Puppy gets a much needed new home (15 Photos)

I can find very few specifics about this little dog but what I know is that it had an abusive and neglectful owner from birth. However, thankfully it was rescued and later adopted by a new owner who helped rehabilitate the puppy. It's a great feel good story.

  • Alf

    #6 Is just awesome, oh and by the way he looks very happy. a big High Five to the people that rescued him…

  • meg

    i love this! both of my dogs are adapted and were previously neglected/ abused. its nice to see this guy got a happy ending as well

  • fuckstain

    this is why people need to adopt.

  • Bob

    #11 and #14…This is how I feel after I have sex.

    In all seriousness, little scruffy dogs like this are the best.

  • fortworthylive

    This makes me happy.

  • therenegaderacer

    I joke about abusing my dog (which in no way has he ever been abused… that asshole is spoiled rotten, in fact, he spent the morning trashing my bed and is now sleeping on a pile made up of all of my pillows and my comforter… thanx Buster. He's well behaved, well trained, and super obedient, he just doesn't like neatly made beds). But people who actually do harm to an animal that trusts them? Fuck those people, they're sick, and like my grandmas cat, they need to be put down.

  • JP

    No comments for little puppy? It’s alright, its not Bull Murray or has huge tits, but i’m so sick of all this bullshit people who don’t take care of their dogs, when the apes rise on this planet i’ll be sure to fight in their team, and probably be monkey-raped in th meantime, so Double yes!!!

  • http://twitter.com/jerryy_est @jerryy_est

    All pets deserve to be treated respectfully and have a caring owner. I'm just glad this puppy now has a loving home =)

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