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So much props to Amanda Kate for going out on the 405 over the weekend. She’d been planning it for a month. The cops were nice (Chivers) and just wanted to make sure she did it safely. Chive On, Amanda! Give her some props at her Facebook Page.

  • addy


    Gets up after landing and finishes the race in 15th (from 40th). Incredible

  • mongoose5271

    #1 If she was carrying a chainsaw and a freshly severed head, I'd still pick her up. YOW!

  • gazdemon


  • merica

    @22 oompa loompa doompity doo

    • dan

      #22 hahaha I see it

      • 777times

        #22 jersey shore platoon

  • @JDinocco

    kill whit that hot eyes!!!! #43

  • Matthew Easter

    #43!!! Im in love with those eyes

  • acoustrix


  • William Richardson

    #11 Trifecta

  • MacNCheesePro

    #36 OH! HI!

  • KidCherub

    #1 Look like Jodie Sweetin from Full House…

  • paulhitchcock

    #20 How lazy do you have to be? "I could go for a sandwich, but I'm not going to open TWO jars. I can't be opening and closing all kinds of jars…cleaning who knows how many knives." (With apologies to Brian Regan.)

  • Wowza

    While #1 is awesome & adorably sexy (Chivette of the Week!!)…

    I want to say a very huge thank you to #22 !!!, and all those who serve our country…

    and Chive Guys, I think it's awesome #23. Y'all have so much awesomeness, and I think that was a wonderful gesture.

    Living the Chive Life

  • Martin

    The T-shirt on the girl reads (hebrew): "There are two important things in life: Boobs."

  • Mero

    More of the thin one from #16

    #45 is an amazing tush

  • konaehukai

    #1. At least we don't have to find her. Thanks Chivette.

  • @CollierLou

    I paid $32.67 for a XBOX 360 and my mom got a 17 inch Toshiba laptop for $94.83 being delivered to our house tomorrow by FedEX. I will never again pay expensive retail prices at stores. I even sold a 46 inch HDTV to my boss for $650 and it only cost me $52.78 to get. Here is the website we using to get all this stuff,

    • Michel Payette


  • Michel Payette

    #1 Number 1 Chivette of all times!

  • Jon

    Wow chive, more pictures stolen from reddit. Great job

  • Rubys

    Heh. In #44, the girls shirt translates (from hebrew) as "There are two important things in life: BOOBS!"

  • NotBillF'nMurray

    moar #44 prease

  • Yesman

    45…….please D:

  • Fasteddy14

    #34 Suddenly…all is right in the world!!!

  • Courtney Roxanne Jean Fair

    #41 is amazing

  • Brandon

    Sending T Shirts to troops is very nice of you but did you know that every American soldier who steps off the plane in Afghanistan is in direct contravention of the Kellog-Briand Pact and the Nuremburg Principles? That's right, you are supporting bona-fide war criminals! It's an easily verifiable fact. Go on, i dare you to ignore the hysterical rants and pseudo-intellectual drivel, and actually look it up!

    Chive on, idiots.

  • S13nobling

    #36 – Chad Reed 's a beast.. he fell from that high up and jumped back on his bike… and took off to race again….

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