A trip down memory lane with a special request…(35 Photos)

  • Brad

    #32 oh God many wet dreams of this babe

  • Brad

    #5 She's gone from suck to blow!!!!!

  • Spleenforsoul

    #25, I some how chewed off teddy ruxpin's face/nose thing, rendering him completely scary when he talked to try and read a story. I've never liked teddy ruxpin ever since…

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #29 I still want a pair of these!!
    #32 Polished the bishop like crazy to her

  • http://twitter.com/martianman68 @martianman68

    #11 – My son just finished reading that. I feel even older.

  • Dawn

    I used to play Number Munchers all the time in Elementary School. Although my all time favorite game to play was Oregon Trail.

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