Summer Humps (50 photos)

  • Richard McBeef

    #31 – Das POOP!

    • Blumpkin

      WTF? That was hilarious. Screw the lames that down thumb this

      • zoomba

        It's a line from The Family Guy. Stewie vs. the Nazis, time machine episode. It was re-run in multiple markets just yesterday.

        Not saying RM didn't think of it himself, but he didn't think of it first.

        • Richard McBeef

          Is there some sort of tv show script database I can cross check future comments through before posting to avoid this type of embarrassment in the future?

          BTW, I find you post to be rather shallow and pedantic.

          • Lets be real

            Yes because writing "Das Poop" is literary genius.

          • Lucas

            Shallow and pedantic, mm yes.

    • jjj

      black sand beach

    • Wickedrebel

      anyone know what style of bikini bottom this is? I wanna get some for my wife!

      • Jason

        My female friends call them "scrunch butt". Have no idea if that's the right term or not.

      • Natalie Lauren

        They are called Brazilian cuts. They're in between a full cheek and a thong, so it should be the perfect amount of sexy for your lovely lady πŸ™‚

  • Mikey

    #15 #20
    Oh YEA!

    • ROK247

      it's becoming increasingly clear that i gotta get me a boat.

  • cole


    • kgjg


  • charlie brown

    MOAR #11 please she has amazing legs

    • That Guy

      that would be the amazingly spectacular Lauren Gentile.

      • charlie brown

        AHHH you are correct kind sir i never got above her wasit and the hat threw me off

      • pdiddily420

        how do you recognize her without a pane of glass and some bushes in the way, creepy stalker dude?

        • @soy_LG

          He's a friend! I posted on my site before so he just has a good memory. πŸ™‚

          • Plunker

            Damn, Lauren. You're hot as hell!

          • Maynard B.

            There is simply no comparison. They should have put you last. After seeing your luscious tush, everything else was kind of anticlimactic.

          • Curt

            Seriously missing Pictorial Playtime. Never did contribute much but really enjoyed the thoughts , opinions and the back and forth.

    • Dunny_

      I think she has 2 more posted on here. Pretty sure #40 is LG also. And possibly #13….not positive though.

      • @soy_LG

        Yes sir! Can't believe I actually made hump day. πŸ™‚
        #11, #13, and #40

        • Dunny_

          Um…the only way you shouldn't make a Hump Day post in on a Bizarro World Hump Day post.

        • BentWrenches

          And clean feet πŸ˜‰

          • @soy_LG

            I have clean feet 100% of the time, with the Chive shoot as the exception. I'd like to see your feet after walking around for 8 hours barefoot! πŸ˜‰

            • Benton McGrath

              Clean feet is like saying honest politician..

              • charlie brown

                love ya LG clean feet or not

              • Sacha Pilon


            • Michel Payette

              Lauren, what's the song on your site? The french one. I love the lyrics but can't seem to find it anywhere…love the voice too.

              • @soy_LG

                I am pretty much obsessed with that song! It's embarrassing how many times I've played it on loop…but it's by Zaho and the title is Je Te Promets. Glad you like it as well! πŸ™‚

                • charlie brown

                  just checked out your twitter seen your looking for a job in the Coast Guard. good luck i was on a 110 in Atlantic Beach NC best job ever, if you get a job im reenlisting

                  • @soy_LG

                    I actually am working for the Guard now! I'm hoping to transfer my job on Cape Cod to Wilmington, NC (will move there regardless because I am absolutely in love with that location) but did you ever work with the Port Wilmington crew?! That's awesome that you're in the field! I might be seeing you in Wilmington if you ever get transferred there. πŸ™‚

                    • charlie brown

                      No i didnt i did some with station oak island i was on the Staten island we spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico on immigrant and drug ops. then marblehead ohio so i could be close to my folks. what are you doing with wilmington

                    • @soy_LG

                      That's awesome that you're doing that kind of work! I'm an Analyst now, but hoping to get a bit deeper into intelligence work. I'm only 23 so time will tell! As far as Wilmington is concerned, I'm waiting for a position to open up, but if nothing becomes available by October or November (when I move), I'm going to look to either the USMS (my roots) or one of the other security agencies in the area. Drug op. work is absolutely wicked – congrats on doing something awesome for our country!

                    • charlie brown

                      Thank you for everything good luck with that i hope you get the big bust and get to feel that rush that comes with it its awesome

                • Michel Payette

                  Yeah…just found it. Thx. It's a really beautiful song. Do you at least understand french a bit?? lol

                  • @soy_LG

                    I speak Italian, Spanish and French so my music collection is varied. πŸ™‚

                    • Michel Payette

                      Makes you a hundred times sexier….I can just imagine the accent πŸ˜€ Bonne journée mademoiselle πŸ˜‰

                    • Benton McGrath

                      Dude, I'm not her, but it's getting a little creepy for third parties.

                    • Michel Payette


                    • chivette girl

                      seconded on you being a creeper

                    • Dunny_

                      wow…thanks everyone for the 20 EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS from IntenseDatabase for replies!!!!

                      Be a true creep fellas and just email her questions…like I do.

                    • Sacha Pilon

                      I call creep on Benton with his stupid clean feet comments – imo

                    • Benton McGrath

                      Oh cool, my own private troll. Now, be sure to track down all my posts, and tell me how stupid and what a creeper I am.

        • Michel Payette

          No way you wouldn't make it as you have the most amazing body of all πŸ˜‰ Give me a shout if you ever visit up north (Canada) πŸ˜€

          • chivette girl

            like anyone's gonna call a creeper… dream on

        • its_forge

          LOL *you* can't believe you "made" Hump Day. Miss, your bottom is the standard by which all bottoms should be judged, if one were to do such a thing.

    • Benton McGrath

      It's easy to recognize LG's photos because she has common themes in them. The color red, high heels, great legs, and amazing ass.

      • honestguy

        you forgot whoredom.

        • OFRG


      • Sacha Pilon


    • Anonamau5

      She's knock-kneed. Not amazing.

      • Guest Commenter

        Ewww gross she has. . . toenails!

        Seriously, grow up, jack ass. The chick is beautiful. No need to be a contrary ass for the sake of being contrary.

        • Anonamau5

          She has man size feet, actually.

          But really, she's not that awesome. She's an 8, maybe a 9 on a good day (#13). I think Dylan has much nicer everything tho. But I have more respect for the basically anonymous submissions, especially when they're super hot and could flaunt it, but don't (at least not here). Like #24 or #41. Chivettes who aren't complete attention whores.

          • @soy_LG

            Alright, I am now about 100% convinced that you're Dylan's man, which is not a bad thing, but you seriously need to get off your high horse, take a deep breath, and understand that this site is about Chivettes, not a single Chivette (not Dylan, not myself, not any one other girl) and we all have our own qualities about us. What you find attractive about Dylan, others find attractive about me, and so forth. You can't call one Chivette an attention whore over another, especially if you are claiming that my being a vocal part of the community makes me an 'attention whore'. I actually enjoy the site, love to comment on anything and everything, and if that makes me more of a 'whore' than chicks who pose almost completely naked or in see-through garments, then so be it because at least I have my wits about me and am grounded in reality.

            And fyi, size 9 feet on a 5'6" woman is 100% normal. So get over it, your attempt at knocking me is used, old, and simply isn't sound.

            • Chuck

              Are you working out of the Canal?(Sand.?)

              • @soy_LG

                I'm at Woods Hole. πŸ™‚

                • Chuck

                  nice commute.

                • Dunny_

                  huh huh huh…. Hey Beavis. She said "wood"…..and "hole"

                • chiver

                  show us your hole?

            • thehonestone

              Come on ,you are all attention whores ,you know the losers here use your pics to Fap.
              Fine ,be a whore its ur life but at-least dont deny it or try to act all classy and nice when someone points out the obvious truth.

              • the truth


              • Sacha Pilon

                So many jealous females on here it's crazy….LG's beautiful, classy and glamourous.

            • Terry Burke

              … you're so awesome for commenting and thank people compliments, and when you have to verbally kick the crap out people who are being "internet brave". like it or not there are certain Chivettes that are more popular then other (you, Erin, Willow and Sarah Jay). is right? probably not, but it's how it is. it's takes guts to put yourself out there like that and i can respect that.

            • Anonamau5

              Dylan's man? Seriously? How about no. I just think her legs are significantly nicer than yours. I don't exactly care who wins Hot or Not.

              The point of the matter is that you're the kind of person who does what she can to float in her own "glory". You also are delusional, thinking that you're oh so down to earth. Sure, you're not a mindless bimbo, but you're definitely way too in love with your popularity here. In essence, you're kind of like a douchette at a club… except on the Chive. You're showing your goods and flirting with the simpletons, getting the attention you crave out of them (rather than free drinks) and then going home to screw your boyfriend.

              • Raunchy The 1st

                quoted. for. truth.

              • THE FIF


              • its_forge

                Guffaw believe me hommes, normal people do not make any such assumptions. Normal men (and I suppose a few women out there) see these pictures and go "wow pretty" and then they move on to something else. Your deep philosophical pontification about some charming young lady submitting pictures of herself from the rear is unbelievably meaningless.

            • its_forge

              You know what they say about women with big feet.

              (No, I have absolutely no idea what they say about women with big feet, I'm just being goofy because work is stressful.)

            • mrjiggyfly

              too many trolls creeping into theChive.. bad troll, go away. leave our hotties alone.

  • disturbed

    Summer Humps are my favorite humps! #1

  • Frank

    #41 MOAR!

    • R2G Fan

      I think I'm in love.

    • Cavok

      We need MOAR MOAR MOAR!! Needs to be a featured chivette! Also needs to go out with me…………

    • Pinky

      If there aren't too many objections, I'll keep submitting! πŸ™‚

      • ven

        #41 the bod to rule them all!

  • Merica rules

    summer humps,summer lumps!!

  • JOE


    • Dom

      R2 D2F?

  • That Guy

    #13 hump day goodness!!!! best day of the week, every week. Chive on!

    • From Nicaragua

      That's @soy_LG Lauren Gentile

    • @soy_LG

      Hey Drew!!! How ya' been?! I'm #11 and #40 as well. πŸ™‚

      • jdb

        Nice post's LG… Very nice

      • It's a me! Mario!

        You really like to blow your own horn, huh?

        "Look, look! My ass is on The Chive! My ass is all over the place!"

        Stay classy.

        • that guy

          Of-course ,thats what attention whores do silly mario.

        • @soy_LG

          I like to thank people when they say nice things about me. …Got a problem with that?

          And why do I comment with my other pictures as well? Because that's the trend that other Chivettes have set (such as Dylan and any other Chivette in the 'sexy chivers' posts), and it makes me happy to show that a lot of the stuff they post is original content, made for the site.

          • nunya

            You have a funny looking butt

          • Anonamau5

            I hear it's a trend to fuck yourself on web cam for money. Do you do that too?

            • b-ry

              don't bother. she's a delusional attention whore.

        • its_forge



          It's TheCHIVE.

          I mean…

          It's TheCHIVE.

        • its_forge

          Oh also, who's a bigger attention whore, a woman who posts pretty pictures or a guy who calls her a whore in opposition to everyone else who appreciates her? What's it to you factor completely aside, c'mon man, you're doing this for attention, admit it.

      • That Guy

        LG… holy wow. no wonder i thought it was the best ass ever. i had no idea it was yours though.
        I called #11 thanks for the heads up for #40
        it's hump day so how can i say anything other than i've fan-didily-tastic? it's like the weekly day of jubilee.

        • hMMMM

          #40 – I don't think your parents appreciate you taking these pictures in their living room.

          • chiver

            Interesting point. What do your folks think of your showing your hot little ass all over the internet? I know we certainly appreciate it.

            • @soy_LG

              My parents wanted me to do Playboy when I got the offer but I declined it due to my personal work goals and ambitions. My parents have and always support any and all modeling I do, whether it be professional or amateur, such as with self photography. My aunt has been a model since age 16 so they are a bit more open about it than others. πŸ™‚

          • @soy_LG

            I'm 23 years old and this is at my boyfriend's house on Nantucket. My parents live thousands of miles away. πŸ˜‰

      • Paula_

        You OWN this site! Keep posting! ❀

        – the one you love to

  • brent

    #13 #24 #25 find.

    • From Nicaragua

      #13 is Lauren Gentile @soy_LG

    • jjj

      #13 Lauren G.

    • BAMFinater

      At least a front view of #25

    • @pezatsea

      You need to study up on Lauren G. Welcome to theChive. #13

    • greg

      #25 is dylan and that doesn't make me a stalker for knowing that.

  • Robert Smith

    #37 Those legs!

    • @kikeh

      Dafne Fernández !!

  • HillBilly Bone

    Our Aussie Chivette is doing it oh so right…..#24

    • chivette girl

      no… fat

      • Master_Rahl

        u are clearly looking through a warped lens. that is pure hotness. can't think straight. SO FINE!

      • its_forge

        Lawd please you know NOTHING about what's attractive. PLEASE.

    • absolutcarcrazy


    • Lev

      Hands down the best of this post. I have spoken.

      • Unknown

        Agreed. We need more your wonderful ass Aussie Girl!

    • I love aussies!

      MOAR of Aussie Chivette!!!

    • Rick

      Scrumptious! Moar! =D~

  • shon

    #8 #42 who do you pick first in the first pic? gotta be 2nd from left

    • sully23

      far left

    • tongystunter

      far left! there is no question in my mind

    • you suck too

      1st on left you mean

    • truth

      ALL fat asses. take em to jenny craig you mean?

    • BentWrenches

      far left

      • duke nukem

        Typical chivers ,picking the one which looks closest to a guy ass.
        I`ll take the far right one ,thats a real ass.

        • chivette girl

          It's a real ass alright, in fact it might make 2!

          • youaredumb

            Says the anorexic whore. Go and throw up again.

        • zero

          2nd from the right has some serious round firm cheeks…brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrromsky!

    • ROK247

      start on one end and work your way down. drink lots of fluids.

  • Kyle White

    MOAR #27!!! Amazing ass and legs, now I want to see the rest of her. Please? πŸ˜€

    • chivette girl

      agreed.. spectacular

  • sully23

    Love the inlfux of volleyball humps, but #27 takes the cake.

  • Christine Gorayeb

    #42 Gorgeous ink!!

    • Hater_Aid

      #9 Yeah, every one of 42's tats are better than 9's

      (Better hump too)

  • endlesssummerkid

    Chive has turned me from boobs/legs to full on ASE man…#31

    • newscot


      • b.o.l

        I also wish to know what an 'ASE' is

    • SteelCityGuy

      "That Veronica Vaughn is one piece of ace, I know from experience dude. If you know what I mean."
      "No, you don't."
      " Well, not me personally but a guy I know. Him and her *got it on*. Wooo-eee!"
      "No, they didn't."
      "No, no, no they didn't. But you could imagine what it'd be like if they did, right…? Everybody on, good, great, grand, wonderful. NO YELLING ON THE BUS!"

  • n1ghtstalker

    #19 The Jaws theme just started playing in my head. I wonder what that says about me?

    • sully23

      that you want to eat some butt!

      • n1ghtstalker

        Yes, Yes I do! Nom nom nom!

    • Benton McGrath

      You obviously associate your penis with a shark, do you want to talk about it?

      • n1ghtstalker

        Talk, No. Mass Debate, Yes. Don't worry though I will do this by myself. You need not be involved.

    • Pat Overton

      I think the moral to the story of this picture is, "I need a boat!!"B)

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    awesome gallery, the best in these last few weeks!
    #6 awesome roller derby ass is easy to spot but hard to catch and keep down

    • ROK247

      those legs could crush you like a grape. and it would be awesome.

    • Graham

      Im sooooooo willing to try though

    • Tribaliztic

      FIND HER! =) That's one of the best asses so far on hump day! =)

      • Master_Rahl

        wholeheartedly agree!! superb ass meat. what a knockout she is. need MOAR

  • slutifer

    #11 reminds me a bit of LG

    • slutifer is stupid

      i wonder why, idiot…

    • @soy_LG

      That is correct. πŸ™‚

      • that guy

        Congrats on unlocking the next level of being a skank.

        • @soy_LG

          Clothes are on, nothing is being revealed… pretty sure your argument is null and void. Skanks don't stay in committed relationships for 4 years and skanks certainly don't have the brains enough to know when idiots troll their pictures. You're of the philosophy that all models are skanks, which clearly means that you are a chauvinistic prick, which is your problem, and not mine.

          • Halfasandwich

            Well played πŸ˜‰

          • Guest Commenter

            Damn, it can be hard ignoring the idiots sometimes, can't it?

          • Dylan

            game. set. And match. LOL :p

            • itsobvious

              Thats right ladies ,keep giving us fap material ,keep pretending to be classy ,your kids will really appreciate seeing their moms ass/titties on the internet. Whore on !

          • getreal

            Yeah posting your ass on the internet for guys to jerk off too is definitely what only classy women do.
            The very site you post for makes fun of you whores ,look at the last pic on these posts.

            #49 I rest my case.

            • Crod


            • its_forge

              And yet, here you are at TheCHIVE, ogling the entire Hump Day post and commenting on it. How fucking sad is THAT.

        • agreed.


          • Tooifd


        • its_forge

          Jesus just DIAF will you

  • Stafferty

    #47 There has to be some reason there isn't more women's volleyball on TV. But I'll be fucked if I know what it is

    #36 #37 I would love to ride those asses off into the sunset

  • echogeo

    #7 At first I thought, 'the girl on the left.' Then I thought, 'nah, the right.' Then I'm thinking the middle girl.
    All three?
    #13 Yes, please!
    #15 I'd love to see how this finishes.
    # 21 What hump?
    #25, #27 BINGO!

    • JerkFace

      #15 if you were there, poorly probably

    • @soy_LG

      #13 thanks echogeo!

      • Pat Overton

        LG all over the hump day posts today. So cool to see a Chivette All-Star playing along with the rabble! And yes, I include myself in that group Chive on Gentile!!B)

    • ckdex

      Ok Goldilocks.

  • petewhip

    #22 #29 #38 #47-
    new post- Volleyball Chicks in HQ

    • newscot

      Pretty sure it's been done already.

    • Lev

      You know that girl has a great ass when other girls make such an obvious effort to touch it.

      • dat ass

        #29 Kansas Volleyball legggooo

        • Guest

          Rock Chalk.

        • Brando

          hell yeah that kansas booty

  • @danlundberg1

    i think i love hump day more and more each week

  • pdiddily420

    Volleyball shorts are fantastic!!
    #22 #29 #38 #47

    • Carl R. Evans

      Man's greatest contribution to the Universe.

    • Ezekial87

      You're welcome for those.

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