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  • bob

    something witty

    • bigdeal

      hijacking your comment to comment about something wittIER.

      • Click

        Wittier than the wittiest

        • Pat

          i can fly. i'm pilot.

          • Brad Stevens

            A battle of wits?

            • Paulo

              They call this clever repartee the "meeting of the mind".

    • sooty

      look at all the fucks this has been given

  • n1ghtstalker

    Erm hello… What film is #8 from? Don't think that is Jennifer's body.

    • Benton McGrath

      Pretty sure it's How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

    • Stefan

      did anyone else notice the black guy's reaction in the back?

      • echogeo

        Everyone's reaction in the back.

      • Dood

        It's the reverse Horatio.

    • Reece

      How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

    • Byron

      The Most Overrated Women of 2010, # 33 Megan Fox

      I begrudge Megan Fox nothing for being as overrated as she is. In fact, she does everything in her power to make herself overrated. Good for her. It’s good for her career. Great, actually. But Megan is overrated. First off, other than being sexy, is she really talented? And would she be as famous as she is if she didn’t hit the lottery by being cast in Transformers? The answers are no and no. It’ll be interesting to see where her career goes from here.

    • rick

      ahhhh back when she was ACTUALLY attractive.

      • yoyoma

        have you seen her toe thumbs?

  • Benton McGrath

    I don't think anyone could do #12 on purpose if they tried

    • Charles

      Nailed it!

    • what?troll

      yeah, it's pretty spectacular.

  • mcsgwigga

    I love Katy Perry more and more every day #16

    • Cristi_P


      I mean, uhh… I can see how that can happen.

    • ilovethechive

      Have to start watching Sesame Street

    • Byron

      The 99 Most Overrated Women of 2011, #22 Katy Perry

      Sharpen your knives, boys, but I think Katy Perry is massively overrated. If it weren’t for the two massive things that get every man’s attention when they see her she wouldn’t be anywhere near the top of all these Hot lists. Don’t get me wrong… like I said in the beginning, I’d drop the hammer on 99% of these ladies, Katy included, but she is not the hottest woman in the world. Not even close.

      • Waylon

        I was too busy enjoying her rack to pay attention to anything you wrote.

  • jpp407

    #16 om nom nom

    • will

      i concur

  • Tim

    #14 you evil sons of bitches, its way too early in the morning to play these sorts of mindgames

    • SlimShady


    • hMMMM

      Scared shitless. Zing!

  • sexualniner

    #11 how to lose a girl in 10 seconds.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #10 damn that is a glorious cleavage! do want to motorboat!

    • Claudio Andre da Silva

      portuguese actress rita pereira

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        i thought i smelled a hot latina

        • nao

          portuguese = latino/a

    • ajtda

      This is Rita Pereira from Portugal!!!!!!!1

      • Dick LeGrande

        Well, whoever she is she got some nice tits…you can tell her I said that.

  • Bordin Tienyam

    #13 Like a Bawz!

    • Jimmy C

      Haha that shit had me laughing for five minutes straight.

  • Paula_

    #6 Fucking crows.
    On the other hand: I absolutely love Instant Karma Hits.

    – the one you love to hate

    • Correctingthestupid

      Pigeons not crows.

      • Paula_

        OMFGWTFBBQ they keep falling for it….

        – LMAO

        • JstevensF

          Simple but effective it would seem

        • Jeffrey Scott

          I think you are mistaken, they are NOT crows. They are Ostriches. Geez, get it right!

  • Brohan

    Saw #9 somewhere recently, still don't know what it's from, if anything.

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      go to youtube and search for freddiew he is awesome
      youre welcome

      • Tanz

        He also does stuff with Wong Fu Productions

    • bam


    • Myself

      Freddie Wong. YouTube.

  • Edge

    #16 – I have always said that Katy only has two talents.

    Mind you , they are fantastic talents, but that is about it. And yes, please keep displaying your talents, Katy.

    • That Guy

      three… have you ever seen her eat a banana?

  • Leonel

    #15 HAHA! The Pink Panther, classic. Aslo, boobs. #16 That is all.

    • mali_sapun

      obviously, his fuel tank exploded

  • chrisdg74

    #4 – If CPR was this fun, everyone would learn.

    • fed

      if CPR was this fun, everyone would get heart attacks

    • Evan Kristiansen

      Sexy CPR, youtube, you're welcome.

      See also super sexy abdominal thrust.

    • Brad

      Good lord I wish my class was like this.

    • evelyn

      i stared at this for a little too long… i'm a girl…

  • Attikt

    # 1 – That damn penguin is still stalking me.
    # 4 – I have saved this for my CPR course. I have saved this for my CPR course. I have saved this for my CPR course.
    # 8 – The guys reaction on the left sums it up.
    # 9 – Beyond amazing. for the lolz
    # 13 – Douchebags know no special bounds.
    # 14 – …shit!
    # 16 – 0.0

    • Paulo

      Welcome to the internet. You are now -25 points.

  • Kodos

    Wow, this should be set to music..

    • That Guy

      "Well you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man, no time to talk…"

  • echogeo

    I nearly spit coffee all over my keyboard you bastards.

    • Paulo

      They're trolling us.

    • dfgdfs

      that shit was funny

      • dfgdfs

        lol, "shit", not even intentional

  • Do0zer

    #8 Subtle lip bite while stripping for the win!

    • Paulo

      People can say what they want about her. Nobody would deny that for one night.

      • Jack Mehoff

        Dude, I'll bust that ass every nite!!!!

        • Benton McGrath

          Yea, but you'd have to hear her talk in the morning

  • That Guy

    #10 could you respect him if he didn't look?

    • bunedoggle

      Pretty sure that's the response she was hoping for anyway.

  • Kenny


    Find the girl to the right! please!

    • Rob

      haha cmon dude

  • Kodos

    So much more appealing than her awful Sarah Palin impersonation…

    • duh

      lol whut?!?!?!?!?!

  • Chris

    "Super Sexy CRP" & "Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts"

  • Paulo

    I think you missed the best part. Keep watching.

  • Rob

    #8 could possibly be the best thing ive ever seen.

  • ambercr20

    #14 can't be a good thing for the dog. That dog is sick… or pregnant.

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