Sports photos full of WTF (22 Photos)

  • equalizermax

    #2 – WTF – World Taekwondo Federation

    • LaLakers2408


    • mattythegooch

      Wu Tang Financial!!!

      • sean

        Diversify yo bonds!

        • Westside

          Wu Tang Clan are those whom with it is dis-advisable to trifle.

    • Broadbem

      I actually belong to the WTF…. LOL..

      • The Dude

        How cute…and you still say "LOL"

    • cincy o

      Whip The F_cker

    • Alex

      Yeah, I was about to say that myself. I have like 3 uniforms with "WTF" on them

  • Doug

    #16 Merica, fuck yeah!

    • The_Dude_

      Have to give him props for being 40 plus and still wearing Star Wars underwear.

      • That Guy

        you have to give him props… lmao. i see what you did there.

        • DWD

          Not only are you an idiot, but I also sincerely doubt you were 'laughing your ass off' at that…

          • That Guy

            i actually did laugh my ass off. i slip right out of my chair now. it's pretty freaky.

    • jason_in_pc

      really getting tired of the whole "merica" meme. here in America we have the freedom to be who and what we want. either quit hating or stfu. no really just stfu. no offence there doug, i ran across your post and it just happened to be the last time i could see this crap and not say something.

      • Mr. Milk

        Yeah! Shut up or else! Here in America we can be who we want, do what we want and SAY what we want……so STFU!
        You are a stereotype jason_in_pc.

      • Doug

        No offense taken! This IS America and you are free to say whatever the hell you want. While I don't have a pickup truck with big ass tires and balls hanging off the back, I do own guns, enjoy my freedom and most importantly I stand up for my rights as an American. I also like to use capitalization and punctuation as well. You should try it some day!

        • whatz grammuhr


      • Smokey

        Yeah y'all got the freedom, for instance, to post funny pictures of stereotypical americans on your website if you feel like it.

    • Doogin

      How many cows asses has that arm been up? (Not pictured tractor pull, PBR, and 400lbs wife in a moo-moo.)

  • Kmac

    #21 scuba golf.

    • HuskerDu

      Challenge Accepted

    • Blumpkin

      "Add crocs and this just might catch on"

    • panama99

      Well…..I was at the golf course and I thought I would let my wife drive the cart for just a minute……I mean WTF could go wrong.

  • SwanDiver

    #22 Nope, my keys are not here

    • Anonamau5

      But there's a little toy car…

      • The_Dood

        And a tv remote…

    • Bustedkneecap

      Wrestling is the faggiest sport in nthe world

      • iloveQuatchi

        Only the toughest can wrestle

      • undeniable

        I'd like to see you wrestle cael sanderson and not come off the mat on a stretcher. I'd be willing to bet you're a basketball fan, you puss.

  • DemonDan

    #15 HAHAHAHA!!! Classic!

    • gumball


    • The Spicy Italian

      Lets step into the mind of Greg Jennings… I PUT THE TEAM ON MY BACK!

  • coach

    #11 That's real wrasslin'!!!!!

    • Theslasher

      Wrestling is for fags

  • Z_b

    #11 looks like he's enjoying it

    • that guy

      They are definitely Chivers.

      • hMMMM

        So you're not a Chiver? Could've sworn I've seen many of your comments before…fag.

        • youaredumb

          I went to McDonalds yesterday so i am Ronald McDonald now.

          • Doda

            No, but you posted this and you are a moron now.
            A Chiver is a person who looks at pics and comments on the Chive. If you went to McDonalds yesterday, that does make you a McDonalds customer.

        • ORG

          i went to the national zoo today. apparantly i'm a zoo-keeper.

        • b-ry

          "i think the chive sucks, and let them know it, therefor i'm a chiver" LOL WUT?

        • 4Chan Admin

          i shopped at best buy, that means i'm a member of the geek squad. amirite?

    • armbarjones

      Wrestling is for homos

  • R.Pgh

    #21 ahhhh little help here….

  • VanVan

    #2 I'll walk…thanks

  • Kaars

    #6, come on kid, what did you expect?

    • KeepYotesinAZ

      Maybe a 7 game series like the previous season!

      • wuzzman16

        not after the wings had a full off season to rest and Pavel came into the playoffs healthy.

  • EdWood

    I lose more golf carts that way.

    • EdWood

      That is.

  • @OriginalMadCat

    #21 … some people get mad and throw their clubs into the water…. but THIS guy…

  • Benton McGrath

    Where is the US Women's Soccer team????

    • ZombieBootParty

      last place

      • Benton McGrath

        Rated #1 and going to WWC finals. You jelly?

        • ZombieBootParty

          no, i'm ZombieBootParty.

    • Guest

      We need a Solo post

    • punisher

      I donno where the female team is but the male team is in your moms room.

    • Obviously

      In the kitchen.

  • matt

    #22 It's Breach!!!

  • Roscoe

    Fucking gingers….

    • The_Dude_

      whoops ment to edit no delete


      Apparently you have to have a soul to play football.

    • hater

      ahhh… he's a pats fan what would you expect

  • Harry Lynn

    GFF- Ginger Football Federation

  • disturbed

    #2 WTF FTW!

    • Jojo

      lol I've never noticed… nice one good man

  • MikeyMate

    #8 More conclusive evidence that Manchester United are a bunch of fairy, sausage – sucking gimps.

    • youwalkedintoit

      Just like the Chivers….

    • Mike

      Rooneys used to it by now

  • Bill

    #2 where's the Bitc-Females?

  • Johnny Two Toes

    #18. Shoulda wore your cup.

    • HAHSO


    • Jay

      I guarantee he's wearing a cup, but that still hurts. Cups just keep it from doing permanent damage.

    • Lex

      Who is this ball-catcher? Francisco Cervelli?

  • Zach

    #18 Like a BALL!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #16 does recognizing that tattoo as a wrestling belt make me white trash?

    • Blumpkin

      Only in 'Merica

    • panama99


    • disturbed

      Naaahhh. Just a Metro Jethro.

    • that guy

      It also makes you an Inbred child.

    • Mark Palm

      It's the star wars underwear that really kills it.

  • Lucifer

    Silly ginger, you can't play football without a soul.

    • Lucifer


  • hMMMM

    I'm not getting #13. Help?


      Someone used Photoshop to change the P in Pitch to a B……Very creative

      • GoJAYSGo

        Sorry photoshop expert. It actually said that on the Jumbotron in TO. Im afraid we will have to draw all of your other accusations that resulted in convictions to be reviewed. We will not be requiring your services in the future.

    • Nick

      hit by bitch

    • meeee

      hit by bitch

    • Mo'Phat

      Bitch, please. You don't get it?

    • Joey

      really? pretty weak….

  • Bless1

    #19- tight work!

    • DistractedIndividual

      That was cheesy

      • BentWrenches

        thats no baloney

      • Ronald McDonald

        so's ur puss.

        • DistractedIndividual

          Don't be such a meat wad, ya' cracker! ^_^

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