Tattoos: The good, bad and -really?! (29 photos)

  • Raoul Duke
  • Randi

    #1 has man hands.

  • WoogyMonster

    #2 Backside Cleveland Steamer

  • A Fan


    Fuck that, this ones cool!

  • Bob

    #4…I get tattoos, but this kind of thing, and scarrification, I never understood.
    #10…The only thing better than the garter bow tattoos, is the garter bow tattoos with the stocking seam.
    #14…That is strangely sexy.
    #17…This is awesome, but I think that's just pen.
    #23 and #25…super awesome sexy girls.

  • jayman


    • Alec

      You spelled nozzle wrong. Just sayin

  • the elusive

    Works out great until she loses the damn necklace…

  • jimbo

    # 2 is wrong on so many levels. What do you tell your parents? How did that go down with the artist?

  • adsfa

    some people should be sterilized

  • Bella

    #4 and #11 are amazing.

  • dwire

    #12….so she's doin the tattoo topless?!? #27….just realized this was on a guy?!?

    • KalEl24

      and you don't think #12 a guy as well?

  • Sam

    #21 FIND HER!!

  • dopy1

    #26 thats so sick!

  • top dog

    I like the tatts on #25, but it would be kinda hard to maintain my excitement if I had to look down at Frankenstine for thirty minutes. Mabe thats why she put it there…so you can stare at the back of her head.

  • CC.

    #17 Okay, that's just cute.

  • Coldzilla

    Um…….. isnt #27 a dude? o.0

    Not my sort of thing but you cant deny theres some pretty impressive artwork here

  • yup

    I have a co-worker that got a very well done picture of her mother tattoo'ed on her back. The first thing I thought of was 'wow, I would NEVER want to do doggy style with this girl'.

    • Tedskin


  • bunedoggle

    #11 Nice.

  • JAG

    Some interesting, most not. Just cries for attention for the most part.

  • rlmnofjean-ious

    I bet #14 is bat-shit crazy….and the sex would be sooooooo good.

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    Tattoos are all bad. All of them. And who want's to wear the same thing everyday?

  • thepikeypio

    #10 is sexy and #26 is just fucking sweet

  • nugget

    #14 friends dont let friend tattoo eachother.

    Do some damm research and have a talented tattoo artist do your work

  • GRadde

    #29 had me laughing. ^^

  • rocknrollguy

    #23 is one smokin' hot babe

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