Found: Anette Marie (25 Photos)

The photo up there has been swirling around the nets for the past couple days and one of our Chivers was nice enough to tip us off. Her name is Anette Marie, a 24 year-old smoke show from Oslo.

There is one more artistically NSFW photo right here. You’re welcome.

  • Billy

    she looks good in some pics and bad in the rest, sorry sweetie but you need to fix that nose. But i would still spend the night with you but thats about it!!!!!!!!!

  • hello

    Ya'll got the wrong chick, the one everybody is looking for is the one with her tits pointed at us. Not the one to her left

  • Jordyn

    #17 deff the sexiest

  • Ted

    No way thats all the same girl… Size of the rack changes dramatically from first photo!!!

  • joemama

    False advertising…the teaser picture was the best one.

  • Dazza

    I'd nail that.

  • Hank

    #5 and #6

    Not the same girl. Same crappy TV-show though

  • idunno

    the better she looks still is #1

  • abhimanyu

    just joined the chive.. some guy told me on omegle. This is indeed awesomeness!!!!

  • Binx

    google "". It is a Norwegian lad mag. Then do a search for anette marie antonsen. Great success. And somewhere along the way she got some 400cc implants and then had them removed.

  • wooha
  • Statan

    Ahhhh… strippers.

  • Derek

    Hey just checking to see if this girl was caught up in either the bombing or the shooting that took place where she is from

  • Gia

    In pic # 1, Anette Marie is the one standing behind the girl with the sunglasses. Go to her blog ( and check out the post dated Monday, April 25th, 2011. She posted a cropped version of pic #1 in which the hot girl with arms in the air is conveniently removed. So the gorgeous chick with the rack is still a mystery. I hope one of you guys IDs her and I sure hope she too has a blog!

  • C-Train

    I'm pretty sure the mystery chick is Janis Maria, I guess they are good friends, and if you look close the mystery girl has a large freckle on the inner part of her right boob…. Just like Janis Maria.

    Mystery Solved!

  • Dripable Service

    That was interesting piece!!!

  • f3n1x187

    This mobile version site is not very friendly x(

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