Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (39 Photos)

  • Fasteddy14

    #26 I think we need to take a collection for enough nipple pasties to cover all the fine young women willing to show boob on prime-time tv.

  • Johnny Mac

    #25, we need MOAR!!!!!!!!

  • Joe H.

    #31 is called copyright and trademark infringement. Good luck with that!

    • Raymond

      Not if there is no such trademark. Which there isn't. Clothing is in Class 25 fellas.

    • Bluto

      Pretty good knock offs. Well done copyright infringers!

      • Paul

        Well, Chive doesn't seem to mind that I made em since they posted the photo and here's the email response I got from them:

        "sorry just got this email. going in the DAR today. fucking hilarious guys

        Chive On!


        Just showing some love to my favorite site! So keep being overly judgmental and Chive On!


        • Bluto

          Well then, it appears that they have granted you a constructive license to use their copyrighted material. Not being judgmental, just complimenting the quality and stating facts… Chive on yourself!

          • Al Koholic

            Might wanna know what you're talking about before posting next time. Chive's shirt is a copy of a poster created by the British government in WW2. These guys making a copy of a shirt that's a direct ripoff of British government property isn't illegal.

        • Brian

          Jealous you made the DAR, Paul. Congrats.

  • Shawn

    #16 sounds like my weekends

  • Coldzilla

    #1 Wonder if hes calling a Sally Rand?

    #20 Happy Birthday Jackie

    #24 Oh I GOTTA get me onna these!

    #29 I missed the story behind this one – searched for it but no joy… Anyone explain?

    • big bro

      Story behind Cara is yesterdays DAR..

  • Teriyaki Monkey

    #38 = 44.883418,-85.987017 ?

  • wuzzman16

    #38 i was out at High Rock Bay last night and the moon was ridiculous over superior

  • HillBilly Bone

    Hot damn, Dylan!!! Fooking amazing! Taking pre-orders for the calendar yet, Chive? :p


    • http://mydylan.tumblr.com/ Dylan

      Well thank you, Mr. Bone!

  • rubba dub club

    #31 y u ruin chive with douche v-necks?

  • TX Boy

    To #29 – GIG'EM! Ok, actually I am from Austin, living in Houston and graduated from TAMU; but TX love knows no city/university bounds. Get well soon and congrats on the graduation.

  • Jrock

    #38…No you don't. Fuck the midwest.

  • Anonymous

    I love HQ DAR!

  • hebrew_hammer

    With out the Chive life would suck…. and #39 makes life even better thank you Chive!!

  • Holy Cowww

    #29 hell yea because that’s what chivers do!!
    #35 #39 pure beauty and untamed want for MOAR!!!!

  • justasimpleguy

    Am I the only one who finds 27 offensive?

    • Bluto

      I'm am only offended by your offensive taking of offense to something so non-offensive.

    • Upy3rz

      Go ahead and give out a few free hand jobbers and see how offended you are by that silly pic…Douche

  • Chivoso

    #20… Now if Chive could only get her a damn cake.

  • http://sb1208.tumblr.com/ rca

    #39 YES!

  • jyz002

    #16 forget viagra, give me some of that shit

  • rodan303

    R2 girl…you make everything ok.

    • Halfasandwich

      doesn't she though? 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/SmiilEBaBeE yvette

    #29 that is cute 😀

  • Rick

    #39 Too much win! Again! I want to loose at life! :b I want to see what I can't have! Oh woe is me =)~

  • Chester

    #19 so if it's my birthday or anyone else's birthday, you will send them a shirt? bullshit. guess I will try too, so here it goes…Dear Chive, my friend <insert any name here> wants a shirt before they die of cancer, please send one to make their final wish. Signed, loyal Chiver

    • Napoleon C4

      Hey, Chet… you forgot to leave your address where you want them to send your shirt.

      • Chester

        hmmmm….let me think of somebody i really dislike so their mailbox gets bombed with tons of letters………hmmmmmmm………..

  • ROR

    #9 Say what you want, I'm digging the pimp Willy Wonka persona. Win.

  • zoidbert

    #1 would make more sense if the bride were the quarterback.
    #24 do very very much want.

  • Alex

    #4 Is so fucking pro it's not even funny. Give this man a medal.

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