Hot Right Now: People confess what they’re afraid to ask as an adult (23 Photos)

Revenge of the redheads (36 Photos)

  • BMW

    Very pretty #5 #14 #26

  • gifted_beatnik

    just wont quit.

  • hossmank

    #34 – I love Jayma Mays with her wide eyes. Anyone else agree?

    • Boomer


  • Jimbozo

    Find #10. please?

  • heroicmick

    MOAR #11 and #35!

  • Plato

    Just a whole ton of fugly.

  • isanti

    Holy hell Ithis is my fav day of the week! I love gingers always have always will!
    #11 has an amazing azz and I want to wake up next to #10 for the rest of my days….FIND HER!!!

    • Carlos

      #11 needs a hump day feature all to her self. Baby got back!

  • acoustrix

    #36 lawl

  • Pierre

    Find #21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so HAWT

    • BMAN12688

      Sarah Sheehy. I went to high school with her. BOOM. done.


    #20 #28 #33 MOAR

  • Zach D.

    #36 What a fag. Get him out of the hott red head post.
    Every other pic is amazing. I love me some red heads!

  • Tommy

    Please, please find #10 she is absolutely stunning.

  • jim

    i have never really considered #16 a redhead

  • Why Not?

    #22 she looks like she has a sweet voice.
    #27 damn Karen Gillan mmmmph!!!
    #36 Ron is a Chiver?

  • Bless1

    #11- Damnzzzzz! Moar!!!

    • Rahm Emanuel

      She is standinng in bird shit…Sexy!!

  • Nick

    was disappointed in this redhead post until I got to #33…DAY-UMM!!!

  • laelow

    I can't stop looking could look at Kelly Frye !

    #28, FTW !

    More pictures, enjoy.

    • Adam G.

      Awesome my Kelly Frye submission finally made the cut. If she looks familiar she is the redhead cutie in the Miller Lite Home Draft commercial. Hopefully the link below works enjoy.

  • Tommy2X4

    #11 Things that make you go Mmmm.

    • Negrodamas

      My favorite as well…I got stuck on that one for a bit.

  • Dr3xell

    ok I think Chive has gone a little too crazy with the red heads, where are the blondes and brunettes?

    • Dildobot5000

      Every other post…

      • Dr3xell

        yea cmon I know, but they have posts dedicated to redheads almost every day. I'm just saying I like blondes and brunettes more 🙂

  • laelow

    Alyssa Campanella Miss USA


  • dom

    #26 please.

    • dave

      Met-Art model "Indiana".

  • CuriousJohn

    #31 Best looking one in the bunch

  • echogeo

    #10 How Lindsey Lohan could look if she had not decided to skip down Skanky Lane.
    #11 FIND! MOAR! SEARCH! Holy mackerel what a babe.
    #33 Ditto!

  • Vinny

    #11 OMG that's a lot of bird shit on those rocks!

  • Chazz B

    imo, this has been the best redhead topic ever. Almost all of them are insanely beautiful =)

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