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  • Marcus

    Tsk you guys… It's called SEPAK TAKRAW. The ball is rattan-wound and extremely light, and it's a very popular sport here in Singapore, especially among the Malay Community.

  • stitch

    Sepak Takraw, folks. Thailand.

  • Anonymous

    similar sport here in the Philippines called “sepaktakraw”

  • Steve

    Based on the "Fashion Island" banners all over the place, I would guess somewhere near Newport Beach, California. Yup. Nowhere near America.

  • elbruces

    Um, you guys realize you have hands, right?

    I'd like to be the one guy in the middle of them using my hands. I might actually do well at volleyball then.

    • 777times

      They're so badass they wouldn't need hands

  • lun4rtr1ck

    this is great except for the part of the title: "somewhere outside of america"

    typical american attitude – its pretty lame, there is a whole lot of world outside of america peeps 😀

  • tbone

    i'm sorry to say but i have to, the net footbag looks really really bad compared to that kung-fu volleyball stuff

  • Mathias

    The guy in the Bandanna is BAD ASS!

  • ingky

    It's called Sepak Takraw. Originated from the Malay Archipelago, it is mainly played around the South East Asian region aka where I live.

    Chive On from Malaysia

  • acoustrix

    Hackey Sack + Volley Ball

  • alexonfyre

    Sepak Takraw, subject of one of the greatest Onion Sports articles of all time:

  • Brodysseus

    I like this sport because it's fun and anyone can play

  • BKs

    ummm … Thailand

  • Alypius

    This is in Bangkok… just down the road from my apartment.

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