How do I put this nicely? You’re doing it wrong (22 Photos)

These photos via our good friends over at Coed Magazine. For more click HERE.

  • waltgator

    #22 can i get my one's back?

  • Anonymous

    Is #13 a young Ron Swanson?

  • mitch

    #10 The dog would definitely be gone after seeing it do that

  • scottyb

    14 of 17 of these pictures actually use the correct you're/your distinction… I'd say "not bad," but I'm just too disappointed.

  • selfdestruct94

    ron fucking swanson doesn't do anything wrong.

  • P-Air

    #1 I beg to differ… protecting your country, how ever the fuck you want.. DOING IT RIGHT!!!!!!

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  • John


  • John Robert

    YOU "Fucking Apostrophe" RE

    Come on man, grow a brain finally.

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