan

                      <DIV>good boy, Joe. and I thank you for offering nothing to this convo but a simple weed argument. but its obvious you are confused by the difference between weed and hemp.</DIV> <DIV>—

                    • Joe

                      Yeah a weed argument while having a discussion on the topic of weed. Crazy.

                    • bigmikeskinsfan

                      stop talking, Joe. DAR is out.—

                    • Joe

                      *Internet version of sticking fingers in ears and going "LA-LA-LA-LA-LA, I can't hear you!" *

                      Great debate tactic for a clueless child.

                    • bigmikeskinsfan

                      joe, see my last comment. let me ask you a serious question though. why do you dumb canooks say hoose instead of house?—

                    • Joe

                      So that when traveling abroad we aren't mistaken for an American and subsequently beaten/robbed.

                      Why do Americans call a roof, a ruff?

                    • bigmikeskinsfan

                      <DIV>a ruff? ive never heard that one before. </DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV>and me get robbed? son, ive travelled the entire pacific several times and never even been close to being robbed. oh people from canadia, you are so simple in your ways. but you did give us kids in the hall so i cant complain too much.</DIV> <DIV>—

                    • Joe

                      I am simple in my ways…

                      Don't really understand what the rest of your post is aboot though…..

        • BentWrenches

          Imported from my back yard,legally!

      • Larry

        Justin Beiber –

        A nobody in Canada, unitl he moves to the U.S and becomes a superstar.

        America, you got some splaining to do!

        • bigmikeskinsfan

          youre welcome for our capitalism. where even a canook can become a somebody—

          • Larry

            You can keep all the Justin Beibers you want, and give them as much money as you want.

            • bigmikeskinsfan

              heck, I think Canadia is trying to invade and this is their first strike; pshycological warfare!!—

          • dOOb

            Yep… Weed is B.C's second largest export after softwood lumber. Wouldn't expect you to understand… "export" is a difficult word.

            Doesn't matter… you put us stupid "Canooks" in our place. Nice job on your economy, dollar value, unemployment, respect for the environment… and your image on the world stage. You guys are good though… Empires last forever… just ask the Romans!

            'Merica, Fuck Yeah!

            • bigmikeskinsfan

              your second biggest export is, talk about someone who shouldnt judge another's government. your second biggest cash crop is illegal. smaaaaart canooks.—

              • dOOb

                oh, I WILL judge your government… the same government that ran your beautiful country into the ground!

                When Canada, with a population 10 x smaller than that of the USA, can generate more jobs than the USA last month… ya… you guys have some problems in government.

                Anyway… enough of this pissing contest. We ALL know America is the "greatest country EVER… of all time"… just like we know Jesus IS the son of God…

                i DO want to thank America for lots… most importantly for bringing us theCHIVE!!! For that… God Bless America.

                • bigmikeskinsfan

                  <DIV>doob, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this site is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.</DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV>—

                  • dOOb

                    No? You sure there's no relevance there?

                    Cause, you know… after your economy tanked, and your governement bailed out all the businesses and executives responsible for the tanking, the middle class was left to take a beating. The middle class is STILL taking a beating.. Take a look at unemployment and home foreclosures. It is your government that deregulated the big banks… it is your government that is selling out the middle class, while spending TRILLIONS on your precious wars around the world.

                    But don't worry… there's the "stimulus package"… the one that was supposed to save and generate more jobs. SO… to my point… Canada has larger job growth, with a fraction of your population. Tell me… who's government is doing right by their people?

                    idiotic… yes sir… you truly are!

                    • bigmikeskinsfan

                      <DIV>i thought you were done, doob. cant even stick by your words, eh?</DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV>even with all youve said (which isnt anything new or shocking) isnt is amazing that people still flock to this country by the hundreds of thousands just to make a better life? how come canadia doesnt have the same problem? sounds like you have a problem of sour grapes since your country is SO great yet you still cant compete with your big brother to the south.—

                    • Joe

                      Oh yeah, NO ONE is immigrating to Canada. LOL. Any other false assertions or are you done?

                      And aren't you you worried about your net cred with regards to your grammar?
                      You seem so concerned about it when you have no points to make….

                    • bigmikeskinsfan

                      net cred? no, joe. but since this is the ONLY way we can communicate you are putting yourself out there only through words. Maybe, just maybe you care enough not to try and criticize someone while using misspelled words.—

                    • Joe

                      You seemed very concerned about net cred above.

                      Them proceed to never capitalize letters that need it, whilst criticizing others for their grammar.

                      Pretty funny stuff there young grasshopper.

                    • bigmikeskinsfan

                      them proceed indeed. them proceed indeed. Joe, DAR. go look at Dylan's hot body and relax.—

                    • LazyinLouisville

                      It is pretty funny you busted his balls for grammar, then proceeded to misspell Canada every time you mentioned it. Thanks for perpetuating the stereotype, buddy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                    • bigmikeskinsfan

                      Youre an idiot if you dont get that if I make the same mistake EVERY TIME it isnt a mistake. Im calling it Candia on purpose. move on now son.—

                    • Louis

                      I can see you making that mistake every time. Your other posts made you look like a joke. The joke that you are.

                      Oh, and what about all your capitalization? those are intentional too right? LOL

                      Get a brian moran.

                    • bigmikeskinsfan

                      did you just see this or is it so hard for you to move on that you had to put in your 2 cents? the maint tried to spell straight “strait” while bragging about the greatness of his country and he got called on it. if you cant understand that I dont really care but please move along. you are 2 days too late on this joke. the joke that is your country.—

                    • Louis

                      Oh, I get it.

                      Your multitude of mistakes aren't worth noting because they are spewed by an uneducated American, and thus it is expected that you don't know how to spell/use grammar.
                      Canadians are held to a higher standard, because, well they are awesome.

                      You make an excellent point sir!

                    • bigmikeskinsfan

                      you said spewed. haha..canook make a funny! no, you can TRY to hold me to whatever standard you want but I am capable of saying things that seem to make you all flustered like it is a Jedi mind trick. was it you who said strait? im curious. or are you just trying to impress him?—

                    • Louis

                      Trust me, no one is holding you to any standard. That's the point.

                    • Joe

                      Where was I bragging about the greatness of my country?

                      You really don't know know how to read do you… I'm sorry, had I known, I wouldn't have destroyed you in the comment section.

                  • bigdeal

                    ….love that movie by the way …lol and for my tidbit about canada.. i had a job doing customer service for credit cards which included credit cards for canadians… omg.. what a bunch of self important, whiny little bitches.. the moment they would tell you their name, you knew it was a little bitch canadian. no joke.

                    • Homer


                      Customer service for a credit card. No wonder Canadians treated you like shit. You deserve it, Minimum wage slave monkey.

                      Get a real job, and then you might get some respect.

                • Joe

                  Don't try to use facts with this one. He doesn't know any, feels threatened, and resorts to references to Adam Sandler movies because hes at a loss for words.

              • Dan

                Marijuana was not illegal in the US until DuPont started making nylon. Hemp was just as good, and cheaper, so they used their money to buy politicians to make weed illegal.

            • Nephilim

              Don't go on about the environment when Canada still mines asbestos and is currently blocking it being listed as a hazardous chemical with the U.N.

              • Homer

                Many Canadians have only contempt for the UN.

                Iran is a member of the Womens rights council??
                What a scary joke the U.N is.

    • Chim Richels

      We can sum it up this way:

      – there are some tards in the US. In a nation of 320M people, that's gonna happen.

      – Canada? Of the 6B or so people on the planet, maybe 3 or 4 give any thought to Canada. Ever.

      Sorry dude, but Canada just isn't all that relevant. Nice place to visit (Quebec City, for example), but nothing more/nothing less.

      And before you start in on 'Mericans this/'Mericans that, please do not forget Vancouver, Stanley Cup Finals, Game 7. June, 2011.

      • Bree1912

        So your going to use one hockey game to sum us up? Bravo…jackass.

        I love living in Canda, you couldn't pay me to live in America. Just sayin'.

        • dOOb

          ya… I still love the USA! You're right.. 300+ million people, you're bound to get some inbred retards.

          the whole "we're the greatest" attitude does suck some huge hairy balls… but ya know… I guess the U.S WAS the greatest… Alas, times a change!

          anyway… peace everyone…. Chive On!

          oh ya… pretty soon it'll be 4:20 somewhere in the world… time to celebrate ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Jessica Condrey

            Damn I love a good internet debate among the faceless massesB)

          • bigdeal

            fuck off. seriously.. it pisses me off when people talk shit about my wonderful america right now… if the people that run this country and pay for everything had had their way, this fucking LOSER wouldnt have been elected , and we'd still be the ultimate fear for all other countries…. its a terrible thing, but the news coverage for 9/11 around the world? bitches claim to hate us, but you were all pissing your pants when that happened. noone gives a fuck what happens where your at. ……so .. itz ok…. when this moron whos in there now is gone, well see then.

            • Tate

              You think it's a burn that others were empathetic to thousands of people being killed?
              Spoken like a true American.

              "noone gives a fuck what happens where your at."

              What's even more sad, is just how little fuck Americans give about what happens in America.

      • Joe

        America only relies on Canada for electricity, oil, lumber, minerals and fresh water. You just don't like to think about the fact that the US cannot, on it's own, support its own population.

        Obviously not as many people around the globe would be thinking about Canada as they do about the US. But consider this: How many of those people thinking about the US are thinking about it negatively? Many, many, many more than those that think about Canada Negatively.
        Most Canadians would much rather that people be indifferent to them, then to be disliked globally.

        The fact that the US is so often disliked by other nations really has nothing to do with the citizens of the US, but because of your governments foreign policy more than anything. And everyone knows the US citizens have long ago lost control of their government.

    • kent

      The US is the most powerful country in the world. People are jealous.

      They cope by insisting on depicting the US in only the most negative of stereotypes, ignoring the many strengths and qualities of the US.

      And lol, nobody other than Canadians think Canada = awesome beer. American beers get way, way more international awards.

      • Joe

        People like to bitch more than praise, so your more likely to hear the negative.

        Does not however, necessarily make the negative points untrue.

        U.S.A is awesome for many reasons / not awesome for many reasons.

        • dOOb

          wow… awesome bitch-fest all around guys!

          Now, can we talk about something truly amazing and epic… like… saaaaay…. Dylan's ass… LG's EVERYTHING, or how to purchase a Russian mail order bride without my wife finding out?

  • buster cherry

    Driving Miss Daisy

  • Capt. Obvious

    #25 Rollerpigs!

  • Paula_

    Americans; polluting the gene pool since forever.

    – the one you love to hate

    • top dog

      God damn Paula, we ain't been around that long!!! Europe been civilized longer than America…by their own definition of course. I always thought all the barbarians came from Europe.

      • Paula_

        I see what you're trying to do there… sneaky and surprisingly smart for an American.

        For all other Americans: when he says: "Europe (has) been civilized longer than America" he is implying that America is civilized. Get it? Guess not.

        – Have one (1) minute to spare? Go see the ENTIRE museum of American Culture.

        • That Guy

          says the one person who wouldn't know civilization if it crawled up her ass and used her as a puppet. woah woah woah stop getting all excited. i was just making a point.

        • kent

          It's funny because you're on an American website. You're using an American internet browser. An American OS, and a computer architecture designed by Americans. All on the internet that Americans invented.

          You probably listen to American music, and watch American TV and Music.

          The US is a cultural powerhouse. It's pretty hard to take idiots like you seriously with your undeserved sense of superiority when your very presence on this American website disproves what you say, as you say it. The culture of Europe is old and decrepit, which is why Europeans imitate American culture.

          • Paula_

            An American website made by some Irish guys ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and the intel processor would never exist if it wasn't for the Japanese. Intel bought the tech, best decision ever.
            But hey, yes, I watch American series all the time.

            – the one you love to hate

          • jan

            Wow. It's really sad how you're so undereducated. NOTHING IS MADE IN AMERICA! Paula is right. Everything is imported. Sorry to burst your "merican" bubble buddy!

    • kent

      You're an idiot. Every post you ever make is a slag on the US.

      Your jealousy and inferiority complex are pretty clear to see.

    • jan


  • konaehukai

    #19. Want in one hand, take a shit in the other and see which one fills up faster.

  • dumes79

    #14 may be an American Helicopter but the pilot and ground crew are Canadian. GO CANADA.

    • debunker

      i remember this mission. days of walking complete waste of time

    • blah

      fuck Canada

      • Herman

        Don't be mad, just because our dollar is more valuable.

        Haters gonna hate.

      • Dr3xell

        Fuck Canada? Fuck you!!

      • thetech2

        baaaahahahahaha your just jealous its ok we'll let you visit sometime

      • Cavall

        Hey! Fuck YOU buddah! Don't be a dick Scott!

    • Paula_

      Canadians – the way Americans could have turned out if it wasn't for the inbreeding.

      – the one you love to hate

      • That Guy

        i guess you'd know something about inbreeding. it must be so efficient having your mom and dad be your uncle and aunt at the same time.

        • Paula_

          Not exactly; I married my mother… Guess you could say I was extremely homesick.

          – the one you love to hate

    • That Guy

      hahaha.. you can't even make your own defense weapons. i once found a canadian made rifle but when i went to fire it the bullet only went 10 ft, it squirted out maple syrup all over my hands and then it popped up a white flag from the barrel.

      • thetech2

        but you sure like the taste of our water and you love building your homes out of our wood and I love low velocity maple syrup shootin guns they're really in right now the white flag was to wipe the syrup up with dumb ass but my guess would be your the type to pickup a moist towelette and say damn they don't put much lemon juice in these do they maw

        • b-ry

          win. just ignore him. that guys' a douche.

          • That Guy

            a douche that is soooooo fucking right. oh b-ry back. so naive.

        • That Guy

          shit… run on sentence much? not even God understood what you said.

      • Cavall

        That guy, why you gotta be that guy?

      • simon

        yeah and you try to go to a hospital in the states, have fun paying a fortune

        • That Guy

          you try and lose half your paycheck in the small chance you need to go to the hospital and then have to wait on a waiting list to get treated. sounds like a great system.
          i love math. watch:
          if i make $50,000 a year, but get taxed 50% i lose out on $25k. gooo Canada.
          in America i make $50,000 and get taxed 18% and pay $9k. that's… say it with me now $16k in my pocket that i COULD use for hospital bills if i got sick or injured… but then there is always insurance that lessens the blow.
          math is fun.

          • Toby

            Don't worry, the Obamessia is working hard to change that for you.

      • bigdeal

        lol delight

  • Brad

    #18 This doesn't look like "Merica… my guess would be Mexico or Brazil…

    • csxxx

      Brazi, the city is Manaus – AM/BRASIL. this avenue is called Brazlian avenue

      • Brad

        I thought so, some sign in the background says "boa", which is portuguese…

  • Gregory

    say what you want, #24 kicks ass

    • echogeo

      Shouldn't Aquaman be swimming along next to them?

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