Hope Solo vs Alex Morgan (26 photos)

Hotness contest aside, a big congrats to the US Women’s soccer team for kicking ass in the World Cup. Japan may have won, but their players lost the gene-pool contest.

  • Derp

    Finally a Chive post I can support.

  • fgg

    i cant believe anyone is saying hope.. wow

  • sippinator94

    Alex Morgan – the girl you marry.
    Hope Solo – your high-school ex you hook-up with when Alex kicks you out of the house.

  • Wade Wilson

    I find them both repugnant, and unappealing.

    • Joman

      Your gay

    • joseph

      sos culei (you're gay)

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  • nugget

    Im gona have to go with alison stokke hahaha

  • Rich

    Morgan by a mile. Wheres Heather Mits?

  • Indian SugaDaddy

    Alex definitely! Hope looks like a lesbo! aka Martina Navratilova!

  • Maeve


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  • floatingsucks

    Gotta go with Morgan. It's that smile…. Classic!!

  • brandon

    U all r crazy hope solo is the hottest woman out there. Not takin nething away from alex morgan

  • Javier

    lovely girls !!!
    Cingratulatiosn USA !!!!!!

  • Guest

    Who are these dudes?

  • trevor

    Alex Morgan is the hottest girl that participated in the 2011 Women's World Cup. She's gorgeous!

  • Robert Brennecke
  • Christian Bell

    They are all beautiful inside and out. To play with the intensity and passion our girls displayed during the world cup and come up a little short. They showed real class they way they handled the loss to Japan and in that our girls were the real winners. Great Job team USA.

  • Marc C.

    i hate to say it but i am going with Morgan

  • Anonymous


  • AJ Rodriguez

    Shit like Solo..love to shot a PK on her to bad i cant. Much love to the best female goalie in the world. Much love from your Sailors out of Japan.

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  • A Fan

    If you're basing it on looks alone, no contest, Alex Morgan but Hope Solo has alot more to offer.

  • Javier smith

    Hope Solo is the sexiest person alive and better at soccer than anyone else and again the SEXIEST ever

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  • max

    hope solo is only hot with her hair pulled back.
    she is scary looking with it down.

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