Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

It was such a big week I couldn’t contain it with only 50 pics. Have a great weekend and be excellent to each other.

  • DAS

    #35 and #45 nice week – CHIVE ON

    • Chris


    • gsxroadkill

      #45 is a man.
      Male torso and hips…not to mention the size 13 feet.

      • StrKan

        exactly what i was thinking.

    • Rick

      #35 Melissa Debling. Google and enjoy

  • DAS

    #55 I like Bill Murray but without a doubt – one night with Scarlett Johansen

    • Cap

      Hotties are a dime a dozen these days…. I'll go with the legend

    • OGMrWhite

      yea I was thinking SJ at first, but you'd be able to go out and pull crazy girls with BFM. Bill Murray all the way

    • Paula_

      You'd forget a night with Scarlett way faster than a memorable night with Bill. Sex is just sex. Easy Choice. BM FTW!

      – the one you love to hate

      • FreakyBobo

        But Paula, you'll probably end up shitfaced with Bill and won't remember a god damn thing..

    • JPC

      Sean Penn's already been there…..and Sean Penn was married to Madonna.

      So let's just say, you'll probably get something to remember that night…something that is resistant to penicillin.

      • asdasd

        Sean Penn can dumped her for being stupid. Nuff said.
        Although, sex is sex…
        Naaah, screw her, BFM FTW!!!

    • system_error

      Bill F'n Murray — anytime – instead of have fun with one girl you can party your ass off like a boss and wake up next to 10 hotties!

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      after much consideration, i realised the obvious answer is actually going out with Bill Murray and have him hook you up with scarlet. he is awesome like that, and you get it all!

    • randomguest

      If i picked Bill, i would spend the whole evening thinking that i could be with Scarlett. But if i picked Scarlett, i doubt i would be thinking about Bill.

    • Jess

      Lame. Just because she's pretty, that doesn't mean she's good in bed. She could be a terrible, frigid loser haha. At least you KNOW Billy Murray is friggin funny!!! xD

  • jmc

    After ScarJo with was with the Penn…Bill wins without a split-second consideration. He would have won anyways, but it just made the choice easier.

  • John

    #21…Girl on the left, I think, is Allison Bishop (aka AllisonNYC). Do a google search and see what you think. She needs her own post.

    • Cap

      Whats with the sombrero?

      • Kyle White

        If you noticed the sombrero before the ass, I have some bad news for you…

        • Red

          you think his dick tastes like crap?

    • zero

      top 5 ever on Chive- holy shit that body…

  • #387

    #26 Bear: "I swear if you blow me I will not eat you!…….Ah good…..YEEESSSS!……………Oh getting off makes me hungry" Salmon: "WTF!!"

  • :-D


    always will be Scarlett Johansen Those Zepppppppppppssssss

    • Darkside

      Certainly will see BFM again….Scarlett is busy with Iron Man trilogies and shit. Gotta catch her when I can.

    • Fred

      that's not even a question. Scarlett Johansson 11 times out of 10

    • equalizermax

      You know you're gay if you choose BFM than Scarlett Johansen

  • DutchSchaffer87

    #47 BAM!

    #41 My Girl is the ultimate gangsta movie!

  • user

    Im guessing his shirt says-
    Used Riding lawn mower- $500
    Stolen shopping cart from dollar store- free
    Making the bitch ride in back-

  • BloodScrubber

    #39 Thats the hard truth right there.

    • JBNZ

      If you're not chopped then life is good!

    • thom

      You're doing it wrong.

  • vegeta

    #55. not much of a choice now is it? Scarlett hands down

    • john

      hot blonds are everywhere theres only one bill fu@king Murry

  • fuzzybeard2016

    #55 Scarlett Johansson, hands down; but with the caveat that she would fuck me until my eyes crossed *instead* of running, screaming into the night once she got a good look at me.

    • Darkside

      speak for urself homes….she'll love me.

    • Stone

      Have some confidence bro

  • Blindsided5

    #55 will always be Scarlett.

  • STC

    #37 Ginger Hipster? There is no God.

    • Paula_

      There is; and she hates you.

      – the one you love to hate

    • Darkside

      What kinda shit???? how is this part of the 'best photos ever' ???

      • Darkside

        with that being said MORE SCARLETT!!!

    • Pat Overton

      The pic made me 😮 . You're comment made me :p

  • lolz yer a dick

    #55 Whoa…I actually think I'd take the night with Bill…and just hope the story would get me the milk bags. Bot to mention, the night with scarlett would probably last a total of a minute and a half. Lol.

    • Allen

      But it could be a minute and a half 15 times

  • Matt Mulford

    bill murray ftw.

  • Kyle White

    #55 ScarJo, without a doubt. If I partied with BFM all night, I would have the world's most epic(in the bad way) hangover. TnA > hangover.

    Also, #7, #13, #28, #35, #45 DAMN. That is all.

    Chive on!

    • Pwndu232

      We found Kyle! Where have bee? The internets have been looking for you

    • Ben Coughlan

      Blondey with bobs in hand, who is she? I need to know!

      • Rick

        Melissa Debling

  • MacNCheesePro

    #55 Well, as awesome as Bill is, he'd probably want me to take the night with Scarlett, then we hang out so I can tell him about it 🙂

  • Bordin Tienyam

    #40 Challenge Accepted.

  • Dropkickadam

    #55 Id personally choose the bill man himself because in my honest opinion scarlet is not the hottest fish in the see (not that I wouldn't want too) but partying will bill would be one of the greatest nights ever. + you go to a party will bill as your wing man your gonna get laid by the finest ass in the house

    • crazydog

      "not the hottest fish in the SEA". If you're that illiterate, you shouldn't be allowed to reproduce and we'd prefer you not use the internet, thank you.

    • @StrongAsMeat

      Amen. There are MUCH hotter women in Hollywood than SJ.

    • canitfatso

      agreed. never saw much in scarjo. hot, sure, but choice between her and BFM? come on


    #55 Bill Murray would walk away in shame if you tell him that you turned down ScarJo for him.

    • Yarz

      You pretty much just ended this never ending debate right there. Good job, sir.

  • Anonymous

    lol i know that guy in the bill murray picture lol

  • Virginia

    #29 made me LOL. I want that to be my next birthday cake.

  • Ramennov

    #55 "Bros before hos," as the kids so eloquently put it.

  • gbaby4553

    Girl on the left is thicker than peanut butter in the freezer!!!!

    • its_forge

      You do that like this: #21

      And I hope you don't mean "thick" like that's a bad thing! That's a very healthy girl. Yay healthy!

      • thom

        She could crush coconuts with those thighs.

        • its_forge

          She'd certainly crush *my* coconut.

  • Uninvited Guest

    #10 My wiener would do the same thing.

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