Russia has their own Playmate of the Year competition (23 Photos)

  • dan

    a great derping bomb being dropped in #2

  • mr. taylor


    Let the jokes about the greasy fat one begin

  • @soy_LG

    The brunette in #20 is an absolute bombshell. Just. Wowza.

    • michaeler

      agreed. ftw

    • Charles

      having down syndrome does not make one an "absolute bombshell" you should really raise your standards. That is all.

    • Benton McGrath

      The freckles on the upper back/shoulders seal the deal

    • DWD

      I want to find her hot, she has a nice ass and all, but she kind of looks like a Liger.

    • zero

      totally agree…and she looks like the kind of chick that would ride you silly then bite your head off praying mantis style-

      • ORG

        …'re a virgin, aren't you?

  • ambercr20

    17 and 19 make me wanna lick something

  • disturbed

    #18 Add to cart!

    • Graham

      Gota be more specific man, girl or car? Personally I would take a shot at a two for one deal but thats just me.

    • alkoholik

      this is fucking russia so will all these women be available for purchase via mail order at some point? I'd appreciate pricing and availability info please

  • mattythegooch

    #23 – Jizz Mopper?

    • Lucas

      well, its russia…soooo yeah. probably

      • beeline

        FIND HER

    • Monk

      Real life, Ms. Swan… and the brunette on the left of #21… 'lookey like a man"

    • HAHSO


      • Randomguy


        • Da_Boz

          Chindererra… to be phoenetically correct.

    • Eric

      Hell I'd bang the cleaning lady.

  • Benton McGrath

    #7 and #14 He must have a huge… bank account

  • 123

    Can we get a name for the Jamie Edmonson look alike? Wow.

  • misschris

    #16 I'll take one of these please

    • pen pen

      My girlfriend told me that there was a car there, I cant see it…

  • Bless1

    #8-chic on the right is smoking hot!

    • boob man

      your right or their right? cuz………(i hope you meant their right)…..

    • Dino

      I thought the same exact thing. Now how to find her name…

    • RobbieBobbie

      errrgghhh.. no, unless you're into that 'face that collided with a wall' syndrome of course..

    • Kyle Shubert

      I'm sorry but no. Just… ugh.

  • Simon

    What's wrong with the girl in black in #8 ?

    Other than that: A playmate of the year in Russia it's pretty much how every war movie in the 80's should've ended.

    "And so…America beated communism by installing a playboy headquarters in every Ex-URSS state"

    • hMMMM

      HAHA! Bless1 says that girl is smoking hot, and right after is this comment. I'm with you Simon…what is wrong with that chick…better yet, what the fuck is wrong with Bless1??

  • Dr3xell

    #23 So random! couldn't stop laughing lol

  • Stafferty

    #7 Hello….Newman

  • Pat Overton

    #12 – "Bud" girl, can't wait to click "Add to Cart" on her in a few weeks! Nice!B)

  • Graham

    #7 Fat guys…… You gota watch those sneaky f%ckers

    • Fat Guy

      Hey she's the one shitting marshmallows. Its entrapment.

      • Graham

        touche sir… Although she is looking back with that, "oh shit what is he going to grab smile." haha

  • Jak

    #23 just made my day. Also, add the one on the right to cart.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #22 "guess where I'm putting this tonight… it's not the mantle"

  • KCJake

    #17 Yes, please!

    • Graham

      I'll have what she's having

    • Eddie Olazaran

      My exact thought, word for word.

  • Coldzilla


    Спасибо Чив

    • ssstoopid

      I don't know what that means, but I probably agree…? 😀

    • Kamila Muminova

      voobshe to чайв 😉

    • andy

      It means, thanks chive. lol

  • BMW

    OMG……….. #17

  • Elbie

    I'd take blue!

  • Anonymous

    Im moving to russia.

  • EdWood

    Mostly meh.

    • good taste

      I agree ,most look like they are on drugs. They all need a sandwich too.

    • DWD

      Definitely agree. Many regular Russian chicks are much hotter. I expected better. I'm pretty sure a few of them were men.

  • boob man

    somebody's holding up "bunny ears" on the tool in #8….oh….wait….nevermind….

    #23 is the best pic by far though….made me laugh!

    • SarahX

      Why is that guy a 'tool'? You jelly?

  • @pezatsea

    #23 I've got to know what she is saying in her head. She has to be hating life at the moment, or happy to work maybe.

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