Finding Her is elementary, my dear Watson (30 Photos)

The following are the girls the Chivers want to see MOAR of. One problem, nobody knows who they are. If you have a name and MOAR pics, just email your chick knowledge to theCHIVE and we'll post them in our 'Found'.

  • Capt. Obvious

    #9 #10 Proof that God makes mistakes.

  • bob

    #1 wow

    • Cristi_P

      Sensation white and hot european chicks for the win 😀

      • Joe

        European? Looks more like SoCal.

        • The Real Joe


          • Joe

            Ah, yeah, it LOOKS like SoCal. Looks doesn't mean HAS TO BE.

        • Cristi_P

          No Sensation White in the US 😀

    • Evan Kristiansen

      This is from Sensation Norway, such an amazing party, wish I had made it

    • bird

      Might have found the girl second from the right.

      • bird

        correction: second from the left.

      • 123

        holy super sleuth, batman. You stay at a Holiday Inn express last night or what?

      • sureman123

        wow.. your good!!!

    • k-9

      how do I get in?

    • John

      Find her damnit! I've seen her on tv somewhere before.

    • Chump
  • JROC

    #30 thick full bum. amazing

    • Mr. Simmonds

      Allison NYC…boyfriend wears Ed Hardy and a has a faux hawk, surprised?

      • Therealslimshady

        Thanks Simmonds! Its now clear that she is a waster of our time.

      • Terry Burke

        no, not really. most hot chicks have douche bag boyfriends

    • reaperACTUAL

      waster of our time… perhaps… but she posts alot of bikini pics so….

    • Sad Stalker

      Boyfriend also looks like he'd rip 5 heads off just to get close enough to rip my head off. You win buddy. I'll just stare longingly at her ass from here in California on my computer.

    • RushHannityBeck4prez

      check out pic # 44 from 9/11/2010 'Best of the week " gallery . It is a closeup of these bums, with a caption from one of them

    • Chappell Anderson

      Im really not feelin this…kinda gross.

      • O)ETHNI


        • The Real D.Nozzle

          also agree.

    • Derp!

      Simple. CrossFit chicks!

  • bettingonthecubs

    No help here….i don't know any of them

    • Insidious1

      Those two hotties in #30 are simply amazing! They have, quite possibly, the nicest/thickest bums i've seen on here! WOW! Simply gorgeous!
      Also.. if you two are reading this… i'm single! 🙂

  • Jimbozo

    #30 Awesome…. yet possibly jailbait?!

    • Firefighter23

      Seems we're in a pickle.

    • Therealslimshady

      This has already been cleared up. Its Allison NYC… google is your friend.

  • OGMrWhite


    Wish she was wearing my hoodie

    • ugh

      Why? you dont like boobs..

      • de ja vu

        wish i was the hoodie

  • JROC

    #2 also get in my mouth.

    • Leadbelly

      I would, but she would need to clean her fingers first !

  • Azrrael

    I'd like to see a "Found" gallery!!!

    • Tedskin


      • domgod3

        great idea, get on it chive !!

    • Eric

      For now this could be the "found" comment thread. for instance, #7 is Mary Jo from the show Blue Mountain State

      • Eric

        Or, at least it really really really looks like it.

        • @Florin_D

          I'll admit to the resemblance, but that's not Frankie Shaw.

  • Rory Sickles

    #3 Is actually the guy's real daughter. As is the younger girl before that shot.

    • bettingonthecubs

      cool story bro

    • tkc
    • sasquatch

      Lanna Lyons, daughter / Andy Lyons, father / Georgie Lyons, baby.
      Got a hot ad girl question check this site out. It's fan-driven as well, so post your requests and the ones you've found as well.

    • That Guy

      nice. but if the guy really wanted to protect her then he would have kept her off then internet.

      • ROK247

        i dunno how people let their kids out of the house these days. or near a computer for that matter. or a CAMERA PHONE.

    • Pat Overton

      Huh, what'd ya know …. pretty cool!

  • Bud Lee

    #27 Good job

    Now go forward and find the thick leg girl in #30

    • Terry Burke

      Allison NYC

  • KCJake

    #15 has a drinking problem.

    • Tomas

      All that milk needs to be IN her breasts, not ON her breasts. Just sayin'. o.0

    • LuvH8fulChix

      Milk starts to stink pretty quick when it dries.

    • Mr_Rob

      I see no problem there…

    • ROK247

      boobs too small to catch the milk?

    • HeyserStyle

      *has a bikini wearing problem

    • xxx

      find her… boobs

  • cjwhookid

    #30 May be my all-time favorite Find Her(them).

    • anon

      allisonNYC on the left – she is a crossfiter

  • gaz

    #1 i love her because boobs

    • absolutcarcrazy

      Which one? O wait, it doesn't matter. /high-fives gaz, then proceeds to 'robot' into the group/

    • Scott

      Pretty sure her name is Megan Summers, shes a "model"

      • Therealslimshady

        also…. NSFW

      • xxx

        you, good sir, deserve a beer

      • Find heeeer!

        I think she is not Megan Summers ><

      • All

        doesnt look like megan summers to me ><

  • Da Sandman

    #15 could use some more boobage, still hot though

    • Jeff

      im pretty sure thats Zooey Deschanel from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy this pic is from a movie but i remember which on …. i think

  • Do0zer

    I've been screaming "FIND HER!!" for #13 since that first gif came out! and #23? Really? Who would want to know such a self indulged douchebaguette?

    • Cedric Schlosser

      #13 Me too, so I thought "Let's send a pic, maybe it works."..

    • Hand of Fate

      Who would want to find #23? People who want to see her naked or in even skimpier bathing suits, maybe? I didn't realize we were suppose to care about the personalities of girls in unmoving pictures whom we'll never meet in person.

      • Do0zer

        Aaaaa, well put sir. Guess I meant that she just wasn't my cup of tea.

    • That Guy

      i too was wondering if she was just over fashioned or if she was a douchess. its tough cause i don't see ed hardy.

  • William Richardson

    #30 looks like Mount Trashmore Park in Virginia Beach if that's any help.

    • EuroDouche

      it's not

    • Jim

      lol i didnt even realize it till u said something that it mnt trashmore, wish they had on like team shirts so would be easier to find
      Chive on from the 757

      • MaCo

        Ha, it does kind of look like Mt Trashmore. 757!

    • BeccaB86

      Mt. Trashmore is way steeper. Nice shout-out though.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #22 totally not the prince she had imagined

  • Edward

    #28 Are we actually sure its a girl though?

    • Lowrent75

      Skeptical…But the Chive did that to me….

    • hMMMM

      Japan IS safer than Thailand…

  • Luis Pedro Gonçalves
    • Hand of Fate

      Just put in the #. Like this: #11, and it will post the picture.

      • @pezatsea

        And spell you're correctly.

        • tyler

          and exceptional. ha

    • jus

      #6 is Wendy Mills, I think

  • Z_b

    #29 me too..

    • worldofth

      found her using the nifty google image search, name is philippa

    • Chiverchiver

      This is one of those girls that makes me think, "Why find her? Why?"

    • Tedskin

      girl next door

    • Blur
    • dude

      lol. her name is definitely not philippa. she's a friend of a friend irl but she has a deviantart that i can't find the link to that this came from

  • TheFlintSkinny

    #8 Patty Orue, a model from Paraguay and fierce rival of Larissa Riquelme.

  • lemurfart

    #24 agreed

    • R-Dub

      Stupid, stupid hair.

      • Therealslimshady

        hair? what hair?

      • drew

        i like her hair very much

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Ah, 'Find Her' would not be complete without a Top Gear contribution. I thought the girl behind Rowan Atkinson was a good one too.

        And yep, that stupid combover is tthe current teenage craze over here at the mo. This particular babe should be old enough to know better though.

    • Capt Obvious

      Ah yes..the Top Gear mystery yank.

      • 6655321

        Damn. Beat me to it. Hard to watch the news and interviews since they always put the nicest ones up front. There's always one per show that makes me feel fizzy.

    • Caldex

      the one on the right, pleaaaase !

    • @404usernotfound

      been looking for her for… years.

  • Tiago

    #21 is my something blue.

    • absolutcarcrazy

      something is blue alright……

    • Chiverchiver

      I'd borrow or buy her as well.

  • EDd

    #18 its so cute…

    • Pep

      shes Irish. Thats Oxegen music festival shes at…

    • AndrewK106


  • EDd
    • Chazz B

      good job lol

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