Hot Right Now: Celebs who dabbled in the porn industry before getting famous (15 Photos)
  • Terd Fergusen

    It would be hard for me to stay upright if my head was disproportionately larger then my body too.

  • KeyserSoze

    When I'm dreaming of a nice large firm breast in my mouth, i wake up like that too…

    • You

      sucking on nipples and drinking all day long is very exhausting

  • Textclees

    It looks like the baby has cataplexy.

  • Fasteddy14

    Awwww!!! Can I keep her? I promise to feed her and take her for walks!

  • Guibombe

    Damn this baby freaks me out when it falls asleep!

  • yellowbooze

    baby suffering from narcolepsy, better hide her from pedo bear…

  • thekujo

    thats a huge head, no wonder it needs sleep, all that energy to lift it up

  • twice

    Did she died?

  • David

    Dear chive, please hook me up with an asian chivette, in exchange i will promise you more of these videos a year from now 😉

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  • paula_

    kill it with fire!

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