• Tokabwl

    Hackey sack with a net?!

    • Broseph Stalin

      I'm not sure how you play hackey sack but I sure as hell don't do spinning flip kicks when I play…..

  • Josh Gorter

    This is pretty badass.

    • Terry Burke

      dude, understatement of the week, and the week just started! haha

  • mike23

    close. it's kick volleybal aka Sepak Takraw

    • Steeb

      big in a lot of the southeast asian countries (thailand, laos, etc)

    • von

      correct! we have sepak takraw here in philippines for P.E. and i sucked at it, i always ending up punching the ball instead of kicking it.

  • calvin_hobbes23

    I would watch that drunk as shit then go try that in the backyard and break my damn neck. Thank god its not on american tv

  • Clif Stone

    i guess "fashionisland"

    • ahjabaja

      Fashion Island is department store in Bangkok, matie

  • aggie11

    I feel like this should be called Ultimate Hackey Sack instead.

  • Capitalsfan74

    Kick the ball over the net, young grasshopper.

  • Romaniac

    here's something more for gringos:

    • What?

      lol who says gringos anyways?

      • Saga

        Everybody, that's what you are: GRINGOS!!!!

  • lnthai

    the guy with the bandanna is a badass.

  • nednarb

    i could never play that game. some people become skilled at some really different stuff. i feel like if me and my friends tried that it would be the worst thing ever.

  • Katelyn Manchak

    That is like the craziest sport I've ever seen.

  • Da Sandman

    the fakie at 0:51 was awesome!!

  • Katelyn Manchak

    Next thing you know it will be kung fu table tennis.

    • Turduckenn

      it pretty much is already kung fu table tennis

      • Mading

        Yeah just youtube Bruce Lee plays ping pong with nuchucks

  • Huge

    That would be Takraw (hacky-sack meets volleyball) played professionally in Thailand…

  • Jak

    That is friggin' amazing

  • Da Sandman

    most. awesome. sport. ever.

  • ROK247

    it's what ninjas do for fun.

  • KTXL

    Holy shit. I would be really bad at that.

  • Micefin

    Where do you find so many hippies on PCP?

  • NothingToSeeHere

    *Instant Groin Pull*

  • Alec

    You can't even find anything negative to say about something this badass.. I can't believe how easy they make it look, like back-flip-kicking a little ball over a net is no big deal.

  • Ruffestneckaround

    There is a mall/convention centre kind of thing in Bangkok called Fashion Island, so the Thailand is likely…plus they look and sound Thai and Thai ppl are exceptional at kicking things so this just makes sense.

  • koyf

    this is what the Foot Clan do on their spare time, and then they dine on turtle soup

  • Observation

    Aside from having pretty much nothing in common with volleyball except a net and a ball (maybe it's Foottennis or Footminton?), it's pretty cool.

    • Terrance_

      It's Sepak Takraw. It's crazy fun too, we actually had to learn how to play it in high school. Crazy hard stuff I tell ya.

    • Luxor

      The offensive sequence is similar; bump, set, strike.

  • kson

    This game is played all over Southeast Asia and in parts of the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore. The objective of Takraw is pretty much the same as volleyball except you can't use your hands. You can use your head, chest, legs and feet. The ball is made out of hard plastic or in the old days, it was made out of wood. Not to mention, the ball hurts like a mofo

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