Miss Hooters Pageant 2011 (52 HQ Photos)

Chiver Mike UpdeGraff was nice enough to send in some awesome pictures from the 2011 Miss Hooters International Bikini Contest in Miami, FL. Mike has worked the show for the past 4 years and says the girls are a lot of fun to work with and stare at. Thanks Mike! They look fun and smart.

  • Bazinga

    #40 go home girl, this is Miss Hooters not Boyscouts!

    • katie

      How rude.

  • https://www.facebook.com/turdferg74 John Schilz

    Photo #23… Contestant 47 is Alex from Hooters in Boise, ID!!! She's been our Hooters girl for like five years now!!! Go Alex!

    • biggles

      Boise idaho you say..hmmmmmm……..

  • Andre


    Is the only one with a decent ass, all others look like sesame seed buns that sat out too long.

  • Thatguy

    Sexy Chivettes are sexier

  • http://twitter.com/ecastroe @ecastroe

    please find #31 and #37

  • T.Dot

    #34 – Mine eyes have seen the glory…

  • jpp407

    #33 derp.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1537220492 Tim Gawthrop

    and not a pube to be seen ….

  • Beldar

    #37 is the winner in my book. As a matter of fact. was she the winner?

  • TP712

    these girls are nice, but Ill take a Chivette first any day

  • USLethal

    No thank you, much too fake. Makeup doesn't cover up stupidity. Chivettes, this is what NOT to do…

  • Dave

    Not bad but there is better quality in SC

  • ChazzB

    i dont remember hooters girls being this assless =S

  • Midwest Chiver

    @44 God duck face is everywhere now it has taken over the world

  • biggles

    #37, #36, #28, #23, #11

    That is my hareem right there. I'm retired.

  • Chase

    The girl under the word all in pic #5 went to high school with me. Amanda Collins. Her and like 3 or 4 other local hooters girls. I’d take a Chivette any day before them.

  • Megalock26

    what happened to #69?

  • Mrcat0311

    Hey number 63 image 33 her name is Tawnee Silva I went to high school with her 🙂

  • DeDav

    I think our awesome Chivettes are a lot better looking than quite a few of these girls, though… SOME of them are pretty nice.

  • Chiver#2371

    I couldn't be interested after the hideous thing that won last year. Note that this years winner didnt seem half as attractive as the others either.

  • baconcheeseburger

    the chivetts have these bitches beat hands down.

  • p1ll

    mostly hot but to much silicone for me . #19 is all plastic and teeth whitener

  • Attikt

    No "Humo Day" winners but I wouldn't kick them out of bed.
    #47 – Win (No wthat I think about it, aren't all the WB cartoon characters a little bit on the horn-ball status?)

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  • soupnuts

    I'll take the Chivettes anyday!!!!

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