Proud to be a ‘Merican (26 photos)

  • cincy o

    #19 "Want Woman" – Probaby not going to get woman although #7 may be available

  • waltgator

    #25 um really!? wtf!?

  • PVTcowboy

    Too bad number 15 is a Russian MI-24

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  • ggg1228

    #4 is not fair. There is no such organization as "The Republican Party". That company stole the Republican National Committee's elephant and put it on a chair.

  • Miles Davis

    #7 I'm the backwards man, I'm the backwards man, I can run back as fast as you can.

  • chim richels

    #20 – no different than the bazillions of Subaru Outbacks you see in Madison, Austin, Bezerkly, Marin, Seattle and Portland loaded with political shit. This one is anti-Obama, the others are the other side of the coin.

    #17 – cmon Chivers. Everyone call Rob and get you some painting!

  • don'tknowdon'tcare

    How about a "Proud to be 'Merica's Hat" gallery full of mullets, moose, and riots over losing the Lord Stanley Cup to an "Merican team.

  • Gezim Haxha

    #25 thats how we roll 😀

  • Allenavw

    #25 I love how the woman being towed notices him filming them and flips him off.

  • thetech2

    #7 backwards girl is backwards I think she has tits on both sides

  • Dana Xu

    #16 is beautiful

  • Anonymous

    #15 is a Russian helicopter…….WTF?…..can’t find any ‘Merican’ ones?

  • trev

    #9…. look at that lil cutie. if kitty takes off though Idont think the big guy can catch him lol. run kitty run!!! now that would make for a hilarious video.

  • meh

    I actually find #9 kind of heartwarming. So what, he's fat. It's a sweet pic.

  • NOUU

    i fucking hate fatass motherfuckers and ignorant ass rednecks.

  • Tracy Patrick

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  • ely whitley

    An American is like a Panda: Eats, Shoots and leaves. #7 #8 #14

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #7 #25 what a fucking joke…That's it keep eatting…shessssssssss

  • Toby

    16k you say. And just how much is a typical cancer treatment running these days?

    16k starts to look pretty small when you are trying to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills.

  • Pani Booyah

    Merica a country of wondrous people run by total assholes.

    Chive on America!!

    From the UK 😀

  • Chris

    Holy crap, where can i get a high-res of #8?

  • jan

    SAD! And these people are allowed to vote? TEA PARTY FOLK I'm sure!

  • therenegaderacer

    There's supposed to be 13 stripes, but who's counting?

  • sirgallahad4



    Another retarded Marine giving the rest of us Marines a bad name.

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