7 French soldiers lost their life last week, this ones for France (56 Photos)

"You did not die for nothing," French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in tribute to the seven soldiers killed in Afghanistan last week.
"You fought in a just war, against a tyranny that imprisoned an entire people, that oppressed women, that kept children in ignorance, that transformed an entire country into a stronghold of terrorism," he said, referring to the Taliban.
France is the fourth-largest contributor to the war, Thank you France.

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  • http://www.HonoringHeroes.com Bill Finegan

    Excellent post. Most people do not know that more than one hundred Frenchmen voluntarily served in the Continental Army under General George Washington. Not only did they believe in liberty and freedom, they spilled their blood to help us gain our independence. For the next century, there were only two nations that were Republics: the United States, and France.

  • Smitty

    Indeed, We owe France a great debit of gratitude.

    We, in recent years in America and France, may have said a few unkind words about each other at the level of government and at the level of the individual citizen. I'm guilty of it too… It is what friends and allies do sometimes.

    But you know what? When it come right down to it we got each others back.

    It is tragic that these brave French Soldiers died, but they died fighting for liberty, for the selfless fight for others liberty. Something that the French Soldiers of yesteryear believed in in equal measure.

    Liberté, égalité, fraternité!
    Honneur et Patrie!

  • French guy

    Thanks for this post.
    The death of those soldiers has been a great loss here in France, despite the fact that one of those soldiers has been shot by a friendly fire accident.

    It's true that there's an old friendship between France and the USA : French helped you to gain independance (I invite you to learn about the life of General La Fayette), and you saved us from the german fascim.

    I remember you too that the statue of liberty is a gift of France to celebrate the friendship between our two countries.

    I believe that those "unkind words" generally come from misunderstanding between our two civilisations. We, french, are proud of our country, our language. Often proud on the edge of the sufficiency. Sometimes french considers their old, very old, history is a good reason for giving lessons to the entire world.

    France and America are old friends , and it's our role not to forget it…

    God bless America

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