Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • Leonel

    #9 IS GENIOUS! WHERE CAN I BUY THIS!?!? I quite fancy the girl in #13 as well. 😛

  • http://twitter.com/Pasha723 @Pasha723

    #3 I did not realize that it hot in the summer and cold in the winter before seeing this little comic! Hilarious!!

    • LuvH8fulChix

      I think you've missed the point…

  • jpp407

    #9 cheaper then a real banana in Australia. What a joke.

  • steve

    btw…whos the chick singing in the Heineken commercial ……. Find her Chive !

    • The_Continental

      I believe her name is Mette Lindberg and the band is Asteroids Galaxy Tour. If it's the commercial I think you're thinking of.

  • Thatsnotwhatshesaid

    #21 It's hard to stick a landing after an infiniti flip.

  • Bob

    #13 Flogging a dead meme. Stop it. Just, stop it.

  • Slomotje

    oooo, pretty lightsabers

  • Donny

    #1 planking itself is a stunning concept, planking upside down = EPIC

  • Colin

    1, 2, Freddy's Coming For You!


  • InitechEmployee

    *gasp* #17 A young River Tam

  • Mutt

    #12 "I totally touched her boob…hehehehe"

  • jimmy

    #6 mmmm….Jupiter

  • http://twitter.com/unicornsRnice @unicornsRnice

    #8 is from Red Mill Burgers, they were #2 from the best burgers in the US post a couple weeks ago. Hell yeah.

  • MarcLH



  • NebraskaGuy!

    I laughed my ass off on #20

  • http://www.facebook.com/adamharahuc Adam Harahuc

    21 and the russian judges still only gave them a four

  • LuvH8fulChix

    #18 Looks like Blink 182 joined the Keebler Elves.

  • TSM

    #1 Don't you hate it when that happens?

  • TSM

    #17 Parents either thrilled and calling gymnastic schools or terrified and calling a priest.

    #18 Whoever drew that, consider future in comics and/or animation. F'n awesome.

    #21 Came out of tuck on 72nd spin. Deduct point.

  • bunedoggle

    #22 Look out!!

  • misschris

    #19 LoL Across the horse's ass is a bumper sticker that reads "My other ride is a seadoo"

  • farmy75

    This is a very clutch DMA!

  • Coral

    #6 it's a simple question doctor… would you eat jupiter if it were made of bacon?

  • Kamps414

    #15 Thought of Trainspotting instantly….CREEPY!
    #16 Genius….I have already submitted for a patent.
    #22 Not very Jedi like sir…..attacking from behind?

  • haterade

    It is so rad that when Reddit has a repost that gets popular, the Chive goes ahead and reposts it just the same. They can't even remember the pictures they have already posted. Not just thieves, shitty thieves…

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