Tattoos: The good, bad and -really?! (29 photos)

  • Johnny B

    More of this girl!

  • Johnny B

    More of this girl #23!

  • Lori Johnson Pietrofere

    Can anyone translate #3 for me??

  • Zeke

    Find # 21!!

  • Jimi D.

    #10….. Verrry sweeeet !! Stay thirsty my friends……

  • thenagual

    #21 I think is former pornstar Allie Sin. Now if you excuse me I have to go take a shower after realizing I can ID random pornstars without even seeing their face. Dear God I've wasted my life…..

    • Tedskin

      if you can share knowledge with others, then it is not wasted

  • TJ73

    #24 Sweet!

  • Vince messina

    I guess #29 ran out of money because comment is spelled with 2 M’s. Ooops

  • Citizen_Pa1n

    #1 "I bent you over so you cant look at me… now what am I going to do?"

  • cbrooks11

    #23 Absolutely gorgeous.

  • beerman

    Translation #3…Dumb Ass!

  • Da Sandman

    #28 so you tatooed a chair on your leg… why..?

  • erikLOVESchive

    #24 dude what does mine say.

  • rishi_11_2002

    dobby – a dead elf

  • Brennan

    #1 – has had a baby clearly so it aint a snail trail like guys have and I'm guessin that she's a big 2pac fan
    #2 – been a tattoo artist for 5 years… thats drawn on!
    #10 – f-ing love that
    #16 – impossible because I'm batman

  • Rick

    #11 Is by far one of my favorites lol

  • The Mad Zak

    That tattoo looks like shit.

  • Always Last


  • noneya

    chicks with tattoos would be hot, you know, if they didn't have all that ink all over them.

  • Nick Berry

    While I appreciate good ink, I cannot in good conscience hire anyone who has a neck tattoo that you cannot cover up while in the work place.

  • Kenton

    #2 Okay, I have seen this a couple times, and yes I know I am commenting 45 Weeks after it was posted but I WANT TO KNOW. IS this a doctored photo? I have seen it elsewhere on the internet as well. Who would get literal SH!T tattooed on themselves? I mean I GUESS I understand the people that turn into animal and tat their whole face but this is just stupid, unattractive, and gross. The worst is that it is super smelly poop with vapors coming off of it. C'mon, I hope she got like 10k for doing that. Someone reply to my comment if you know if this is doctored/photoshopped, I have it set up to email me if I get a reply. IT HAS TO BE. There is no reason for ANYONE to get poop tattooed on themselves. None at all. No one likes poop. Well, besides 2 Girls. But even then they don't really swallow it, they just lick it and insert in into their orifices. Gross, now I am remembering 2 Girls, 1 Cup. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kenton

      Just Found this Reply Above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      [from the first post with this pic]

      Kaylee · 5 weeks ago

      I read this article a long time ago. This chick cheated on her guy (who happened to be a tattoo artist). He found out, waited for a while and then offered to do a tattoo she'd been wanting on her back. This was the result. Eh, the bitch deserved it right? Pretty funny if you ask me

  • Bogdan Enache
  • Go Hoosiers

    #1 – Worst breath ever

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  • Anonymous coward

    #16 and #17 totally fake

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