Soooo…. you got wasted (31 Photos)

  • Matthew Rose

    #15 This could not end well for him

    • Michael Ricketts

      bout to deep throat the bottle

      • Jay

        He's about to experience being skull-****ed as well

    • molarjunky

      I hope he still has teeth

    • theend81

      Yeah… really curious as to what was the aftermath… anyone?

  • steve

    first ha ha ha ha ha

    • steve


      • Justin Hall

        Scumbag Steve strikes again.

        • Anti-Steve

          Visits your awesome website.

          Acts like a dick in comments section.

    • Bingo!

      good for you Steve!

      Chive up!

  • Grim


  • LOLcats

    #28 My kind of girl

    • Aaron Burns

      what, unconscious?

      • not legally retarded

        yes i believe that was the joke

  • j03y

    26 not a single fuck was given

    • Brendon Wright

      Actually, two fucks were given 😛

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #1 all i see in the photo are opportunities, you really cant be pickie when your drunk

    • ParryforPlay

      so you're saying you're 1/5 bi?

      • Watson

        honestly? i'm surprised it's that little…..

    • echogeo

      Is she squeezing one out?

    • northerner

      yeah, either the girl in front is squeezing one out or she's ready to hurl…

  • Bryan

    #31 looks like a sick party

    • Chiverchiver

      I wouldn't say it's "sick", I'd say it looks like its 'fun' – and I would use the word "fun" because I'm educated and not a wigger.

      • bigdeal

        how is "sick" a "wigger" word? and why are you using "wigger?" lastheard that in 7th grade = 1991.

        your gay.

      • Mikey Wins

        You sir may not be a wigger, but you certainly are a Douchebag.

      • OGMrWhite


    • Pwithc

      that looks like the house from Coach Carter

  • Maytrix

    #2 and why exactly would you be taking a picture? Seems staged to me, just like #15

    • yup

      haters gunna hate

    • Name

      You'd need to be a serious moron to stage #15. Looks like he was on his way to the ER.

      • Munokhoi

        He's fine, the landing will solve his pesky gag reflex problem…

  • Daniel Collier

    #8 is a place in Bristol, UK… I am sure of it, I ended up there one random night many years ago when I lived in the UK.

    • Mr T

      looks like the Oktoberfest in Munich to me, but who am I to judge I'm just from munich 😀

      • cincy o

        I was to Oktoberfest once a long time ago, and this is how I remember it (what little I can remember of it….)

    • Seth

      This was my pic….Oktoberfest, Munich '05….Lowenbrau tent!! Four buddies and I went to celebrate my 30th Bday! Just some random dude, but the pic about says it all….Best birthday party in the world!!

  • Lowrent75

    #23 Heroes are born not made

  • BigD

    Dammit! I tried #23 on our school principal (and priest) 30+ years ago when he asked me what I'd give up for Lent. All I got for my thoughtfulness was my ears boxed. Times have changed.

    • tony

      What do you mean "ears boxed"? i've never heard that expression…i can guess but would like to know.

      • Meeshbee

        It's when someone slaps both of your ears.

  • Smokey

    It's good to see some Lucky Lager there in #17, oh yeah

  • Seannerz

    #2 Fucking Cheers!

  • @MrChAndy

    #30 is impressive

    • steve

      Nope….staged. Notice how his right hand is cupped around the bottom of the beer can.

      Try again losers and get a girl friend…..

  • hossmank

    #23 – Challenge accepted.

  • Meh....


  • Debra Ivie

    The wings on #26 are FANTASTIC! CHIVE ON!

  • togaen

    #4 she looks hot, find her

  • Wade Wilson

    #11 How cute. Must be beer pong amatuers. Pros play with three cups on bar stools thirty feet apart. Win that game then come talk to me kids.

    • Drinking is Fun

      The point was to not be able to talk after it. You know, the whole drinking aspect. But yeah. Get aggressive about beer pong bro.

      • bigdeal

        beer pong is gay. so is the use of the word bro.. wtf is going on here?

      • Droobie

        Beer pong is for underage college kids. Everyone over 21, grow the hell up and do something fun.

    • Cast Iron Skillet

      why waste time playing games with liquor? just drink that shit and start the party…

    • Drew Wallace

      If I wanted to drink in slow motion, I'd make that a game all on it's own.

      Beer pong sucks ass.

    • Nicolas

      Bottom line of this game is getting drunk, try that with 3 cups.

    • Benzobear

      WOW what a waste of cups. If you don't want to be able to talk after, just play with 10 full cups instead of a shit ton of cups with only one ounce… poontangs

  • Gnole

    #30 seems like it is fake and/or glued. Still pretty solid pic though!

  • steve

    #31…fucking epic.

    • Ray Bucknell

      Sigma Phi Epsilon at Bucknell Represent!

      Same for #11 and #19

      • Nolok

        I need to head up to Bucknell, looks like you guys have a pretty sweet house.

      • IMHO

        Bucknell is gay. Colgate owns Patriot League.

    • kater

      not epic at all – just a bunch of american douchebags pretending to be cool and have fun while gobbling piss-like light beer 🙂

  • biggles

    #13 LEGENDS in grand cayman! LOL

  • Mark

    #2 Nailed it

  • k-9

    #16 what is that filled with?

    • lnthai


  • dfgdfs

    #31 is a pretty epic party picture, lol

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