Soooo…. you got wasted (31 Photos)

  • effemel

    I'm pretty sure that #23 was taken from the local Harrisburg Pa paper the Patriot News, which is pretty awesome since we have shit going for us otherwise than being featured on TheChive in any way at all

  • BloodScrubber

    #24 Such a waste of a fine Twister mat. Should be used only with the ladies and towards the end of the party.

  • oldtimer

    #9 – I remember a time when we all used to laugh at douchebags in here. sigh

    • The Chivery

      Chivers don't have enough of a sense of humor to laugh at themselves. Chive on!

      • Ha.Ha.

        You're always talking shit about Chivers yet your name is "The Chivery" and you comment WAYYY more than the average person who visits this site. Choke on a cock.

    • hMMMM

      Fuck Duke.

  • emilie

    #1 I just died laughing

  • HO11YWOOD303

    #31 Sick! Thats my kinda party

  • Jay

    love the floating keg #31

  • Waggle-wigy


    So thats why no one picked up when i called tech support.

  • hipsterbgone

    #13 uh oh… is that dancing bear? dude, i think he wants you to touch his penis…

  • Oregonian

    Easy on the hate language, Mr. Plant.

    • Jimmy Page

      he can say whatever the fuck he wants. cunt.

  • Guest 69

    #20 – SHOPPED!!! caught red handed

  • Oldnslow

    #23 was serious. He did a great blog, and drank a specially brewed beer. Definitely a win!

  • George Jetson

    #16 is highlarious

  • DutchChiveFan

    #15 wonder what happened after he hit the floor. Deep throating the beer bottle?

  • mali_sapun

    #10 John Candy?

  • Bless1

    #29- what happens next at a gay indian party?

  • Chitty Fartner

    #16 LMAO! That shit is hysterical and typical!!

  • cincy o

    #27 ?? Looks like photographer was the wasted one.

  • iuriggs6

    #31….very impressive.

  • bunedoggle

    #21 Add to cart.

  • konaehukai

    #23. God bless you sir.

  • spencer

    #7 Athens Ohio! The Court street shuffle is something many have tried and few succeed

    • spencer

      #6 – correction.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #31 Now thats emptying a keg LOL…

  • etc4779

    98% of the pass out photos have to be staged…..

  • NoMoGeronimo

    #29…get him to a call center stat!!

  • Ash

    #23 – that's one of the reasons that we have Abby Ales……… Monks fasted for lent so they brewed low alcohol beers to consume as a form of nutrition like liquid bread.

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