Street art that catches your eye and kidnaps your adult-hood (28 photos)

  • aeropostale

    #5 "V krak s vremeto" or in English may be "Updated"
    It shows how much 'MERICA is getting in our lives and houses every day compared with the old school soviet propaganda.

    Very loyal bulgarian chiver.

  • Random Crazy Guy

    #10 And the worst artists think piss or crap can be called art. The stuff in the toilet is not a masterpiece you idiots.

  • Guest666

    #5 is a monument of the Soviet Soldiers from the second world war.That's in Bulgaria,the paint was cleaned.

  • Bodhi

    #5 is good without a doubt, but disrepectful of the real heroes that fought in the War!! messing up a war memorial like that 😦

    #26 well this is just a work of Art!! i had to look twice to make sure that it wasnt a real building hehe

    • BaqGanyo

      It's a soviet monument in Sofia (Bulgaria), young people and old have suffered from the communism, till the 90s, they want this gone forever!
      What about the Sadam Hussein statue Americans destroyed in Irak, he was a hero for some "people", it's the same situation, communism is gone, let the monuments be gone as well! People here don't see those who fought for the communism as heroes!
      Chive on from Sofia!

  • Anonymous

    mulberry fl

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