Would you rather…..? (15 Photos)

So the game works like this, the choice is between being “Friends with Benefits” for one night ONLY with the girl on the left, OR choosing the alternative shown on the right side of the picture (read caption for clarity). And don’t feel ashamed if you don’t always pick the girl on the left. I made it as difficult as I could and I want the Chiver’s honest opinion. Let the games begin….

Friends with Benefits, starring my dream girl, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake opens in theaters July 22nd.

  • Souza True

    #1 – too easy. Zooey
    #2 – easy. Heard. Champions League final is a different sotry
    #3 – EASY. Watson
    #4 – don't care
    #5 – Cyrus, but doggie style and no kissing
    #6 – Stewart
    #7 – Bill Murray
    #8 – Emma Stone, even if she's against all the things listed
    #9 – Hard, but lightsaber
    #10 – Super easy. Brie. ANd there's a cheese eating joke there.
    #11 – Shakira no. So tank by default
    #12 – I already have the arcade, so Chriqui
    #13 – Perry
    #14 – Sadly easy. Perm Hangover.
    #15 – Sorry Blake, I got back to the Maccabi uprising and end three crap religions in one day.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Jeremiah.OCallahan Jeremiah O'Callahan

    #10 Allison, my dream girl

  • Fizzel

    If you party with Bill effing Murray there's Probably a good chance you'd end up doing Scarlett Johansson at the end of the night.

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  • Jesus

    Chive, you deleted my post that was critical of you and the way you're running your website. How fascist of you.

    At least take it like a man. Sell-out pussies. You don't give a shit about Chivers. Money money money.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001661976711 Sixten Sventer

    #7 if i get to party with Bill, i can get any girl i want
    so its win- win situation

  • SamInVA

    #1 Zoey all day. I don't even like cotton candy. Too easy
    #2 Superbowl.
    #3 Surfing raptor. Face it, one night with Emma and the rest of your life is downhill. I don't like depression.
    #4 Bieber goes down.
    #5 Miley
    #6 Kristin. The cow gets you what… maybe a gallon of crude a day? No thanks.
    #7 Mmmm… tough call. I'd hang with Bill.
    #8 Movie theater.
    #9 Lightsaber. Lifelong dream.
    #10 Favorite meal.
    #11 Tankcat into mordor.
    #12 Emmanuelle.
    #13 Katy.
    #14 The hangover. Already did it. College.
    #15 The time machine.

  • Mike

    I Would DO ALL OF THEM the time machine was a hard choice though I have plans to rule the world with one of those.

  • Cecil

    Aside from Miley, and the two emmas I will take the ones on the right.

  • mitbl001

    #2 #3 #7 #15 Watson, Johansson, Lively anyday. but Amber Heard EVERYDAY!!!

  • notsoniceguy

    #10 alison brie of course

  • robert

    Zooey Deschanel, Amber Heard, Emma Watson, Arianny Celeste, Miley Cyrus (that's a fake picture of her, right?), crude oil cow, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, tie between lightsaber + Olivia, Alison Brie because I already have the other option, Shakira because the other thing is meaningless, Emmanuelle Chriqui because I already have all the games I want, Katy Perry because the cartoon is ugly and I can't feel attracted to a cartoon character anyway, tie between Bates and hangover, and time machine. Wow, I picked the girl almost every single time…

  • Marylander

    #8 and #12, i am totally split down the middle

  • C_lue

    Girl:1-girl, 2-tickets, 3-girl, 4-girl, 5-girl(can always be from behind) 7-girl(hardest decision ever!) 8-girl(second hardest decision!),9-Girl (if it was just a light saber id take it, i like my boss) 10-girl, 11-girl, 12- Arcade, 13-Real Jessica Rabbit, 14-Girl (safe warm happy place, safe warm happy place) 15-Freakin Dalorean!!

  • LastPlaceNiceGuy

    The Dalorean is a no brainer. After you have enjoyed all your picks, you use the Dalorean to go back in time before you made your picks. Try the other option or go for round two with these sexy ladies.

  • Anonymous

    1- Zooey
    2- Amber
    3- Watson
    4- beat the sh%t out of bieber
    5- run over by a car
    6- the cow then Steward
    7- hard decision
    8- Emma Stone in home theater
    9-Even harder decision but probably ……Munn ….I think
    10- Brei
    11-tank cat
    12-in house arcade
    13- Katy
    14.- hangover
    15- the hardest decision yet …… Lively

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460742387 Brian Wardale

    #7 I could party with Bill and be a legend, or I could party with Scarlett and be a number. Hmm.

    • Mohamed

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  • Prometheus

    All the girls, except Cyrus and Bates.

  • Zackeechan

    1. Zooey D 2. I'll take the super bowl 3. Emma W 4. Beat up bieber 5. I'll take the car 6. Crude Oil cow 7. This is not fair, but I'd would have to take Bill Murray 8. Emma S 9. Olivia Munn 10. Alison Brie 11. Tank cat 12. In house arcade 13. Katy P 14. Hangover 15. Delorian

  • http://twitter.com/marc_censu @marc_censu

    #1 – Zooey. I don't even like cotton candy;
    #2 – the Chick fo sho;
    #3 – Emma Watson, because Emma Watson;
    #4 – I'd kill Bieber… oh how I'd love it;
    #5 – Miley, because doesn't matter had sex;
    #6 – the Cow… I thought this was meant to be difficult;
    #7 – Ahhh I see what you mean….. BFM makes for a cooler story though!
    #9 – Light Saber… because that will open doors for u;
    #10 – the Chick, simply because eating my favorite thing every night, will make it stop being special;
    #11 – Shakira… I mean why the hell would I want to go to Mordor for? ON A CAT NO LESS!;
    #12 – Female;
    #13 – u evil *unt… but having banged Zooey it would be like doing a version of Kathy Perry that laughs less… and Jessica Rabbit is WOW;
    #14 – I'd choose the hangover. I got through 5 years of uni on a hangover every morning, I'd do it again;
    #15 – Delorean… because then U can go to a time when the earth was rich, the women loose and I could really pull the chicks with my newly acquired light saber!

  • Pssh

    I chose the girl every time – except for the custom theater option. Proper one night stands always require a video camera, especially when a celeb is involved amiright? XD Logic follows that I could spend my time in the theater replaying these one night stands to get over my repulsion and regret at having fondled Kathy Bates (still better than a 5 year hangover)!! Easy.

  • Jawbone

    #1 Depends. Can I choke that cunt to death instead of fuck her?

  • saint

    only two choices i can make are #10 I'd pick Allison hands down

    and #13 would go to the real Jessica Rabbit…any other day would be Katy

  • asylum

    37 unfair to make a man choose between a sexy goddess and a god of cool

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