Inspiration from an un-likely place: Athens

User submit: "This is the Honor Guard at the monument for the Unknown Soldier downtown Athens during the riots. The Guards refused to leave their posts and stayed there under the hail of stones and tear gas. That's what being a soldier is all about." Thank you Scylos Mavros for sending this in. Also, I'd like to wish the best to the many Police caught in the middle of the riots. I have a special kind of hate for those who violently protest. It only hurts your country. Let me throw some logic your way, rioters. Your economy is down and you need people to invest in your country, what do you think those investors are going to do when they see violent riots in the street? Sorry for the long-winded speech (to which I fictitiously talked to a rioter). Best of luck to Greece in your tough path to an economic recovery.

  • Bob

    Soldiers doing what soldiers do. Carrying on in the face of adversity. Well done!

  • Sav

    I suppose it even more important for them as they would be conscripts.

    brave amateurs.

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