New and improved! theCHIVE iPhone App coming soon…

chive iphone New and improved! theCHIVE iPhone App coming soon...
Attn Chivers:

We are in final stages of approvals with Apple to re-launch theCHIVE iPhone app. The original CHIVE app was not built by us, nor was it controlled by us. It had a lot of glitches/crashed quite a bit and was a poor reflection on theCHIVE brand.

We have finally re-built a new and improved CHIVE app that will be launching SOON. There will be two versions launching, theCHIVE Lite and CHIVE Pro. theCHIVE Lite will be free and be ad supported. CHIVE Pro will be $.99 and will be ad free AND include video.

This is NOT an update, it is a completely new app so if you have downloaded the old app, you will want to permanently delete this from your iPhone and iTunes.

Thanks for your patience and Chive On!

-John and Leo

PS We are considering building a CHIVE app for Android and we are looking for a good Android developer so if you are one or know of one, please email us at thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com.

  • Laxbro10

    If the droid is the most used OS in the world, doesn’t that make YOU the sheeple? And until they make an app for the droid, SUCK IT NERDS.

  • Stevejobs Jr.


  • will

    how bout one for the windows phone, it would be worth it

  • andrew

    What if you've already purchased the old shitty one?

    • read whole article

      what if? They said they weren't the ones putting it up.

  • jlopezane

    iPad app FTW!

  • Nathan

    +1 for Droid… bring it.

    But no rush, I can just surf the web everywhere on my phone anyway

  • Hugo

    I got the old chive app! 😀

  • Smarterthanyou

    Get with the program chive. iphone is on the way out. Droid is in now.

  • chadwick

    Screw IPHONE! I think you can clearly tell anyone who likes games and most of the awesome movies that are referenced on here are Android Lovers! Do it Chive, not because you have to but because you need to. We love you! Do it!

  • S13nobling

    Waiting on the android app – patiently…=)

  • marcus

    (disclaimer i like apple over android) although people will probably consider this "trolling" the reason apple apps are out earlier is because the software is a hell of a lot easier to develop (sticking with apples philosophy the easier the better) and personally from the people ive talked to that have used both apple wins, although i would like to see some of the more flashy stuff used by apple but that also kills the batteries for nothing

  • thrillho

    yep…Android NOW

  • robby

    how much longer must we wait!!

  • ShreddyTeddy

    These are the Droids youre looking for!

  • jentzschman

    Android app please.

  • Kasey Groce

    iPhone…… Android…. who cares lets live in a loving world where the app is for both phones that are good….. but really lets get this android app up and running because i would love to chive all day long for the rest of my life as long as i shall live(:

  • tmroesle

    Shit better have theTHROTTLE on it… How much longer???

  • Silky

    If Android was so much better then my iPhone, I’D be using it 🙂

  • Kai

    Thanks for the app for windows phone! its the only good app this piece of shit phone has

  • Matt

    Leggo with it. Can't wait

  • Kevin

    I came here a few days ago to argue that the iphone is superior. Today i come to defend the Android lovers out there. I switched back to Android from the iphone. I once was lost but now I am found. I have seen the light. Android FTW

  • Timothy Parrish

    Calm your TITS PEOPLE… They didn't say there was no plans for an Android app at all.. They need a dev to make it for them…

  • Jason

    Seriously Chive. Work on that Droid app…

  • Tyler Wilson

    Ill give 99cents for a sticker
    that says chive on it

  • kidrota

    The Chive a pp is a bit like the mythical Chive shirts!

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