The Japanese have bedrooms too (25 Photos)

  • equalizermax

    These are better & cleaner than my bedroom

    • RGH

      Even #11? I mean if your room is worse than that, you should probably go get a hepatitis booster!

      • Jedi


      • Mr. Mackey

        Hmm, I think hoarding specialist would be better

  • splooge

    #2 Anime sucks, its the most basic form of animation and the story lines are weaksauce at best

    • Taylor Doolittle


      • superhumano

        You are right by saying he is wrong!

    • Bojangles

      You sir, are correct.

    • Vintage_Wookie

      'Weaksauce'?? Great word!

      • Jen

        lamesauce is better.

    • 0_0

      Your argument is invalid.

      • Jessica Condrey

        I love anime 🐱 I would be happy digging through their nerdy collections ❤

        • Patricio


        • Brand_n

          And they'd be happy digging through your laundry hamper…

    • black27696

      The story lines are a lame platter with a side of weaksauce

    • phdonme

      Two words…. Cowboy Bebop….. Best Anime Series Eva…

      • Patricio

        Tried watching that lately. Incredibly boring at the beginning. Continued watching the entire series — still boring.

        Watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Samurai Champloo, or even Gurren Lagann.

        • Taylor Doolittle

          Or Mushishi, Kiba, Elfen Lied, Beet the Vandel Buster, Rozen Maiden, Gantz, Ouran High School Host Club, or Genshiken.

          • Patricio

            Kiba and Rozen Maiden are incredible. Well met!

            Also, Nodame Cantabile, Ao no Exorcist, Code Geass, GTO, a lot of Gundams, Rurouni Kenshin….

            After watching one episode of Tiger & Bunny, I had more interest in it then I did all of Cowboy Bebop. Just saying….

          • Jaives

            Gawd. Your anime references are current and a bit lame that it's actually validating his claim. How we go for something a bit more impressive like works by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli (My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Grave of Fireflies), Mad House (Perfect Blue, The Girl who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars). Classics like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll.

            • prunejuice

              those are all good movies but only a couple have series attached to them

    • Djma

      Yes, and I'm sure splooge has seen every single anime to base his judgment on. Not every movie or TV show rocks either.

    • Simon Iono

      im guessing you watch the translated versions of anime, where they lose all its meaning in translation.

      • Guest

        Wtf is going on ,the chive just hit a new low for me ,anime nerds are here too ! No fate.

        • Jaives

          Well, we can't just let you douchebags hog all the fun now, can we?

        • prunejuice

          the only people who put down anime are those that have never given it a real chance.

    • Kane

      yeap splooge ,go put your stupid opinion in your ass and come back later with something better you son of a *****. Thank you

      • DrROBOTO

        peep deathnote and you guys forgot the classics like wicked city and fist of the north star

        • Simon James Law

          Anime and Manga are great! I'm not going to write down a list of what my favourites are because I would be here all day. The stories are great and have a huge variety and yes sometimes the same plots gets used again and again but each one is for a different generation or just copying a popular idea.

    • Gav

      -_- Not sure if troll, or stupid.

    • jokes

      and still make so much more american dollars than do comic book bs. LOL

    • Cool Matt

      I like anime. But fan-service over story hurt the industry big time.

    • brendan

      so's your mum

    • LagunaLoireLL

      Well some animes dont have great story, but some of them are so great, you have to be good in select them.

  • Chan

    Without any people in them they seem…….. ronery

    • jimmy

      Wait a minu….Oh, I see. ROR!

    • bigdeal

      lol delight.

  • Matthew Dj-Diesel Baron

    #7 flashback to Dec 7th……..just saying

  • Matthew Dj-Diesel Baron

    #19 flashback to Dec 7th just saying

    • guy

      Saw that to…. did not think the B-29 was there friend

      • drew

        Show me the B-29 (or any 4-engined bomber) on that table.

        • guy

          alright drew … sry

    • Buford_Justice

      I dont see how your comment has a negative review. abunch of older japanese war planes together (which I have seen 0 times before in my life) and nobody can have a little fun with it. come on.

  • pjsupremex

    #10 did a guy piss in that bottle on the night stand?

    • Calmer

      No! of course not.Gross! it was a woman.

  • Hawaiitgc

    There is actually a ninja in every room, see if you can find them!

  • DragonFart

    a good number of these rooms should be levels in a Katamari game.

  • ely whitley

    #3… and that's AFTER a tidy up!

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    These are different from other bedrooms…how?

    • hory mory

      You aren't looking at them correctly. Squint your eyes.

      • snoobs89

        wow i love what you did there. even the screen name nailed it.

      • bigdeal


    • Hiroki

      They have a smaller penis.

  • Charles

    i sees tha ninjers!

  • Xsoldier2000

    They're still gloating about Pearl Harbor! #19

  • Fleeb

    #8 makes me want to be a bachelor again.

    • eo2

      Almost EVERYTHING makes us want to be bacheloors again!

    • asdasd

      True, but that couch is DIRTY dude!!!

  • Dakota

    as awesome as they are, these rooms are probably about 5x5x5 and that makes me feel like godzilla

    • hMMMM

      you mean godzirra

      • Ulisses

        You mean Gojira. ^.^

      • Dakota

        i laughed, virtual high five to you.

    • hMMMM

      "5x5x5" aka "fibifibifi"

  • AxorTheGreat

    Not a Katana in sight…

  • The_Dood


    • superhumano

      It is never too soon for jokes like that 😛

  • wino

    Useless post.

    • jokes

      Useless post.

  • Matt

    I always figured there would be more nunchucks,,,,

  • baesz

    im livin in okinawa right now and a big apartments might be two rooms. you got to really like your roomate.

  • Mahoney21

    The Japanese Kinda Scare me… just saying

  • Kaiwatha

    #22 has the same look as my room…

  • liberty

    Did anyone find this interesting or amusing? Bor-wing.

    • jokes


  • phereford

    #25 Feed Your Cat

  • gnocco

    #24 was in the Gruge right? (original)
    the rest look like 2chan finds

  • orlylol

    looks like my room

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