Some call it graffiti, I call it renegade art (27 Photos)

  • gels

    where is #1?

  • Mike Kimbrel

    #9 I wish my bathroom was the treehouse..

  • Chiver

    #24 thats right pac-man, take it all in your mouth…

  • Alex

    #15 This man is Ladj Ly, from the french collective "Kourtrajmé" and this picture is the poster of his own production "365 jours à Clichy montfermeil" or in english "365 days at Clichy Montfermeil", a film about riots in 2005 and 2006 in this place.

    The poster :

  • Edward

    Not bad

  • Chris

    #17 Is like two streets over from my house. I noticed it the other day!

  • Busternut

    #25 ED-209. Fuck yeah

  • Chief choctaw red

    Great post!!!

  • Citizen_Pa1n

    #27 Is it wrong for a man to be aroused by graffiti? I think not.

  • top dog

    #24 is funny as hell. Now I don't know whether to run over pedestrians in whats left of the cross walk or not…

  • Foreverwaiting


  • Macs

    It's a criminal that someone went at #14 with a paintball gun. To this day its got blue splats on it.

  • MunkyJam

    To sell the building from under the squatters living there they painted over #25 it was a small part of a massive wall of redness.

  • Susan Prince

    These art works are fantastic – using the urban surroundings. You Artists rock

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