Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • Larry

    #10: Douche.

    #33: Can smell the Valtrex from here.

  • Jack Mehoff

    #5, That is a "hot ass balloon". I had to take a second look.

  • mastodon311


  • john

    #34 that tranny is well disguised!

  • http://www.youtube.com/redhandedrejects Ethan Nelson


    I love you.

    • http://www.youtube.com/redhandedejects Ethan Nelson

      woops, I meant #44

      . . . but that one too I guess . . .

  • AbsolutDrunk

    #36 Looks like the Mad Hatter lost his hat again…

  • crazydog

    #34 post operative

  • raptor5150

    #7 is a must find. No maybe, possibly or might….MOAR bitches NOW! Please.

  • Pants

    #34 Prove it.

  • Ashley

    #7 who is she? Does anyone know?

  • will

    O Brother, where art thou?

  • lemurfart

    #7 thats a shitload of ink but i really would like to see the rest

  • jeffurry

    #34 cool story bro

  • Anonymous

    19. Shit yes that’s awesome

  • just sayin'

    #39 Real beauty is on the inside.

  • Will

    #34 and #35

    Juxtaposition win!

  • todevans

    #21 most revolting beer EVER..i dont even know an american who would drink that garbage..well maybe a few trailer trash would, hence the chick

  • Rememo

    Chive!!!!!!! Never EVER post something as awesome as #38 followed immediately by something as ridiculous as #39. My wood turned into a noodle. We need a buffer zone man….

  • House04

    #46 girl clearly reacts by saying “are you f**king kidding me”

  • Knob

    I have 2 questions…

    #32 Thats true… where is Rick Moranis?

    #46 What did the girl in the background say?

    Cool story Bro!

  • screamin5

    #7 find her! i need to see the whole pkg!!!

  • Abrasive_Jay


    Shity Spelling – Free of charge

  • NothingToSeeHere

    To the gentleman in #25: your shirt is funny, now go suck a dick.

    • amir

      The thing that's even more funny is that this is bravado, Mexican-immigrants are the worst performing academically. Now I'm not trying to be rude, that's a simple fact. So usually I would not feel compelled to say, but since this guy had the audacity to go out of his way to get a shirt, pose, and post pictures of himself to make this a race vs race thing out of sheer douchiness I felt it was necessary to put douchebags in their places.

  • jpp407

    #36 Don't jump ranger.. Oh wait, Yes do please jump..

  • http://twitter.com/sarahlonglegs Sarahhill

    #48 thanks guys. I *may* have been out at the Chive workshop for a few days 😉 And yes, my elbow does look freaky……. but I assure you it's just an average elbow 🙂

    • JasonH

      I would still do horrible things to your disjointed elbow and any other part of you…

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