• Billy

    she looks good in some pics and bad in the rest, sorry sweetie but you need to fix that nose. But i would still spend the night with you but thats about it!!!!!!!!!

  • hello

    Ya'll got the wrong chick, the one everybody is looking for is the one with her tits pointed at us. Not the one to her left

  • Jordyn

    #17 deff the sexiest

  • Ted

    No way thats all the same girl… Size of the rack changes dramatically from first photo!!!

  • joemama

    False advertising…the teaser picture was the best one.

  • Dazza

    I'd nail that.

  • Hank

    #5 and #6

    Not the same girl. Same crappy TV-show though http://pub.tv2.no/multimedia/TV2/archive/00890/bi

  • idunno

    the better she looks still is #1

  • f3n1x187

    The find her picture came out from this site, found it on Anna’s blog a few hrs ago

  • f3n1x187
    • f3n1x187

      This mobile version site is not very friendly x(

  • abhimanyu

    just joined the chive.. some guy told me on omegle. This is indeed awesomeness!!!!

  • Binx

    google "vimenn.no". It is a Norwegian lad mag. Then do a search for anette marie antonsen. Great success. And somewhere along the way she got some 400cc implants and then had them removed.

  • wooha
  • Statan

    Ahhhh… strippers.

  • Derek

    Hey just checking to see if this girl was caught up in either the bombing or the shooting that took place where she is from

  • Gia

    In pic # 1, Anette Marie is the one standing behind the girl with the sunglasses. Go to her blog (anettemarie.no) and check out the post dated Monday, April 25th, 2011. She posted a cropped version of pic #1 in which the hot girl with arms in the air is conveniently removed. So the gorgeous chick with the rack is still a mystery. I hope one of you guys IDs her and I sure hope she too has a blog!

  • C-Train

    I'm pretty sure the mystery chick is Janis Maria, I guess they are good friends, and if you look close the mystery girl has a large freckle on the inner part of her right boob…. Just like Janis Maria.

    Mystery Solved!

  • Dripable Service

    That was interesting piece!!!

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