• davey

    I wanna see female beach takraw!
    oh yea

  • combat_carl

    When I was stationed in japan I would see people playing this on lunch break but with a soccer ball

  • bugs

    used to play this in high school. i'm from the philippines 😀

  • jamesaholic

    I am so fat and lazy

  • Kurtis

    Newport Beach

  • bagism3

    we had to play Takraw in gym class once.. those balls are hard plastic and they kill your ankles…. not fun.. those guys make it look easy!

  • Chiv3On!

    Poor people pass the time in weird ways…

    • 777times


  • undo75

    In America we play Hacky sack with a net, its called Net Footbag, and peoples from around the world play!

    • 777times

      These guys would put hacky sackers to shame

  • undo75

    Look at this guys from Montreal in blue, and germany in black! That Net footbag!

  • Anthony Gaglianese

    This is how the Zohan plays hackie-sack. DISCO DISCO oooo oooo!

  • Nunnikins

    Hahaha, I saw a Chinese documentary while living in Singapore in which the Chinese took credit for inventing soccer because of these game.

  • Pbotbird

    My wife and I have played Sepak Takraw since 2003 up here in Canada, gets quite big in the summer…

  • faemike55


  • erik chen

    its actually the national sport of several southeast asian countries

  • Coldzilla

    Takraw – VERY cool game!

    Makes my knees sore just watching but VERY cool none the less

  • minnyvw

    They play that where I live in Minnesota. Pretty intense in person.

  • indo

    this is called sepak takraw, from indonesia. everyone from indonesia does this in their spare time.

  • Athena

    I would have thought that impossible… pretty cool annnnd weird all rolled into one!

  • vicsa89


  • Brian James Beck

    When I was in elementary school some guys came and did an exhibition of this. Pretty cool. I think I still have one of the balls somewhere they are like plastic wicker…kinda weird.

  • shah

    it is takraw..

  • jimmy

    it is played through out the SE asia but in the old days, the ball is not made of wood, but made from strings of rattan.


    For those who don't know what this is and making stupid comments including you AUTHOR BOB: YOU DUMB ASSES!!!

  • alvin

    sepak takraw! a hackey sack with a lil bit of a bad ass moves hahaha…go asians!

  • zcsfdgrdfbfr

    There are very wonderful!

    Thank for your sharing!



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