Tattoos: The good, bad and -really?! (29 photos)

  • Random

    #25 started out hot…… then i scrolled down…. wtf ?


      I've overlooked shitty tramp stamps before…something tells me that the rest of her body would make that tramp stamp easy to ignore as well

      • Sarah

        that's michelline Pitt from Deadly Dames and PinupGirl. She's a model/fashion designer

      • fff

        Overlooked tramp stamps…..good position to be in

    • Taylor Christianne Perkins

      hahaha! I did the same thing!!!

    • _Moose_

      I think the Herman Munster is pretty sweet.

  • Robert Smith

    #21 DIBBS!!!!

    • Kaars

      She's all your bro… It'd be like having sex with a box of crayons.

      • Master_Rahl

        yeah, a SEXY box

        • no diggity

          #10 #21 #23 #25…. Even with that tramp stamp

    • Okidoke

      You got it buddy.

    • qteam3d

      I used to not like tattoos. Girls like this changed my mind.

      • Tits not Tats

        LOL! I wish I could see all these women when they are 70 – I am sure those tats will look HOT!!! BAA HAA HAAA HAAA – oh foolish youth.

        • werks

          and how many 70 year olds do you currently find hot??

          • Guest Commenter


            • dOOb

              you guys are nuts… this is one sexy chick!

              • Shannon Coverdale


              • DeRaNgEd

                for now

    • oughtnot

      She's all yours – simply awful.

    • Rick

      Sarah Fulk, Dallas TX

  • really?

    #4 owww ow ow ow why!? looks nice but really?

    • MsEmzilla

      I effin' LOVE scarification! ❤ It's so beautifulll!
      I bet it feels weird though. o_O

    • A. Pond

      What if you get mud in it… lol… it must be annoying to keep the little flap areas clean though!! Imagine! Moisturizer ?? or ummm anything. :p

  • C loc


    • Dude

      When will this stupid fad end!! A bunch of hipster narcissists…'look at me, look at me!!!" What, did daddy not give you enough attention as a kid?!?!

      • ZombieBootParty

        When will the judgemental comments end? Guess what, tattooing has been around for thousands of years. I am pretty sure the "fad" will be around much longer than you will troll boy. Thank God for that. Who are you to judge?

        • Baker

          The judgemental comments will end when people stop doing stupid things like tattooing shit on their back or 'dude' on their forehead. You may enjoy going to Wal-Mart and surrounding yourself with all the classless people that the world has to offer but I prefer to live at a higher standard. And maybe some pacific islanders tattooed themselves thousands of years ago, but that doesn't pave the way for you whitey. Cheers

          • TRON


    • Dude

      When will this stupid fad end!! A bunch of hipster narcissists…'look at me, look at me…" What, did your daddy not give you enough attention as a child?

  • Doug

    #2 Nothing screams "classy" like a dog shit tattoo on your entire back.

    • Mandalor

      fucking hipsters.

    • Never trust Me

      Could be human shit. Some folks are into that sort of thing ya know.

      • Ewww Nasty

        I'm SCAT MAN! Deepadee deep doop doh doh, deep doh doh!

    • Kaylee

      I read this article a long time ago. This chick cheated on her guy (who happened to be a tattoo artist). He found out, waited for a while and then offered to do a tattoo she'd been wanting on her back. This was the result. Eh, the bitch deserved it right? Pretty funny if you ask me xD

      • Timm

        I'm pretty sure he made her sign a few wavers and everything though haha be she wont cheat ever again though…

    • brandiiii

      I've seen this tattoo before… this girl had a tattoo artist for a bf, he found out she was cheating, and she wanted a back piece, instead he drew this.. Idk if the story is legit, but I've seen this before.

    • Bogdan Enache
  • konaehukai

    #11. Very nice. #24. Dude WTF?

    • Brandon

      Yeah, but what does mine say? SWEET

      • Pwndu232

        DUDE! What does mine say?

        • Rick

          SWEET! Come on, whats mine say?

          • Henrik

            I'm sorry but that movie sucks!

            • b-ry


            • jadeus


    • JeffM

      Reminds me of Method Man's Life and Death tattoo

    • The_Dood

      Definitely digging #11

      • absolutcarcrazy

        Google ambigram tatoos

      • Michael Cerda

        That looks like my buddy Mark's work, he's been doing it for some time now and his sh*t is everywhere. Check out or

  • @ADavis41

    No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    #4 O_o really? looks nice but …really?

  • Tokabwl

    #23 I had to stop and stare for awhile.. and #27 WHY?!!?!? *Sigh* for stupid people…

    • Dave

      The worst part about #27 is thats its a freaking dude, WTF!


    #28 – Seriously?!??!

    • winfields

      at least you can cover that on up, the rest of these, not so much.


      That's the most badass tattoo I have ever seen!

    • isawoj

      Must have lost a bet.

    • DWD

      Could be ironic?

      • Christian Lander

        Stuff White People Like # 123, Funny or Ironic Tattoos

        When you think about tattoo parlors, it conjures up images of sailors, gang members, hepatitis, and spring break. All of these are things that white people do not like, except for sailors but that only counts if they were sailing before Vietnam. Yet in spite of this, more and more white people are getting tattoos.

        But do not make the mistake of thinking that white people like all tattoos. In fact, they hate a great number of them:

        * Anything with an American Flag or Eagle

        * References to Military Services

        * Tribal Arm Bands

        * “Heritage”

        * Faces of children, spouses, or dead people

        * Tattoos with more than one color

        A white person getting a tattoo is a major step in their life as it presupposes that their taste at this given moment is good enough to sustain them for the rest of their lives. Needless to say, this is a near impossible task. This is why you don’t see a lot of white people with R.E.M. or Strokes tattoos.

        White people can only get tattoos of the only thing that they are guaranteed to like in five years, and needless to say it’s a short list. But two things will never go out of style with white people: humor and irony.

        An ironic/funny tat can come in many forms: a piece of bacon, old Nintendo characters, mustaches on the inside of their finger, or Asian Characters that say something funny and self-aware like “dim sum,”"chicken fried rice,” or “I can’t read Chinese.”

        The Chinese or Japanese character is an interesting case study about the dangers of getting a tattoo with a personal meaning. You see, about fifteen years ago these were considered to be acceptable. Then the wrong kind of white people started getting sentences like “trust no one” or words like “beauty,” “truth,” or “endurance.” To make a more modern analogy, it would be like The Arcade Fire being featured on a Jock Jams CD.

        White people learned their lesson.

        A white person with the right kind of tattoo is generally very popular within the white community since they have shown a demonstrated commitment to irony, humor, and in some cases, self-deprecation.

        If you find yourself competing socially with one of these people, there are a few things you can do in order to defeat them.

        Your saving grace is the fact that white people not only enjoy getting funny/ironic tattoos, but they really enjoy talking about them too! Therefore, it is essential that you already have 2-3 clever tattoo ideas ready to drop into a conversation.

        “Yeah, that finger mustache is pretty cool but a lot of people have it. (Note: this is the meanest thing you can say). I’m thinking about getting a tattoo of a donut around my belly button or a picture of a hamburger on my forearm so I can order food when I’m in Japan.”

        Your conversation partner will likely then tell you about the clever tattoos that they have been thinking of and before you know it they have forgotten all about your competition.

        • Paula_

          Can't you copy-paste shorter nonsense?

          – the one you love to hate

          • Them

            The funny thing about this post is that it applies to the psychology of western culture, not a specific 'race' of people. I haven't seen one of their comments in a while, but they've done it several times before. Whether that's what this poster believes, or if they're simply trying to make a sophisticated attempt at trolling, is anyone's guess. Still, it's not ignorant rambling.

            • Paula_

              The poster believes he copy-pasted an entire article from one of the many sites this exact text is on.

              – the one you love to hate

            • Christian Lander


        • dave

          Why come to the chive to write a poorly thought out thesis on white people and tattoos?

    • Buford_Justice

      whats he gonna get on the other leg a coiled up garden hose?

  • @ADavis41

    Some things cant be unseen.

  • bling306

    #1 first i thought that was a guy with that happy trail, but then i saw the finger nails…CMON MAN!

    • max

      i still think it is a guy

      • Red

        probably a chivette.

    • Fasteddy14

      I guess you've never been to Brazil or Thailand. A little advice…you can't tell by their fingernails…

  • OGMrWhite


    I can dig it

    • bling306


      • Rafa
        • bling306

          if thats truly her, you can see why she has hairy legs…look at those eyebrows! and how the hell did u know its her?

          • Rafa

            Because I really know her and that bedroom she is in.

      • Ryan

        Yeah, the girls hot. The tattoo is ridiculous though. Seems to be the new 'cool' tattoo to get for girls, especially in that location.

    • Chris_Mason

      She got some hairy legs!

      • andfukyamoms

        UUUUUGGHHH why did you point that out. was very cool before that

        • Rick

          Long as the beaver is trimmed I'm Down.

    • Alan Carlson

      only good one

  • NebraskaGuy!

    #10 Nice camera angle on this one 😉

    • the elusive

      oh, was there a tattoo in this pic?

      • GreyGhost9

        i dont see it either

  • winfields

    #6 sweet boxers dude! 90's style?

    • haterade

      Boxers can be fashion dated? Jesus Christ, is there anything you don't judge?

    • GreyGhost9

      If you have to write it out, you are lying to yourself

  • Maytrix

    I'm amazed at the stupid shit people do

    • You Were Born

      I know just look at your parents.

      • Maytrix

        So which picture is yours?

  • Bless1

    #21-find her.

    • Seldi84


    • Maytrix

      I'd much rather see what she looks like without them. I have a hard time seeing through the ink to the beauty that looks like its there.. such a shame 😦

    • Coco

      She looks like a girl I think named allie sin, not positive. oh ya, do not Google it at work. might get ya in trouble.

    • Anthony

      Ruca, or Ms Ruca

  • Dumbass

    I know! I'ma get a big pile of shit on my back, it'll be sweet!

  • b-ry

    #10 needs to shave her legs…

    • Cristi_P


      • b-ry

        ummm. no.

        • b-ry

          if that were a guy i'd having a raging hard-on right now.

    • Tmack

      I second that

    • houtini

      Ehm. No. You need to get a life. And some taste.

  • Ups Etting

    Nothing ruins a hot body like a tattoo. #7 is way too into karate kid. Upsetting freaks. Get a job.

  • Capt. Obvious

    #25 One of these things, is not like the other…one of these things just doesn't belong.

  • yep

    #26 is cool

    • The_Dood

      ICE COLD!

    • BSS

      Agreed. Thought it was best of post.

      • Guest

        Agreed. Only one I might actually get myself.

    • WakkaWakka

      Insane shading work. I'm impressed.

  • Capt. Obvious

    #27 I think Barbie let herself go a little.

    • Sizzle

      And grew a dick?

  • Mito

    #5's parents will be the first ones to sue the police department when he walks around shirtless and they think he has a gun.

    • calvin_hobbes23

      He deserves to get his ass shot by the cops or a woman with a conceled carry permit that thinks he has a gun

      • LuvH8fulChix

        Nah, he just deserves to be laughed at.

        • calvin_hobbes23

          Then he's definetly getting what he deserves

          • Harry

            You're a retard.

  • Skipper

    #2….CHIVE did you make that the #2 pic on purpose? Imagine that! Awesome

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