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Bee Buzz Championship…only in China (6 Photos)

OK, maybe I’d of guessed Japan too. Anyways, this real competition ended with the winner Wang Dalin attracting a swarm of about 27 million bees (26.8 kg worth of bees) while his opponent was covered by 22 kg worth of bees. I’m told that’s crazy. Yep, yeah…crazy.

  • delliup

    I wonder if he smells like honey afterwards

  • system_error

    nucking futs!! that is all

    • bigdeal


  • Crapflinger

    i had this happen to me this weekend while trying to get a branch out of a tree with a chainsaw….except it was hornets not bees

    • LuvH8fulChix

      You should take the "l" out of your name.

  • rossy

    i wonder wot his fav elvis song was maybe 'i got stung' any why would any1 want to do that

  • Coldzilla

    Could this BEE any more boring to watch?


    chinese have our debut and an army of bee people fuck that you win

  • dwa

    maybe i'd HAVE guessed japan! i'm going to look at byb. no text to read there. or if there is, i've certainly never noticed it.

  • PilotDad

    OK, so the contest ends and you're covered with bees. How do you extricate yourself from THAT mess?

  • fbjvk


  • Russel Peters

    "BEE A MAN"

  • Uchiha Sasuke

    Must be from the Aburame clan of Konoha!

  • albyok

    Bee or not to bee?

  • Nastee

    I am surprised no one has made an Eddie Izzard reference yet…

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